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Sparrow Health System Virtual Clinical Desktop Optimization – On-Demand Webinar

IGEL Technology
An in-depth interview with two leading IT practitioners at Sparrow Health on how they are using IGEL to optimize their Epic on Citrix environment and prepare for Windows 10, while keeping everyone safe! Productivity in a clinical environment is all about doing more with less, and helping clinical staff get to their applications faster and […]

Simplifying service request fulfillment process | Free ITIL webinar

Request fulfillment is the process of servicing requests raised by users. A robust request fulfillment can help IT help desks provide timely resolutions using minimal resources. Using an ITIL(R) ready help desk desk software like ServiceDesk Plus can help you easily configure workflows and automate processes for faster service delivery. Watch this webinar to learn […]

Best Practices for Delivering a Great Citrix User Experience On Premise, Mobile & Cloud – On-Demand Webinar

Citrix Ready
Today, there are a multitude of ways to deliver Citrix-driven applications to end users – traditionally via on premise infrastructures, on mobile devices and from the cloud. With the growing diversity of services delivered via Citrix, comes increased complexity of interconnected platforms and their management. Join Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO, eG Innovations and Giri Sonty, EUC […]

Enterprise mobility management for the mobile-first world – On-Demand Webinar

With more people using the internet on their phones than their desktops, enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a top priority for every IT team. From mobile device support to containerization and content security, every IT team is looking for an EMM solution with a comprehensive feature set. Check out our webinar on how to tackle […]

How to Provide File Services for Object Storage in the Cloud – On-Demand Webinar

Object storage provides a lower-cost, more durable and scalable alternative to block storage in the cloud. But most cloud platforms lack the key features needed to support existing enterprise applications. So how do you gain the benefits of file services for object storage in the cloud? In this webinar, we covered: Use Cases for object […]

IGEL TechChannel Video – Release Webinar Windows 10 IOT

IGEL Technology
Introduction for our Windows 10 IOT Devices Get more Informations at: http://edocs.igel.com/index.htm#13752.htm This video is from the fine folks at IGEL Technology! Learn more: Download IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) IGEL Data Sheets IGEL Case Studies IGEL White Papers

Preview – Hybrid Cloud Solutions from Veeam and Microsoft Azure

Join our session with Chris Henley, published author and Veeam’s resident Microsoft evangelist, to learn more about:  Using Veeam Availability Suite™ plus appliance-based connectivity solutions to Microsoft Azure that could save you up to 90% over the cost of legacy tape-based solutions Software-based Veeam Cloud Connect for Service Providers and for the Enterprise solutions, which […]

Availability on-premises, in the cloud and on the go with Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows – On-Demand Webinar

Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows is now available! Are you looking to find out more about avoiding downtime and data loss quickly and easily for Windows-based physical or public-cloud workloads? How can you bring more Availability to these workloads? Join us for the webinar to learn how to: Protect your physical and cloud-based servers and […]

Realize Unified Cloud Monitoring | The Devil’s in the Details – On-Demand Webinar

eG Innovations
While there are many products that claim to provide cloud monitoring, the level of granularity provided by different solutions can vary significantly. But the devil’s in the details; the granularity provided by your performance monitoring solution will directly impact your ability to automatically diagnose performance issues before users are impacted. View this on-demand webinar where […]

Best Practices in Planning a Large-Scale Migration to AWS – AWS Online Tech Talk Video

Amazon Web Services
Many businesses have a large portfolio of existing applications running on-premises today and are interested in moving those workloads to AWS in order to achieve cost savings and enable business agility. Planning a large-scale migration to the cloud takes time and effort, as well as expertise and tools to ensure success along the way. AWS […]

Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs – AWS Tech Talk Video

Amazon Web Services
Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs allow you to easily attach low-cost graphics acceleration to current generation EC2 instances. With Elastic GPUs, you choose the GPU resources that are sized for your workload, so you can accelerate the graphics performance of your applications for a fraction of the cost of stand-alone graphics instances. In this tech talk, […]

Backing up Amazon EC2 with Amazon EBS Snapshots – AWS Tech Talk Video

Amazon Web Services
We’ve made it easy to make a simple point in time backup for your Amazon EC2 Instances. In this tech talk, you will learn about how to use Amazon EBS snapshots to back up your Amazon EC2 environment. We will review the basics of how snapshots work as well as how to tag snapshots, track […]

Webinar Q&A: Docker Enterprise Edition Demo

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is designed for enterprise development and IT teams who build, ship and run business critical applications in production at scale. Docker EE provides a fully integrated solution that includes the container engine, built-in orchestration, a private registry, and container lifecycle management to help you build a secure software supply chain. As […]

SharePoint Server Monitoring with SysKit – On-Demand Webinar

This webinar was all about helping SharePoint admins with their daily tasks. SharePoint is a complex environment with many aspects that require constant monitoring, and we’re giving you the way to do it easy and efficient. In webinar demo, we discuss how to monitor specific SharePoint roles by tracking their performance counters, services, and SharePoint […]

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