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Tricerat ScrewDrivers – Insurance Industry Case Study

RRJ Insurance Group saves thousands of dollars a month with ScrewDrivers®. About RRJ Insurance Group Ltd. RRJ Insurance Group is a privately owned and operated insurance brokerage located in Canada. The company offers their clients products and services in personal home and auto insurance, commercial and business insurance, and life and group benefits. RRJ has […]

Synthetic Monitoring in APM Strategy – Part 2

eG Innovations
The Evolution of Synthetic Monitoring In the early days of application performance monitoring, synthetic monitoring was based on protocol level emulation. For example, HTTP protocol’s GET method was implemented by monitoring agents and used to determine how fast web sites responded, and whether they were available or not. Likewise, ICMP echo (commonly called “ping”) was […]

Putting User Experience at the Center of the Workspace

Liquidware Labs
In the past, I’ve covered topics such as Breaking Down Silos and Changing Your Point of View and Outside In versus Inside Out. In these and other posts, the theme has been about putting the user first. Regardless of where you might be in the user lifecycle: performing activities such as assessing, designing, migrating or validating […]

VMware TrustPoint and AirWatch Integration Demo Video

Learn how out-of-the-box integration of VMware TrustPoint and AirWatch further enhances securing and managing mobile, desktop and server environments, and dynamically drives policy configuration changes across the organization for even stronger compliance and faster threat containment. This video is from the fine folks at VMware EUC.

[UPDATED] 100+ Must-Have IT Tools – IT Pros Have Spoken!

You may recall that in November, we posted a large list of must-have IT tools. The list was curated using submissions we received to one of our most popular polls ever, in which we asked you to share the tools that you couldn’t imagine working without. Tools, Glorious Tools! Well guess what? Since last year, […]

Application Load Time – Global Insights from Virtual Desktops

We have previously published some global statistics regarding the time it takes users in virtual desktops to log on. A few very interesting conversations with industry experts followed, and one of the popular questions was: how about the additional wait that happens after the logon process is complete? In other words, what is the delay […]

Devolutions Cloud Overview Video

A quick overview of Devolutions Cloud. See how Devolutions Cloud is the central location for all of your Devolutions online services. Get the most our of your Remote Desktop manager experience with the free Devolutions Cloud. You can find out more information about Devolutions Cloud at: Create your free account here: This video […]

Devolutions Server Overview Video

A quick overview of Devolutions Server. The Devolutions Server is a self-hosted repository for Remote Desktop Manager and Password Vault Manager. See how you can store and share your remote connection settings, virtual machine connections and any other sensitive data. You can find out more information about the Devolutions Server at: Download here: […]

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