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Swisscom Enterprise Service Cloud Leverages VMware Cloud Infrastructure and Management to Accelerate Time To Market

Collaboration on new hybrid cloud service enables Swisscom to focus on service innovation [responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Click to Listen”] VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, today announced that Swisscom AG, a leading IT & telecom provider, has built its Enterprise Service Cloud on VMware cloud infrastructure and management solutions. By working with VMware, Swisscom said it has […]

“I Am AI” docuseries spotlights innovators’ groundbreaking achievements

“I Am AI” docuseries spotlights innovators’ groundbreaking achievements. Medical devices that monitor and respond to changes in our health. Robotic assistants that know what we want before we do. Kitchens that help us with our shopping and plan our meals. Every day, we hear about how artificial intelligence is going to change the world. Amid […]

VMware Fusion 11 is Here!


Scaling Redis Workloads with Amazon ElastiCache – AWS Online Tech Talks Video

Amazon Web Services
Learning Objectives: – Learn how to horizontally scale Redis clusters within ElastiCache – Learn about features to secure data in ElastiCache for Redis – Learn about ElastiCache for Redis use cases to speed up real-time applications in web, gaming, ad-tech, media This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Citrix delivers the most native Windows 10 experience in virtual desktops with Windows Continuum – Video

Citrix Systems
Citrix XenDesktop, with XenServer, is the only desktop virtualization platform to deliver the Windows Continuum experience to Windows 10 virtual desktops. Continuing to innovate for the mobile workforce, our latest XenDesktop release enables the operating system of the virtual machine to automatically toggle between Desktop and Tablet mode in real-time, as the state of the […]

Opvizor Releases Performance Analyzer Version 4.6!

We’re thrilled to announce the new release 4.6 of our extremely popular Performance Analyzer product  to run, plan and monitor your virtual environment and much more. As always we spent time on simplifying look & feel, fixed some bugs and added lots of new metrics to extend our dashboards. Enabling HTTPS on your appliance is […]

Microsoft: Accelerate Windows 10 Migration with Windows Analytics

Windows Analytics accelerates enterprise Windows 10 migration. Traditionally, migrating to a new operating system while ensuring legacy applications and drivers are compatible has been a time-consuming and costly project for organizations. Windows Analytics transforms this process. With Update Compliance and Device Health services now generally available, Windows Analytics provides an end-to-end upgrade solution with actionable […]

Hybrid Cloud Transformation and Integration for VMware vSphere VMware Cloud Foundation with Cohesity

This demonstration showcases Cohesity’s ability to facilitate the transformation of traditional vSphere and VCF infrastructures into Hybrid infrastructures consuming public cloud resources from AWS, and Azure while leveraging data protection, data retention, and data mobility capabilities while maintaining the management and consumption of the infrastructure on the VMware control plane (vCenter and vRealize Automation) Then […]

Lakeside Software: Enterprise User Experience and the Future of Work

Lakeside Software
How is digitalization allowing us to change the way we work? Someone who grapples with that question for a living is Ryan Purvis, a digital workplace strategist at a global bank, who sat down with us to discuss the current state of enterprise user experience on the latest episode of the Lifeguard IT podcast. Throughout […]

AWS re:invent 2017 Video: Optimizing Costs as You Scale on AWS

Amazon Web Services
The cloud offers a first-in-a-career-opportunity to constantly optimize your costs as you grow and stay on the bleeding edge of innovation. By developing a cost-conscious culture and assigning the responsibility for efficiency to the appropriate business owners, you can deliver innovation efficiently and cost effectively. This session will review a wide range of cost planning, […]

AWS re:Invent 2017 Video – AWS IoT Device Management

Amazon Web Services
You can now use AWS IoT Device Management to securely onboard, organize, monitor, and remotely manage your IoT devices at scale throughout their lifecycle. This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Review – Goliath Application Availability Monitor

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
One of the issues with a RDS/Citrix/Horizon enviroment is actually capturing how the experience feels like for an end-user and being able to detect and see how the end-user sees the logon process. Most monitoring tools today focus on the performance on the terminal servers looking at CPU/Memory and storage available or looking at services […]

Lakeside: How Can End User Computing Benefit from the Quantified Self Movement?

Lakeside Software
Smart watches, Fitbits, and sleep trackers—oh my! These are just some of the many ways people are joining the quantified self movement, where ordinary aspects of everyday life are analyzed and quantified to be improved. But as IT professionals specializing in end user computing, how are we supporting users in this quantified age? What can […]

AWS re:Invent 2017 Video – Introducing Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Web Services
Deep learning-based video analysis service for motion-based detection, person tracking and real-time streaming. Learn more at – This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

APM, Analytics and Root-Cause Analysis

eG Innovations
Root-cause analysis (RCA) has its roots in incident management, but reports of RCA’s demise may be greatly exaggerated. Being able to proactively identify the sources of event storms and performance anomalies will require automated, real-time root-cause analysis. I think Enterprise Management Associates said it well: “The data and metrics collected at instrumentation points across the […]

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