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Goliath for Amazon & Azure Monitoring

Goliath Technologies
This independent review of the Goliath for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Monitoring is published on our blog with permission from Alan Pichette. “Goliath provides a single pane of glass to view on-premises infrastructure and cloud deployments. This simplifies managing hybrid IT environments and helps facilitate the move to AWS or Azure.” –Alan Pichette, CCA-V, CCA-N, […]

Exploring the Turbonomic 5.9 HTML5 User Interface Design

One of the exciting parts of the Turbonomic 5.9 release is the updates to our HTML5 interface.  Every release continues to extend the feature set that we bring from our traditional UI to the HTML UI and in this case, we have some very interesting capabilities which are entirely powered by the new interface. Let’s […]

Realize Unified Cloud Monitoring | The Devil’s in the Details – On-Demand Webinar

eG Innovations
While there are many products that claim to provide cloud monitoring, the level of granularity provided by different solutions can vary significantly. But the devil’s in the details; the granularity provided by your performance monitoring solution will directly impact your ability to automatically diagnose performance issues before users are impacted. View this on-demand webinar where […]

VMware: Gaining Insight Into AWS Workloads With vRNI 3.4

Enterprise IT needs visibility into the network and security status of their workloads, whether hosted on premises, or within AWS.  While many AWS workloads are sandboxes for application development teams (DevOps), it is important to analyze these workloads.  Increasingly, public cloud workloads are also fulfilling mission critical production needs for many organizations.  Enterprise IT must […]

VMware: Network Overview and Power Settings

Within vRealize Operations (vROps), you can connect different management packs to extend functionality — importing data from other platforms to turn vROps into a unique console for all the insight that you need. The Cisco UCS Management Pack from Blue Medora offers customers extensive insight into their environments to drive better performance and simplify troubleshooting. […]

Citrix Director on Cloud Explained

Citrix Systems
We all know Citrix Director is the monitoring and troubleshooting web console for Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop. It helps administrators managing XenApp and XenDesktop environments monitor and troubleshoot machines/infrastructure, applications, and sessions. But what about Citrix Cloud? Can administrators monitor and troubleshoot their applications and sessions deployed on Citrix Cloud? In fact, we can! Citrix Director […]

All of IOT Starting with the Latest Raspberry Pi from Beginner to Advanced – Book Volume 1

IT Books
Introduction to the title  =============== 1. This book guides readers who know nothing about IOT from basic-level topics to high-level knowledge so that they can understand general concept and details of IOT, and implement and experience the real IOT project directly. 2. This book covers a wide range of topics, starting from the introduction of […]

Managing VMware ESXi Embedded Host Client settings

Managing ESXi Embedded Host Client settings – opvizorYou can find William’s article here, or scroll down for more information. There was a question the other day about managing ESXi Embedded Host Client (EHC) settings which you can find by click on the logged-in username and navigating to the “Settings” section as shown in the screenshot […]

AWS: Branch – The Philosophy of Monitoring – SF Summit 2017 Video

Amazon Web Services
Dmitri Gaskin, co-founder of Branch talking about the Philosophy of Monitoring. Learn more about AWS Startups at This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Login VSI expands its global coverage with Beeso IT

Login VSI
We are pleased to announce a new partner. Beeso IT has been added to the Login VSI family. Beeso IT provides their clients with the strategic tools required to enable their users. Specialising in Cloud solutions, End User computing and Business process automation. We believe this partnership will help facilitate the continued success of both […]

Performance Monitoring: Insurance for Your IT Infrastructure

eG Innovations
The Real Cost of Downtime Exceeds Predictions There have been a multitude of articles, blog posts and industry surveys emphasizing the increasing costs of slowtime and downtime as businesses increasingly become reliant on IT services. The British Airways (BA) service disruption just over a week ago for over 12 hours confirms that the concern is much […]

The Internet of Things Book

IT Books
You might only have heard this expression recently (indeed you might never had heard of it) but, apparently this is a concept that has been around for some time.The term was coined around the turn of the millennium and refers to the potential interconnectivity of basically all electronic devices and capacity to record, monitor and […]

Unleash Hybrid Cloud Elasticity with Turbonomic – Video

Turbonomic has extended the platform’s on-premises capabilities with new support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure public cloud environments. This video is from the fine folks at Turbonomic! Download FREE Health Monitor Download FREE Datacenter Stencils for Microsoft Visio and OmniGraffle Download Turbonomic Operations Manager Trial

Microsoft on Forrester Report: What tech leaders are saying about cloud adoption

If your CEO asked about your progress moving to the cloud compared to other companies, would you know the answer? The “Benchmark Your Enterprise Cloud Adoption” report, published by Forrester Research, presents a wide-ranging look at strategies, priorities, and insights from infrastructure and technology leaders to help you assess and improve your cloud adoption initiatives. […]

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