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How Turbonomic’s Autonomic Platform Works | Data Center Fly Through

See how Turbonomic operates in your data center to drive it to a healthy state. With a common data model based on supply and demand, data center entities “buy” exactly the resources they need in real time at the best price. Watch how VMs independently make decisions to meet their application demands and assure performance […]

Roaming Profiles – What works on the latest Windows Update?

Concern around the latest Windows 10 Anniversary update 1607, has brought about numerous questions that James Rankin, the AppSense Bigot, seeks to answer in his blog series, “Everything you wanted to know about virtualizing, optimizing and managing Windows 10…but were afraid to ask.” In his recent edition, which focuses primarily on roaming, James states, “For the record, most Windows 10 […]

What Turbonomic Does for The Modern Data Center

In this video you will learn what Turbonomic does. Learn how Turbonomic’s application performance control platform delivers real-time decisions at every layer of the stack. Visit https://turbonomic.com/ to learn more.

What Are the Best IT Certifications to Get in 2016 and Beyond?

Certification is one of the key ways that knowledgeable IT professionals distinguish themselves in the field, especially when it comes to applying for a job. Many hiring managers and automated online application systems filter resumes based on certifications. Having the right certification at the right time can make all the difference. In light of this, […]

SharePoint performance monitoring – how and why?

SharePoint is an information share and documentation management platform that is essential for the majority of businesses throughout the world today. But you already knew that, right? This article outlines SharePoint performance monitoring and its feats. The focus is on highlighting the most common performance issues and advising on best practices to help you with solving […]

8 KPIs that every IT help desk needs to know – KPI 4: Ticket volume trends

In an earlier blog post, I introduced the eight KPIs that are critical to every IT help desk. These KPIs help meet basic IT help desk objectives such as business continuity, organizational productivity, and delivery of services on time and within budget. The previous blog post discussed about one of the most important KPIs, infrastructure […]

Hybrid Cloud Management with Turbonomic

Learn how Turbonomic helps you identify What, When, and Where to run workloads on your Hybrid Cloud to maximize efficiency and application performance. Turbonomic enables any workload to run on any infrastructure, anywhere, anytime. Learn more at: https://turbonomic.com/

Get to know the reference design for replication services with Veeam Cloud Connect v9

At the beginning of 2016 Veeam released the NEW Veeam Availability Suite v9 and one of the biggest enhancements in the software has been the new version of Veeam Cloud Connect, this time offering replication services. The amount of new options, features and best practices for Veeam Cloud Connect v9 is so impressive that it […]

How SMS Messaging Promotes Patient Engagement in Health Care

SMS messaging has become invaluable for healthcare. Medication, behavioral correction and day-to-day lifestyle choices have been affected by SMS involvement, and patient engagement has become a ground-level goal. As healthcare grows, organizational communication tactics expand. Technologies ranging from secure email to patient portals already exist, and smartphone-based communication has taken another leap. SMS Messaging as […]

Flexera Software Launches App Portal 2016!

Flexera Software
Flexera Software, the leading provider of next-generation software licensing, compliance, security and installation solutions for application producers and enterprises, today unveiled the latest release of its universal enterprise app store for desktop, mobile and cloud applications, App Portal.  The new release further extends Software Asset Management (SAM) capabilities within the enterprise app store environment to […]

How UHS Troubleshoots End User Experience Issues Across 33 Acute Care Facilities

Goliath Technologies
“My experience with Goliath Technologies goes back several years from my time at UHS. They have the only solution of this kind that combines the ability to preemptively alert us if clinicians will have difficulty when attempting to access Citrix & Cerner. This provides us with an early warning system that is better than real […]

Remote Desktop Manager Case Study: Right! Systems, Inc.

“Remote Desktop Manager is an actively developed and supported tool that supports the modern protocols and features of virtually everything a system admin or engineer needs. The number of features is just fantastic!”  – Preston Gallwas, Solutions Architect – Right! Systems, Inc. Client Snapshot Since 1993, Right! Systems, Inc. has provided business-driven, multi-vendor IT solutions […]

NeuVector: Docker / Container Security Podcast – Episode 260

In episode 260, Douglas Brown interviews Henrik Rosendahl, Head of Business Development for NeuVector. Henrik and Douglas discuss the NeuVector container security solution and Docker / Container security in general. Henrik explains how NeuVector works, what it takes to get up and running, why we need security when deploying containers and much more! About NeuVector […]

Looking beyond Windows – Part 1: Syslog management

Network security management is about more than just your Windows machines. You probably already know that. But did you know that when it comes to combating security breaches, you need to trace network intrusions at the peripheral device level? This includes firewalls, routers, switches, and IDS/IPS—the whole crew. And when it comes to servers, Linux/Unix […]