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NVIDIA Video: DGX Systems: Built for Leading AI Research

NVIDIA DGX™ Systems are designed to give data scientists the most powerful tools for AI exploration-tools that go from your desk to the data center to the cloud. This video is via NVIDIA.

Google Pi Intercom with the AIY Projects kit

When we released the Google AIY Projects kit with Issue 57 of The MagPi in May, we could hardly wait to see what you in the community would build with it. Being able to add voice interaction to your Raspberry Pi projects opens up a world of possibilities for exciting digital making. One such project […]

NVIDIA AI Podcast: “Could an AI Win a Nobel Prize?” Quantum Researchers Ask

Could an AI win a Nobel prize? That’s the provocative question a team of scientists are pondering after putting GPU-powered deep learning to work to accelerate their science, with impressive results. “AI is beating conventional methods,” Paul Wigley, a doctoral student at the Autralian National University told host Michael Copeland on this week’s edition of […]

NVIDIA: How AI Helps Bing Search for Images Within Images

Search just got smarter, thanks to AI and NVIDIA GPUs. Microsoft’s Bing now lets you search for images within images. You can even buy items you find there. Let’s say you’re a “Fast and Furious” fan, and want to trick out your ride with the gear you’ve seen on the big screen. Or you’re remodeling […]

Intel and AMD Just Delivered Two Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Data Center

Think of it as a multiple choice test, with no wrong answers. Intel last week launched its new Skylake Xeon CPUs. AMD last month launched their next-generation EPYC CPU. These are both great options that strengthen the case for upgrading your server infrastructure now. Whichever path you choose, the latest CPU improvements bring a boost […]

Gartner: The Good, The Bad, and the Get on with It (Interesting Economist Articles This Week)

I read this week’s Economist in two parts: the first half in my way from Atlanta to Seattle and the second half on my way from Seattle to Vancouver.  I got excited the further away from home I flew.  Much of what I read made sense and seems self-evident, and has been written about and […]

Gartner: What Is Artificial Intelligence? I Can’t Define It, But I Know It When I See It

When considering how to draw the line between whether an application is AI or not, I’m tempted to paraphrase U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart: I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of applications I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description “artificial intelligence” , and perhaps I could never succeed […]

Cisco: Shaping the Future of Work: Three Questions to Ask

What will work look like in 10 years? We’ve heard a lot about the ways new technologies—artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics and the like—will disrupt work as we know it. Will we have a shiny new future, where machines take over menial or repetitive tasks so people can be free to pursue more creative work? […]

NVIDIA: Fighting Tuberculosis with GPUs and Deep Learning

For those in developing countries with tuberculosis, the difference between life and death often comes down to having a physician with the expertise to properly read chest X-rays. And the numbers show that many are dying of the disease unnecessarily. TB has passed HIV/AIDS as the world’s top infectious killer, with the World Health Organization […]

Cisco: It’s all about digital transformation! Annoucing 5th Generation of Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Analytics

The nature of technology is innovation. Innovation challenges the norm, creating new ways to do things; and disrupting and displacing established ways with better methods and even whole paradigm shifts that completely change how the world operates. It is not that unusual for a new company to create a new market with an innovative idea, product […]

Citrix: The Real Value of Machine Learning: Beyond the Buzzwords

Citrix Systems
There’s a lot of hype over machine learning and data science these days. It’s time to go beyond the buzzwords, and find out how we, as a security community, can actually reap the benefits of machine learning like fine-tuning staffing needs, making smarter budget decisions, automated and adapative security incident response, and more accurate threat […]

Gartner: What I Want From AI at Work: A Secretary and an Intern

What do office-based knowledge workers want an AI to do for them? Specific industries may have their own jobs or roles that can be turned over to some kind of AI, but I’m thinking about general purpose knowledge work that applies across industries and geographies. My AI would be there to help me, not replace […]

Microsoft: Artificial Intelligence tunes Azure SQL Databases

Automatic tuning To stay competitive, today’s businesses need to make sure that they focus on their core competencies that directly deliver customer value while relying on their cloud provider to offer an affordable, reliable, and easy to use computing infrastructure that scales with their needs. In the world of cloud services, where many aspects of […]

VMworld 2017: Sessions of Interest

In one month VMworld 2017 will be held in Las Vegas, conference like this are overwhelming when you experience them the first time. This blog is here to help you be prepared when you walk in Mandalay conference center. This year the conference will be held in Las Vegas for the second year in a […]

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