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Top 5 questions regarding Microsoft SCOM and OMS

With Microsoft talking about OMS (Operations Management Suite) people are assuming it is a competing product against Microsoft SCOM. Microsoft SCOM has been around for several years and is the backbone of Microsoft’s monitoring solution. At conferences Microsoft OMS is presented as the replacement of Microsoft SCOM (or is that just what people hear) but […]

VMware Horizon and Skype for Business Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates the Skype for Business Virtualization Pack in VMware Horizon. It shows performance comparison against Real Time Audio Video redirection. This video is from the fine folks at VMware EUC.

Microsoft: Container monitoring solution in Red Hat OpenShift

Since we announced our partnership with Red Hat, we’ve seen a growing interest in the Red Hat OpenShift portfolio in Azure. This is particularly true regarding rich support and capabilities for container monitoring within OpenShift. Over the last few months, we’ve added support for rich container monitoring for OpenShift across any public or private cloud, […]

Proactively Identify Storage Performance Anomalies – From the Cloud

Airline companies do it; automobile companies do it; even manufacturing companies do it. They and others deploy sophisticated tools that regularly collect data from cars, tires, planes, machines, widgets, etc. to monitor for performance and anomalies (irregularities) – before they ever come to market to be safely and efficiently used by all of us. Suppose […]

VMware: Try Wavefront by VMware Today!

Did you know you can get a free 30 day trial of Wavefront ® by VMware®, the latest addition to the VMware family?Wavefront by VMware is a SaaS-based metrics monitoring and analytics platform that handles the high-scale requirements of modern cloud-native applications. Wavefront by VMware’s speed, scale and flexibility allows DevOps and developer teams instant […]

Citrix Monitoring at a 50,000ft View – Down to the End-User Level

Goliath Technologies
We at Goliath Technologies have designed a new tool within our Goliath Performance Monitor, intended to provide Citrix IT professionals the ability to see their entire Citrix infrastructures (and its surrounding elements such as SQL databases, domain controllers, hypervisors, and more) from a 50,000ft view, with drill-down capabilities down to the end-user level. More Info: […]

Lakeside Software: Optimizing the IT Service Desk

Lakeside Software
As a former university IT employee, I’ve interacted with a lot of users with problems (and emotions) of varying difficulties. Excited parents would set up their brand-new tablets only to forget the password minutes later. Confused professors hauled in their 15-year-old laptops wondering why they weren’t functioning as quickly as the ones displayed. Frustrated students […]

VMware: Driving Security Transformation: the Virtual Network Assessment

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” – Lao Tzu As a trusted partner, helping our customers to modernize their IT security infrastructure can feel like the proverbial journey of a thousand miles. Most traditional IT security architectures are ill equipped to handle the persistent and creative nature of today’s […]

IoT at the Edge: Putting Pressure Where It Belongs

HP Enterprise
If an incident occurs at a natural gas pipeline, human lives are put in danger and millions of dollars are at stake. The reason: a regular gas pipe serving a private home only operates at an excess pressure of 20 to 50 millibar, whereas a long-distance pipeline is pressurized with up to 200 bar. The […]

NVIDIA: Netradyne Keeps You Safe on the Road

Tailgaters. Red light runners. Hard braking. Whether in a Mini or a Mack truck, every driver faces nerve-wracking moments. With a small, AI-powered device mounted on the windshield, unsafe driving events like these can be detected as they happen and their causes analyzed. The Driveri platform includes an intelligent video analytics device, with an AI […]

Liquidware: App Layering and UEM Podcast – Episode 285

In Episode 285, I caught up with the CTO of Liquidware, Jason Mattox. There have been many changes in the application layering and user environment management (UEM) market in the last year. Liquidware remains the independent solution for Workspace Environment Management, including UEM, App Layering, and User Experience Monitoring. We spend most of this podcast […]

Automatic Citrix Root Cause Diagnosis with eG Enterprise – Video

eG Innovations
In managing a Citrix infrastructure, a common complaint heard is, “Citrix is slow” or “Citrix is not working.” After hours of troubleshooting, you may discover that the issue not with Citrix at all but rather originates elsewhere in the infrastructure. Watch this Quick Look feature video to see how eG Enterprise helps Citrix administrators quickly […]

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

In a previous post, we tackled the pros and cons of virtualization, and wondered when it was good To V, or not to V. In this post, we’re going to pull back from on-site infrastructure and focus on the cloud. Cloud computing is as close to a true game-changer as the IT world has seen […]

Troubleshooting Slow Citrix Logons using eG Enterprise

eG Innovations
One of the most challenging tasks for a Citrix administrator is troubleshooting Citrix logon issues. When logon fails or is slow, it directly impacts the productivity of the user. Watch this Quick Look feature video to learn how eG Enterprise provides detailed visibility into the logon process for every single user that is connecting to […]

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