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Damage Limitation for Cyber-Attacks Achieved through Business Continuity offered by Software- Defined Storage:

Three months ago in a candid interview with The Guardian newspaper, Ciaran Martin, head of the Government’s National Cyber Security Centre, warned of an imminent cyber-attack on UK infrastructures. Given that the Government itself set up NCSC, (the front window for the GCHQ government surveillance agency), receipt of such a gloomy warning in itself was […]

Citrix: Continuous biometrics in the Future of Work

Citrix Systems
Biometrics is becoming an increasingly important tool for providing secure and easy access to apps and data. If you joined Christian Reilly and me for our Future of Work breakout session (SYN128) at Citrix Synergy this year, you’ll have seen a demo we showed to illustrate how continuous biometrics can be used within a collaborative […]

Microsoft: Why GDPR is a $3.5 billion business opportunity

There’s a huge regulatory change just around the corner. And with it comes a $3.5 billion business opportunity. Two-thirds of Australian companies that know they’re affected expect to make significant changes. But half aren’t even sure they need to comply. What is it? Europe’s landmark General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Part of the confusion locally […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Better authentication made easy: MFA and reCAPTCHA!

Citrix Systems
Protection starts with authentication: knowing your users is fundamental to the overall security footprint. In this session, we’ll showcase how you can leverage Azure MultiFactor Authentication with your on-premises environments, bringing TouchID-based strong authentication into NetScaler Gateway with XenDesktop. You’ll learn how to provide a robust self-service “phone token” onboarding mechanism for employees and how […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Identify security threats with Citrix Analytics

Citrix Systems
Companies continue to face threats from within (e.g. document exfiltration) and from outside (e.g. ransomware attacks). Citrix ShareFile collects information (events) on user behavior with documents: access, downloads, sharing, and this information can identify suspicious patterns and alert administrators. Citrix Analytics Service (CAS) applies Machine Learning algorithms to identify patterns and anomalies, and report them […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Adventures in configuration: overcoming NetScaler HA limitations in Azure

Citrix Systems
Citrix Synergy TV – SYN221 – Adventures in configuration: overcoming NetScaler HA limitations in Azure Deploying NetScaler in Azure presents challenges, from HA not working properly to limitations on routing, security and IP addresses, along with other things that can make a NetScaler deployment in Azure fail. This session presents experiences from the field with […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Gaining visibility and control of your application infrastructure with NetScaler MAS

Citrix Systems
Citrix Synergy TV – SYN125 – Gaining visibility and control of your application infrastructure with NetScaler MAS In this session, hear about the key use cases for NetScaler Management & Analytics System (MAS) using real customer examples. You’ll learn how to gain visibility into your Citrix VDI to improve customer experience and accelerate troubleshooting, and […]

Citrix Cloud App Control – Citrix Video

Citrix Systems
Citrix is a leader in virtualization, networking and cloud infrastructure to enable new ways for people to work better. Citrix solutions help IT and service providers to build, manage and secure virtual and mobile workspaces that seamlessly deliver apps, desktops, data and services to anyone, on any device, over any network or cloud. This year […]

Microsoft Video: Managing GDPR with Microsoft Services, including Data Log Exports and the Right to be Forgotten

Recent updates for planning and implementation of GDPR requirements. This video highlights many tools in Office 365 that help IT compliance teams. Including: • How to search on specific GDPR articles via the Compliance Manager. • How to respond to data subject request by searching for an identifying data in Office 365. • Functionality to export […]

Improved Remote Desktop Manager 13.5 Feature: Repositories

A few months ago, I wrote about one of my favorite features in Remote Desktop Manager: repositories. These wonderful things are basically smaller compartments in a single database, and they make it easy to manage a large number of entries without diminished performance. Plus, since you technically aren’t breaking up the database, you can still maintain a […]

Blockchain At Cisco Live Orlando

BackgroundThe rise of the API economy has transformed how we use technology in the enterprise, but while technology has advanced, methods of doing business over the internet have not kept pace. Businesses today need to increasingly manage data & transactions among a large number of untrusted parties resulting in challenges around transparency and security. The […]

Automating Compliance for Highly Regulated Industries with Docker Enterprise Edition and OSCAL

Highly-regulated industries like financial services, insurance and government have their own set of complex and challenging regulatory IT requirements that must be constantly maintained. For this reason, the introduction of new technology can sometimes be difficult. Docker Enterprise Edition provides these types of organization with both a secure platform on which containers are the foundation […]

Flexera acquires Brainwaregroup, expanding European presence and leadership in the large and midsize SAM marketplace

Flexera Software
We’re very pleased to announce that Flexera has acquired the Switzerland-based Software Asset Management (SAM) and endpoint management provider, Brainwaregroup.  The deal significantly expands our presence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH).  It also extends our global leadership as the SAM provider of choice for large and midsize enterprises. This is a great fit for both companies.  Brainwaregroup shares our […]

Should you move to blockchain? Follow a systematic approach to making your decision.

HP Enterprise
Many organizations are already leveraging the revolutionary blockchain technology to reduce cost, increase efficiency, speed execution and enhance security. Should you move to blockchain? Find helpful answers here. Whenever a new technological innovation make its presence felt, industry leaders, technology evangelists, business fraternity and developers leave no stone unturned to assess and evaluate its applications […]

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