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Breachless Threat Reports Reveal Innovation in Cybersecurity

Enterprises need a steady stream of actionable, timely, and accurate threat intelligence on targeted malicious intrusions and attempts into their networks They need this information without suffering breaches and cannot rely solely on post-compromise forensics or sandbox simulations to continuously tighten and adapt their defenses Pre-breach targeted intelligence eludes most organizations today, even among security […]

VMware vSAN 6.6.1 with VUM Integration

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Clare Booth Luce. This is a timeless idea that could not be more true when it comes to software design.  It’s one of the reasons why so many IT organizations are looking to replace complex infrastructures requiring the expertise of storage, networking and compute professionals with HCI solutions like […]

Running and Optimizing Citrix in Microsoft Azure – Webinar Recap

This is a recap of  the webinar me and a fellow CTP Dave Bretty, had earlier today on MYCUGC “Delivering and Optimizing Citrix from Microsoft Azure” since the webinar itself only covered a big overview of the big picture I decided to do some more work in-depth of the webinar.So therefore I’ve started on a […]

HPE Distributed Cloud Networking: Policy-Based Automation for Cloud Networks

HP Enterprise
In this blog, let’s look at how HPE Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN) is able to enable cloud-ready data center networks. Our customers have often approached me seeking a solution to a traditional network which takes days or weeks to change to respond to the business. I hear your concerns about these kinds of issue: I […]

SoftNAS Introduces New Cloud Editions

Today SoftNAS introduced new SoftNAS Cloud NAS products. The company claims that the new offerings will see improvements in read and write performance up to 400%. The new products include the Developer Edition, General Purpose Edition, High Performance Edition, and the Extreme Performance Edition. SoftNAS provides software-defined NAS and file systems for object storage solutions. […]

Why Parallel I/O Is Critical to Your Digital Transformation Strategy

If you’ve been following along in this digital transformation series, you understand many of the key concepts that drive today’s digital roadmap. This new digital ultimatum means that companies of every size must embrace the path of digital transformation to improve the customer experience, enhance operational processes, and drive better business outcomes. To deliver on […]

Questions to Separate Troubleshooting Products from Monitoring Utilities

Goliath Technologies
I used to be an IT administrator and as such spent an inordinate amount of time testing and evaluating troubleshooting and monitoring solutions simply to identify if the vendors could actually do what they said they could. Over time I realized that if I asked the right questions I could eliminate much of the time […]

Maintaining High Availability (HA) Compliance in the Public Cloud

The Cloud is great. It allows you to deploy applications and never have to worry about infrastructure again. But, never worrying about infrastructure again is not the same as never worrying about application availability again. Numerous recent cloud outages and the impacts that they have had on production environments go to show that now more […]

New Research Reveals Businesses Choose Productivity over Cybersecurity

Despite recent global attacks, internal pressure to limit security puts pressure on IT teams Bromium®, Inc., the pioneer and leader in virtualization-based enterprise security that stops advanced malware attacks, today released results of a survey of 175 security professionals conducted at this year’s Infosecurity Europe, which found that IT security is often deprioritized when it […]

90% of Consumers Think Security Should be Built into Connected Devices

New global IoT security survey by Irdeto finds that awareness of cyberattacks targeting smart devices increases with age  IoT security is top-of-mind for consumers across the globe, according to new research from Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security. The Irdeto Global Consumer IoT Security Survey found that 90% of consumers polled from six […]

VMware: Second vSphere Client (HTML5) update in vSphere 6.5U1

With the release of vSphere 6.5U1, we are proud to announce the second update to the vSphere Client!Just like last time, with vSphere 6.5.0b, those that have been using our Flings will not be surprised by the list of functionality updates for the vSphere Client. Now for well over a year a year we’ve been […]

Lakeside Software: Three Strategies for Stellar Root Cause Analysis

Lakeside Software
Technological difficulties are an inescapable part of everyday life and they can be massively inconvenient. Just ask any of the United Airlines passengers from the hundreds of flights that were delayed earlier this year due to computer problems. In that instance (a notable, but not isolated example), the inability to quickly resolve a system issue […]

Solving Office 365 activation issues

Dennis Span
In some cases, your Office 365 offline installation remains in trial or unlicensed mode. This article provides a number of solutions for solving Office 365 activation issues.

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