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A Dozen Must-Have Medical Apps – Infographic

There are lots of medical apps in the market for patients as well as doctors. Anyone who works in healthcare knows that there is a lot of medical information and knowledge out there and that you need to know a lot being a doctor. No one is capable of knowing everything, the details of every […]

Infographic – Turning off security does not increase productivity

It seems security teams are under a lot of pressure from the organization when it comes to the balance between productivity and staying secure. Our infographic below explains how this plays out: with some saying they turn off security and others modifying it. Cybersecurity shouldn’t be this hard and it shouldn’t impact end user behavior. […]

30 Years of Workforce Transformation Visualized – Infographic

With all of the buzz about the digital transformation of today’s workforce, it’s easy to start to tune out. The ability to move fluidly between work and life that technology makes possible can be taken for granted. Research shows that 42 percent of millennial workers say they would quit a job with substandard technology, and […]

Mobile Payment Options Compared [Infographic]

Today, I would like to talk about a slightly different topic. Instead of talking about hardware gadgets or software solutions, I would like to bring your attention to phone contracts and prepaid options. How should we pay for data, texts and phone calls? What should our decision depend on? When it comes to paying for […]

Why It’s Time to Consider Desktop and Application Virtualization – Infographic

Desktop and application virtualization solutions from VMware provide a way for IT leaders to overcome some of the biggest challenges they face today.  By breaking the bonds that tie IT and end-users to physical hardware you can create more IT control, security, and be ready to leverage the cloud. Checkout the following IPM and VMware infographic […]

Virtual Desktop Pulse Survey 2016: 5 Key Findings Infographic

2016’s Virtual Desktop Pulse Survey has covered a lot of ground concerning the State of VDI in enterprises today. From vendor adoption rates to architectural decisions to the drivers behind VDI’s proliferation, we have quantified and chronicled the findings from our survey of over 400 IT pros. In this post, we have summarized our key […]

Public Cloud Landscape & Complexities Infographic Series: Part 2 of 3

We’ve published several blogs about the “hidden costs” of public cloud providers. From AWS to Azure and beyond, the complexities around managing cost in the public cloud provide endless opportunities for investigation and discussion. But cost is only the beginning. When weighing the benefits and drawbacks of moving to the public cloud, organizations must also […]

Public Cloud Adoption & Landscape Infographic: Part 1 of 3

After shaking off their Thanksgiving food comas, several members of our team ventured out to Las Vegas last week to attend AWS re:Invent and meet with other members of the vibrant, rapidly growing AWS community. In honor of the event (the largest cloud computing conference in the world), we investigated the public cloud boom as […]

VMware: 5 Signs Your Business Desperately Needs a Digital Workspace – Infographic

Our newest infographic lists five revealing signs that your IT environment is sorely missing a secure digital workspace. It’s official: We all spend more time browsing the web on our mobile devices than desktops. It’s further proof that mobility will continue to play a dominant role in our lives, whether at home or at work. […]

VMware: 5 Red Flags Your EUC Environment Is Missing This – Infographic

Notice any of these five red flags in your end-user computing (EUC) environment? Yikes! You could use a digital workspace. Workers use their own devices, whether you OK it or not. Data indicates this is the case for just about every one-in-three employees. Users access corporate data from outside the network on unmanaged endpoints. Bring-your-own-device […]

Latest infographic shows big results from private cloud and IaaS

HP Enterprise
Slow turn-around on infrastructure requests are hurting your business For many enterprise IT departments, a majority of their business customers are not satisfied with the speed of application releases[i]. Twenty-five percent of app development time is spent waiting for manual or semi-manual provisioned infrastructure, using traditional or even virtualized datacenter architectures. When users’ needs are […]

VMware Infographic: Are you ready to tackle the security risks facing your business?

Recent VMware research exposed a large disconnect between business leaders and IT decision makers (ITDMs) regarding IT security. Our interactive infographic also revealed that while this disconnect is global, some countries are doing a far better job at bridging the gap than others. With these findings in mind, we recently asked people on the frontline […]

Top 5 Findings: Global Knowledge’s IT Skills and Salary Report – Amazon Infographic

Amazon Web Services
As we see more customers transition their business to the cloud, we are also seeing increased demand in the market for skilled IT professionals who are capable of designing, deploying, and operating applications and infrastructure on AWS. IT certifications are considered a gold standard for validating technical proficiency and one’s ability to perform on the […]

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