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Infographic VPN With iOS – What Virtual Private Network Is Right For You?

When it comes to secure, external access to the corporate network, VPN is not only relevant for laptops & PCs. Employees increasingly use their smartphones or tablets outside the company to accomplish their tasks. But in the mobile context, traditional VPN has shortcomings: Apple offers with iOS 8 various types of VPN. This allows to […]

Infographic – How’s Hadoop doing in the enterprise?

Hadoop has come a long way from its humble orgins as Yahoo’s answer to its search engine woes, evolving into a data management platform that’s used by one in four enterprises. Named after an elephant toy that belonged to its inventor’s child, the open source Hadoop framework has evolved into a software market that International Data Corp. […]

Infographic: 95% of enterprises allow BYOD in some form

A robust 95 percent of enterprises now allow the use of employee-owned devices, and close to two-thirds of employees say that having access to work email and other business apps at all times increases their productivity, according to stats compiled by security firm Symantec in an infographic. A full 92 percent of employees want a […]

Infographic: Software Defined Networking revolution

The worldwide SDN market for the enterprise and cloud service provider segments is forecasted to grow from $360 million in 2013 to $3.7 billion by 2016. The infographic below, courtesy of the Open Networking Summit, presents more statistics on the outlook for growth of Software Defined Networks. The Open Networking Summit will take place on […]

Infographic: The Top 11 Features of Windows 8

The infographic below came across my desk yesterday and I thought it would be interesting to the TechRepublic audience. I know a lot of you love to hate on Microsoft Windows 8, some to the point of irrationality, but the operating system is very capable. I have not been able to find any major flaws in Windows […]

Is your head in the cloud? (Infographic)

The IT industry loves the cloud, but despite enthusiasm among professionals, it seems the general public have been left baffled by this increasingly popular buzzword. In fact, they don’t even know what the cloud is when they’re using it – despite the popularity of services such as iTunes and Gmail, the vast majority of people […]

Infographic: Rise of the Mobile Strategist

A new infographic by Antenna shows the increase in mobile roles, including which mobile skills are in demand and how much they pay. According to a recent infographic by Antenna, an enterprise mobile developer, quite a few companies have mobile roles to fill, and many other companies are planning to hire mobile roles in the future. […]

Windows 8 Security Infographic

The Security in Touch: Exploring Digital Security on Windows 8 infographic tackles how people are adapting to the many devices they use.  It’s like people use these devices, such as smartphones and tablets for specific daily tasks like watching videos, reading news articles, playing games etc. According to the infographic, though people tend to shift […]

Infographic: Who’s making the move to Windows 8?

See some results from TechRepublic’s survey of who is and who is not upgrading to Windows 8. Whether to make the move to Windows 8 is a huge question facing companies right now. TechRepublic conducted an independent survey of over 1,100 tech pros to see where they are on this decision. Here are a few […]

Infographic: A buyer’s guide to cloud apps

Veracode provides this infographic, illustrating the big-picture numbers for the cloud app market and the purchasing decisions that face potential buyers. The infographic below, courtesy of Veracode, offers a snapshot of the cloud application market, the primary purchasing decisions that must be addressed, and a general feel for the data protection issues that concern would-be buyers. […]

Infographic: Making the case for big data analytics and intelligence

Slashdot offers this infographic that breaks down the business case for big data projects. This infographic, courtesy of,  offers a snapshot of how business intelligence has given way to big data analytics as a more comprehensive solution for managing digital data. It also breaks down some of the benefits, the industries for which it is […]

Infographic: 2012, the Year of Password Theft

This infographic breaks out the numbers of password theft exploits so far in 2012. Help your users understand the risks of bad password management. Password theft is an ongoing problem, and large-scale thefts like that of LinkedIn this year continues to shine a spotlight on the risks of having your passwords compromised — time after […]

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