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How Cisco Digitally Transformed Its Workforce?

Digital transformation starts with people and an organizational culture that’s aligned toward a unified vision of business transformation. Creating a more virtual, collaborative, flexible, and productive workforce is very important to become a digital business. If you are going to attract and retain the best people, you need to create a work environment that empowers […]

VMware: How Apps Steal Data from You

Domingo Guerra, Appthority’s president, cofounded the company in 2011 to help the enterprise solve new security challenges in an increasingly mobile, app-centric world. He is the leader of Appthority’s Enterprise Mobile Threat Team, where he specializes in identifying mobile app risks and behavior trends, and advising the enterprise of the business risk associated with data […]

Microsoft Video: Developing Xamarin based data-driven intelligent applications using Azure Data Services (ADS)

Requirements of modern apps have driven the industry to use a broad range of technologies for storing data within an app. Azure provides storage technologies that support these architectures. This session demonstrates how to use these in the SaaS application scenario. With Azure Database Services, you can quickly design, deploy, and manage apps that are […]

Business in Real-Time Using Azure IoT and Cortana Intelligence Suite: Driving Your Digital Transformation

IT Books
Learn how today’s businesses can transform themselves by leveraging real-time data and advanced machine learning analytics. This book provides prescriptive guidance for architects and developers on the design and development of modern Internet of Things (IoT) and Advanced Analytics solutions. In addition, Business in Real-Time Using Azure IoT and Cortana Intelligence Suite offers patterns and practices for […]

VMware: Simplifying App Access & Management with Workspace ONE

In today’s mobile cloud world, it’s all about the apps. Apps are what help your workforce be productive and successful. Unfortunately, employees do not often use the apps their company provides. Studies have shown that with each extra step required for onboarding a new app, you lose 7% of your user base. Six steps to […]

VMware Video: Simplifying App and Access Management with Workspace ONE

VMware Workspace ONE combines identity and mobility management to provide frictionless and secure access to all the apps and data employees need to work, wherever, whenever and from whatever device they choose. This video is from the fine folks at VMware Airwatch.

Amazon WorkDocs iOS App Now Lets You Save Files Directly to WorkDocs, and Open Files Stored in Your WorkDocs Account Using Other Apps on Your Device

Amazon Web Services
The Amazon WorkDocs iOS app now supports file sharing between the WorkDocs app and other apps on your iPhone or iPad, provided they also support file sharing across apps. You can send files from the app you’re using to your WorkDocs app so you can store them in your WorkDocs account. You can save photos […]

Security aspects when moving to the public cloud – PaaS

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
So this is a follow-up on my previous blogpost on Security Aspects on public cloud –> in this blog post I will focus more on what security aspects you ned to think about when considering using platform services. Platform services comes in different shapes and colours, but in the core essence you have a […]

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