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Citrix Smart Check: Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Citrix Systems
Using Smart Check to proactively monitor the health of your XenApp and XenDesktop on-premises sites Like many people, you probably go to the doctor for a regular physical each year. You do this because you care about your personal health and are interested in receiving good news from the doctor that all is well. Your […]

Gartner: 10 Years of Cloud Security

10 years ago this week, Gartner released Assessing the Security Risks of Cloud Computing  Although we had written several research notes in 2007 discussing SaaS security, the 2008 note co-authored by myself and Mark Nicolett was Gartner’s first research using the term ‘Cloud Security’. Unsurprisingly for a new domain, we had more to say about […]

Citrix Partner Grows ShareFile Business with Custom Solution

Citrix Systems
Bernd Dausch and his colleagues at Schuster & Walther, a longtime Citrix partner based in Germany, recognized a common business challenge that many of their customers in the legal field were facing. “Their file-sharing methods were inefficient,” said Dausch. “They need to keep the files secure, so they were packing them up in briefcases, driving […]

Cisco Demonstrates the Magic of Hyperconverged Infrastructure for SAP

SAP Sapphire in June in Orlando can be a magical experience…a hot, humid, magical experience.   This year Cisco is showcasing a number of new SAP solutions. Our Sapphire magic starts with a big reveal:Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for SAP.  Cisco has emerged as the experience leader for SAP hyperconverged infrastructure, completing the first SAP virtualized HCI benchmark, […]

Cisco: Hyperconvergence for SAP ERP is easy with Cisco HyperFlex

Every business has mission critical applications that they rely on in their daily operations. For many companies those critical applications are SAP ERP, and these companies need infrastructure to handle intensive workloads from these apps. Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) provides many advantages, like simplified management and flexibility, for deploying your SAP ERP, but you have to […]

Citrix: Upgrade XenServer Now!

Citrix Systems
Upgrade Your XenServer Virtual Environment Now and Bring Out the Best in Citrix Application and Desktop Delivery Hello everyone! Did you make it to Citrix Synergy this year? If so, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! If not, no worries… you can still catch many of the sessions on Synergy TV. During […]

Microsoft: How I choose which services to use in Azure

Last year, I attended a Pluralsight webinar hosted by Azure MVP and Pluralsight author, Barry Luijbregts, called Keep your dev team productive with the right Azure service. It was a fantastic webinar and I really enjoyed learning Barry’s thought process on how he selects which Azure services and capabilities to use for his own projects, […]

The Rise of Multi-Cloud, Hybrid IT For the Enterprise

HP Enterprise
The quote, “Everything old is new again” can certainly be applied to technology. Like everything else, technology has cycles that change over time. Innovations lead to new solutions that often change what’s old and make it better. And before you know it, a technology that was thought long gone is now revived — and better […]

Citrix: Not Your Granddaddy’s Citrix…

Citrix Systems
At Citrix Synergy 2018, we showcased a ton of new innovation centered around Experience, Choice and Security. This was not just the next version of our solutions, it was the unveiling of a brand new Citrix. Over the last 12 months, we upgraded the entire organization and portfolio from an IT-centric product set to an […]

Ransomware Threats in GDPR Era

The IT industry loves a hot topic. Cloud, hyper-converged infrastructure and machine learning are all great conversation pieces, but two of the hottest topics that are currently debated around the IT watercooler are ransomware and the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As hot as these topics are individually, what happens when two […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – XenApp and XenDesktop Service: how to migrate

Citrix Systems
Interested in making the move to XenApp and XenDesktop Service, but not sure how to get started? Let’s begin the planning process together. In this session, we will discuss key drivers for making the transition to a cloud service, showcase what Citrix offers to get you started and how you can configure your cloud environment […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Protect your business from unwitting users

Citrix Systems
That human error is the biggest security risk to any organization should not be news to anyone. Internet browsing—the most common break activity of the modern worker—is classified by many industry analysts as a leading way for attackers to do phishing and spread malware and ransomware to your organization. Now there is an easier way […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Networking in the age of DevOps

Citrix Systems
Developers are increasingly driving the conversation and buying decisions around network equipment such as load balancers and other layer 7 proxies. Many of the changes are driven by fundamental shifts in software architecture such as microservices, automation, self-service, cloud native-ness and containerization. Citrix NetScaler is adapting to meet these new demands with new form factors, […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – How Citrix ADC supports compliance and security standards in multi/hybrid cloud world

Citrix Systems
Citrix Synergy TV – SYN228 – How Citrix ADC supports compliance and security standards in multi/hybrid cloud world Enterprises across the world are facing increased security and compliance requirements, and often these are different for each region. Attend this session to learn how Citrix Networking helps customers meet security and compliance requirements for different regions […]

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