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Microsoft: New tools for understanding user behavior with Application Insights

Application Insights has new tools to empower your development team to better understand how customers use your web apps. These tools are available as a preview today in Application Insights in the Azure Portal. In addition to monitoring the performance, availability, and reliability of your apps, Application Insights can now help your team: Track business […]

Microsoft Announces Application Insights Profiler for Azure App Service now generally available

We are excited to announce the general availabilty of Application Insights Profiler for Azure App Service. At the same time, we are pleased to introduce the Public Preview version of the Profiler for compute resources, e.g. Virtual Machines, scale sets, Cloud Services, and Service Fabric. The Profiler allows you to automatically collect and view code […]

VMware: Managing the world’s travel ecosystem with VMware NSX

Amadeus is a technology company dedicated to the global travel industry, with many customers relying on Amadeus’ technology and services across the entire spectrum of the travel experience, covering bookings, pricing and managing reservations – all the way through to departure. How does Amadeus shape the future of global travel? Using VMware Integrated OpenStack and […]

“SDS & Hyper-Converged” Comparison updated with Nutanix AOS 5.1

WhatMatrix Community
A quick post to confirm the update of the Nutanix comparison listing with the capabilities added with AOS 5.1. You can select the 5.1 related editions from the dropdown menu at – check it out now! All credits to Category Consultant Herman Rutten and to all community members that submitted feedback and change requests – thanks […]

Modernizing Traditional Applications with Docker

We would like to quote an article from Josh Coen regarding the DockerCon in Austin.You can find Josh’s article here, or scroll down. A few weeks ago I attended my second DockerCon, this year it was in Austin, TX. Last year there was some focus on the enterprise, but this year they’ve stepped up their […]

Cisco: Connected Education and the Power of Video

Whether you’re in fourth grade or grad school, collaborating on group projects for a class can be a real hassle. You have to plan where and when to meet with your classmates, decide how to divide the work, and figure out how to track progress, deliverables, and deadlines. These days, both students and instructors are […]

The one-stop shop for Citrix Smart Check

Bas van Kaam
In the past I have written numerous times about Citrix Insight Services, or TaaS before that, which stands for Tools as a Service (don’t be confused, Insight Services was just another name change from TaaS). Smart Check builds upon these services and offers (at least) the same type of pro-active checks (equal to Insight Services) […]

VMware: How to Drive Better SAP Performance with Virtualization Layer Visibility

When using SAP native tools such as SAP Solution Manager, it lacks visibility into the underlying virtualization layers, which can result in a blind spot in understanding the complete performance story. The virtualization layer includes the virtual machine, ESXi server, CPU, memory and storage. The ability to quickly see contention of infrastructure resources and find […]

Blog-o-rama at Dell EMC World 2017

Dell EMC World 2017, Las Vegas style, is now midway through Day Three and I can finally stop, catch my breath, and read up on some of the coverage. This year we were delighted to be able to invite a nice-sized group of bloggers and podcasters to attend the general and breakout sessions, meet with […]

VMware: Your Top 12 AirWatch 9.1 Questions Answered!

Our recent VMware AirWatch 9.1 webinar explored new capabilities introduced in our most recent release. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the live event. If you were not able to join live, check out the replay here.Due to time constraints, we did not get to all of your questions during […]

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