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The IGEL Platform Explained by Douglas Brown – On-Demand Webinar

IGEL Technology
Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Douglas Brown explain the value of the IGEL platform for Citrix, Microsoft, VMware EUC. IGEL endpoints everywhere! WIth IGEL OS: Save Money: Convert an existing x86 devices with IGEL OS (UDC) Work from any x86, 64-bit device using the IGEL OS on the UD Pocket No need to buy […]

LogAnalytics – Free Tool to Take control of your RDS, VDI and XenApp infrastructure!

In the following DABCC TV video, sepago’s Sascha Juch walks us through their FREE Azure LogAnalytics Agent for Microsoft RDS and Citrix sites!About Azure Log Analytics Agent for RDS and Citrix Sites. The Log Analytics Agent for Microsoft RDS and Citrix sites gives you a deep analytic dive into your worker’s performance states This agent and Microsoft […]

The Lieblings tell “The IGEL Story”

IGEL Technology
In the following video, the world famous Lieblings tell “The IGEL Story”. About “The Lieblings”  “The Lieblings” is a dramatized version of Doug and Kristin’s life together, or any typical couple’s life. Needless to say, it would be fun to be a fly on the wall and in many ways by watching “The Lieblings” you get to […]

Citrix Load & Performance Testing with NRG Global’s AppLoader – Technical Deep Dive Video

NRG Global
In the following DABCC TV video, NRG Global’s Sam Benihya, Technical Director at NRG Global walks us through their AppLoader load testing solution. AppLoader Suite The load testing solution for all applications from the end user’s perspective. This easy-to-use, script-free load testing solution stresses your application with real-life traffic to accurately assess end to end performance under a wide range […]

Lua: Mobile Messaging Platform for Healthcare & Enterprise Demo Video Podcast

In this DABCC TV episode we are happy to have Michael DeFranco, Founder and CEO of Lua with us to walk us through a detailed demo of the Lua mobile messaging solution. About Lua: Texting is the fastest, easiest and most productive form of communication. It is the best way to get answers or alerts, […]

VCNRW Keynote Video – ‘3 Things changing our world’ with Douglas Brown

Douglas Brown
Below is the video recording from my session at the VCNRW – Virtualization Community Conference  in Cologne, Germany on Big Data, Internet of Things, and a wee bit about Mobility.  My goal for this talk was to discuss IT in a way we don’t usually think about but drives what we do and our lives on a daily bases. […]

MAX-IE Review- Internet Explorer on iPad – Citrix XenApp Touch Enabled – Just add hopTo

This video is a review of the capabilities of MAX-IE in hopTo Work for Citrix by Doug Brown (www.dabcc.com) and Barry Flanagan of hopTo.. MAX-IE delivers a touch enabled user experience for business apps that rely on Internet Explorer. Transport and transform existing IE based apps to a mobile device like an iPad – while […]

ControlUp 5.0 VDI Management with Realtime Monitoring and Collective Analytics Deep Dive

In the following DABCC Live webinar Douglas Brown, MVP, CTP, vEXPERT hosts Yoni Avital, ControlUp’s CTO and co-founder for a deep dive demo and Q&A on their ControlUp 5.0 VDI Management with Realtime Monitoring solution. ControlUp 5.0 brings major improvements to an already great VDI management tool with realtime monitoring and alerts, a user experience […]

Unifyle – Enterprise Mobile Virtual File Management Video Podcast – DABCC TV 48

In the following DABCC TV episode, we are happy to have Srinivasa Venkataraman, Founder and CEO at Primadesk Inc. with us to show off their Unifyle enterprise mobility virtual file manger solution! Srinivasa gives us a detailed look in to the Unifyle virtual file management solution and how easy it is to make all of […]

SIOS: Machine Learning Analytics and VMware vSphere – DABCC Live 29

In the following DABCC Live Webinar we are happy to have Tony Tomarchio, Director of Field Engineering at SIOS Technology, with us to demonstrate their amazing new machine learning-based IT analytics platform for VMware environments. SIOS iQ allows you to accurately pinpoint the root causes of performance issues faster and more accurately, eliminate wasted IT […]

CloudPhysics Tech Demo: SaaS-delivered, Big-Data-Driven Monitoring and Management – DABCC Live 27

Join DABCC’s Douglas Brown and CloudPhysics for a deep dive technical webinar introducing you to the CloudPhysics SaaS delivered big data driven virtualization monitoring and management solution. CloudPhysics leverages the power of Big Data analytics and SaaS to help VMware admins preempt operational hazards and make better, faster, smarter decisions for managing virtual infrastructure. In […]

Cross-Silo Intelligence to Optimize Your VI with Xangati – DABCC Live #26

In this episode of DABCC Live hands-on webinar, we are excited to have Xangati with us to show off their updated real-time performance monitoring and management dashboard solutions for virtualization environments. If you are responsible for running the virtual infrastructure, this Webinar is a must attend event. You will learn how to gain the most meaningful insights and fastest […]

FSLogix Apps: Application and Single Image Management Video Podcast – DABCC TV #47

In the following DABCC TV episode, we are happy to have Kevin Goodman, Co-Founder and CEO at FSLogix with us to show off the FSLogix Apps solution! Kevin walks us through what’s new with FSLogix Apps, along and giving us a deep dive in to how easy and power it truly is!

AppEnsure CTO DEMO: Perfecting End User Experience in Citrix Environments – DABCC Live #28

John Doug Brown and Sri Chaganty, AppEnsure CTO, as they discuss how IT Operations can utilize the AppEnsure solution when troubleshooting large, distributed Citrix environments — especially when Citrix is wrongfully blamed. AppEnsure gives IT Operations the ability to stop the finger pointing and quickly identify the “real” root cause of performance problems by understanding […]

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