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Hybrid Cloud Performance is More Than a Balancing Act

Today’s IT environments are growing at a rapid pace.  Not only are they growing in size, but in complexity.  All of the buzzwords rolling around will have you and your CIO reeling while trying to solve the true business challenges which is what we should focus on. Having had a background in IT environments of […]

Flexera’s Changing the Software Asset Management Game – Reducing the Risk and Waste of Buying and Managing Software

Flexera Software
Flexera Is the Only SAM Provider Bringing Together Software Suppliers & Buyers to Solve SAM’s Biggest Challenges Flexera, the company that’s reimagining how software is bought, sold, managed and secured, laid out a game-changing Software Asset Management (SAM) vision today during a global Live Streaming Event. The company is pioneering a new collaborative plan to repair […]

Gartner Releases “Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, 2017”

Digital business execution is requiring more frequent and complex decision making, continuous problem solving and rapid pattern recognition, all of which require workforce digital dexterity. In most organizations, however, responsibility for helping employees develop the desire and ability to exploit a wide range of transformative technologies — highlighted in the Gartner, Inc. Hype Cycle for […]

VMware: CenturyLink SAP Solutions Powered VMware

CenturyLink, founded in the 1930s, has long been a leader in the telecommunications industry. Today, CenturyLink is helping customers manage SAP business applications, essential digital tools in managing business operations. But running these applications can be time consuming when they’re not on a compatible platform. CenturyLink uses a VMware-based cloud platform to make data migration […]

Who Said Only One Technology Could Sit on the IT Throne?

HP Enterprise
There have been six thrilling seasons of Game of Thrones, and now, after what feels like the longest wait, season seven is finally here. Throughout the show and especially in this season, we’ve seen many families forging alliances, albeit shaky alliances at best, to meet common goals and increase their power. What does this vastly popular […]

Nutanix Video: Multicloud Strategy: A CIO’s Perspective

Watch as Wendy Pfeiffer, CIO from Nutanix, John Koester, CISO from HD Supply, Robert Doty, VP Infrastructure at Servicemaster, Dalia Soliman-Powers, Division CIO/CTO/VP of Engineering at Capital One and Duc Trinh VP of Innovation and Emerging Technologies at Wells Fargo discuss their experience building and implementing a successful cloud strategy – from identifying the elements […]

Auto Scaling in Amazon DynamoDB – 2017 #AWS Online Tech Talks Video

Amazon Web Services
Recently, DynamoDB announced Auto Scaling, to help automate capacity management for tables and global secondary indexes. Previously, customers had to manually provision read and write capacity based on anticipated application demands. This could result in underprovisioning or overprovisioning capacity. Underprovisioning could slow down application performance, and overprovisioning could result in underutilized resources and higher costs. […]

Microsoft: A walk-through of Azure Data Lake Store file system operations in R

Earlier this year (2017), my Microsoft colleague Ramkumar Chandrasekaran published a blog post about performing Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) file system operations using the R language. After working through that for a recent project, I decided to write a detailed, step-by-step walk-through of getting this running, including the required Azure configuration steps. Who is this for? […]

Forging New IT Skills With Cloud Foundry

One of the external technology inflections we’ve been actively pursuing in ERAA/Office of the CTO has been “Cloud Foundry” – a container-based architecture running apps in any programming language over a variety of cloud service providers, supporting the full application development lifecycle, from initial development through all testing states to deployment. Yes, this is what […]

VMware: What PowerCLI Version Am I On Anyways?

When PowerCLI was converted to modules, it introduced the ability to pick and choose which modules are loaded. Taking it a step further, it also allowed users to specify which versions of those modules are loaded. Historically, PowerCLI was released as one large ‘bundle’ of modules, and was not a great release practice. This meant […]

[Video Interview] Industry Views on Data Protection with Veeam

ComputerWorld Group
Recently ComputerWorld Director, Barry Coombs and Veeam SE, George Kenny caught up around some of the key area’s that Veeam have been and are focusing on. In the video below, George and Barry discuss what Veeam are doing to stay relevant in the world of the Cloud and SaaS. George also speaks about the evolution […]

VMworld Europe Will Be the Epicenter of EUC Expertise – Video

Duncan Greenwood, vice president of VMware EUC EMEA, says VMworld Europe will be the epicenter for technical experts to discuss digital transformation. Register now to be part of the industry’s must-attend IT event of the year: This video is from the fine folks at VMware EUC.

AWS CloudTrail Event History Available to All Customers – #AWS Video

Amazon Web Services
AWS CloudTrail Event History is now available to all customers. CloudTrail Event History (formerly known as API Activity History) lets you view, search, and download your recent AWS account activity. This allows you to gain visibility into your account actions taken through the AWS Management Console, SDKs, and CLI to enable governance, compliance, and operational […]

Citrix Cloud on Cisco Hyperflex Whiteboard Video

Citrix Systems
Citrix Hybrid Cloud Desktop Solution on Cisco HyperFlex for secure delivery of apps and desktops with hyperconvergence for on-premise or hybrid cloud deployments. This video is from the fine folks at Citrix

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