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Andre Leibovici on the Future of EUC to Open-Convergence – Podcast Episode 282

Listen to “Andre Leibovici on the Future of EUC to Open-Convergence – Podcast Episode 282” on Spreaker. In episode 282, Douglas Brown interviews Andre Leibovici, Field CTO and VP of Solutions and Alliances at Datrium. Douglas and Andre truly have a very lively discussion on everything from the future of EUC to Open-Convergence.  Andrew also […]

‘Why Workspot’ White Paper

‘Why Workspot’ White Paper

In the following Workspot white paper you will learn ‘Why Workspot’.  Why it is a better way to compute and why you should care! Workspot is reinventing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to transform how IT securely delivers desktops, applications and data to any device. DaaS 2.0 and VDI 2.0 solve the challenges with VDI 1.0. […]

How to Provide File Services for Object Storage in the Cloud – On-Demand Webinar

Object storage provides a lower-cost, more durable and scalable alternative to block storage in the cloud. But most cloud platforms lack the key features needed to support existing enterprise applications. So how do you gain the benefits of file services for object storage in the cloud? In this webinar, we covered: Use Cases for object […]

Preview – Hybrid Cloud Solutions from Veeam and Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Storage Best Practices – Google Next ’17 Rewind Video

Google Cloud
Google Cloud Storage offers a great set of features for writing, storing, and distributing content for whatever application you’re building. When considering performance for your GCS use case, most people only consider whether they should set up the bucket to be regional, multiregional, nearline, or cold storage. But there’s a few more things to consider, […]

Citrix: Your Firm’s Rock Stars Deserve the Best Instruments Around

How Google Cloud is transforming Japanese businesses

Google Cloud
This week, we welcomed 13,000 executives, developers, IT managers and partners to our largest Asia-Pacific Cloud event, Google Cloud Next Tokyo. During this event, we celebrated the many ways that Japanese companies such as Kewpie, Sony (and even cucumber farmers) have transformed and scaled their businesses using Google Cloud. Since the launch of the Google […]

VMware Issues New Security Advisory VMSA-2017-0011

BigQuery and Cloud Machine Learning: Advancing Neural Network Predictions – Google Next ’17 Rewind Video

Google Cloud
One of the common challenges with using Machine Learning is storing, processing, and supplying huge volumes of training data to your ML engine. Thankfully Google Cloud Platform makes this super easy with the combination of BigQuery and Cloud Machine Learning Engine. Join Reto Meier and Colt McAnlis as they recap Kaz Seto’s session from Next […]

Citrix: Your Firm’s Rock Stars Deserve the Best Instruments Around

Google Cloud Video: On-Device Machine Learning: TensorFlow on Android (Next ’17 Rewind)

Google Cloud
By combining TensorFlow with your mobile applications, you can create magical AI experiences for your users, based on their custom datasets. In this video, Reto Meier and Colt McAnlis recap Yufeng Guo’s Next ’17 session “On-Device Machine Learning: TensorFlow on Android.” On-device machine learning: TensorFlow on Android full session video: Next website with world […]

Citrix: Your Firm’s Rock Stars Deserve the Best Instruments Around

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