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Windows 2000 Terminal Services Kernel Tuning Assistant

(This tool is designed to help you tune the kernel on a Windows 2000-based server running Terminal Services in application server mode. On a server where the Processor, RAM, Disk and Network subsystems are not bottlenecks, it may be necessary to tune the Paged Pool/System PTE balance to allow more users to logon to the […]

Terminal Services License Server Viewer (LSView.exe)

Terminal Services License Server Viewer (LSView) is a GUI tool that displays information about all available Terminal Services license servers in the current domain and current site of the computer. It is useful for monitoring and logging the status of license servers. Download Now

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.0.3 for Mac

Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac allows you to connect to a Windows-based computer and work with programs and files on that computer from your Macintosh computer. To connect to a Windows-based computer, you need network access and permissions to connect to the computer, and the computer must be running Terminal Services or Remote Desktop […]

EnumSrv v1.0.6

(This simple GUI application, written by Jeff Reed, uses the NetServerEnum API to enumerate servers for a specified domain. If no domain is specified, the current domain is used. Can enumerate multiple criteria as well, and output can be copied to the clipboard. Can be used to enumerate WinFrame/MetaFrame (for Windows) servers, for example) Download […]

Registry Changer 1.0

KILLER!!! We are all fans of Rick D’s tuning tips now we have a script to apply them and inventory what is already configured. Once you have selected value in global settings or tuning settings, a file tuneup.vbs is created. (a undo.vbs file is created too which allow you to go back). Download Now

UPDClean – User Profiles Cleanup Service

UPHClean is a service that once and for all gets rid of problems with user profile not unloading. You are having profile unload problems if you experience slow logoff (with Saving Settings for most of the time while logging off), roaming profiles that do not reconcile, or the registry size limit is reached. Download UPDClean […]

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