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Citrix SecureMail using Samsung Dex!

Citrix Systems
Would you like to use Secure Mail on a bigger display, but don’t want to carry two devices with you? Don’t worry — you can use Samsung DeX with a Samsung S8 or S8+ enabling aesthetically designed Secure Mail to work on a bigger display from 10.7.20 release. The result? Your phone now becomes your […]

VMware VMworld 2017 Video – The Future of Networking and Security with NSX-T

VMworld 2017 US NET1821BU – The Future of Networking and Security with NSX-T This video is from the fine folks at VMware VMworld.

eG Innovations Announces Native Performance Monitoring for Cloud-Driven Citrix Desktop, Application Virtualization

eG Innovations
eG Innovations today announced general availability of eG Enterprise 6.3. A breakthrough release for Citrix-driven organizations, eG Enterprise 6.3 offers the industry’s first full-featured performance monitoring capability for Citrix virtualized desktops and applications managed by a cloud service. The new release includes dozens of performance monitoring enhancements, including native monitoring for Citrix Cloud and monitoring of cloud workspaces on AWS […]

Remote Desktop Manager Case Study: U&S Services Relies on Remote Desktop Manager to Keep Their Data Secure and Up-to-Date

“Remote Desktop Manager’s single pane to connect to almost anything over IP – without bouncing around – has saved me countless hours.” Client Snapshot: U&S Services, Inc. U&S Services is a leader in delivering advanced building facility automation systems — such as access controls, intrusion systems, digital video, and HVAC controls —  in commercial, industrial, educational, […]

Cisco: A Look Back on a Big Year for Networking

Today’s network was devised decades ago. Over the years, it has been stretched to meet the ever-growing needs of enterprises – tinkered, tweaked and extended. It is time for a major reset. To take on this major shift in networking, we at Cisco introduced the Network Intuitive earlier this year. This was a culmination of […]

Citrix SD-WAN Center Monitoring

Citrix Systems
How to control SD-WAN Center Monitoring Statistics timeline If you want to take a look to various different or individual timeframes in Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN Center Monitoring Statistics, you can specify it in the following ways. 1. Preconfigured views When you open the Monitoring / Statistics tab, you will get shown the data you have […]

Optimizing Network Performance for Amazon EC2 Instances – AWS re:Invent 2017 Video

Amazon Web Services
Many customers are using Amazon EC2 instances to run applications with high performance networking requirements. In this session, we provide an overview of Amazon EC2 network performance features—such as enhanced networking, ENA, and placement groups—and discuss how we are innovating on behalf of our customers to improve networking performance in a scalable and cost-effective manner. […]

100G Ethernet Networking

HP Enterprise
With this largest-ever test of 100G Ethernet networking, the HPE FlexFabric 12916E sets a new high-water mark for data-center core networking. In an extensive set of stressful benchmark tests, the FlexFabric 12916E pumped traffic through 768 100G Ethernet interfaces and set several records along the way: The highest throughput ever recorded from a single switch […]

How I Automated my Smart Home with Apple HomeKit and Raspberry Pi

Nowadays when it comes to home automation, the possibilities are practically endless, and virtually every device in a home can be connected and automated with a little bit of patience and some extra money to spend. There are proprietary and open-source platforms and accessories to choose from and deciding on how to go about automating […]

Citrix: Multi-Domain Considerations with NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront – Part 2

Citrix Systems
In Part 1 of this series, we discussed different options of configuring NetScaler Gateway authentication policies for XenApp and XenDesktop in a multi-domain environment. In this article, we will focus on multi-domain configuration options for NetScaler Gateway session policies. The same list of topics that will not be covered in the series mentioned in Part […]

How to configure a Citrix NetScaler VPX instance on AWS by using Citrix CloudFormation template – Video

Citrix Systems
Watch this video to learn how to configure a Citrix NetScaler VPX standalone instance on Amazon Web Servic (AWS) by using the Citrix CloudFormation template. For more information, see the “Deploying a NetScaler VPX Standalone Instance on AWS” topic on our documentation site: This video is from the fine folks at Citrix

Cisco 2018 Predictions for SD-WAN

SD-WAN has blown past all of our 2017 expectations. It has become one of the hottest trends in networking, and forecasts are increasing every quarter with IDC predicting the size of the SD-WAN market to be $8.05B by 2021.My colleagues keep asking me, “Where do we go from here?” Will the forecasts continue to increase? Is […]

Citrix: Implementing the Citrix HDX Real-time Optimization Pack: Don’t Forget About QoS/DSCP

Citrix Systems
Implementing the Citrix HDX Real-time Optimization Pack: don’t forget about QoS/DSCP! Skype for Business (SFB) has become quite popular and, more and more, companies all over the world have implemented or are in the process of implementing Microsoft’s unified communications platform. The Citrix HDX Real-time Optimization Pack, the only VDI solution endorsed by Microsoft, enables […]

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