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VMware VMworld 2016: VIRT7575 Video – Architecting NSX with Business Critical Applications

VMworld 2016: VIRT7575 – Architecting NSX with Business Critical Applications for Security, Automation and Business Continuity From the fine folks at VMware VMworld.

Citrix NetScaler Documentation Script Version 3.5

Carl Webster
Barry Schiffer and Iain Brighton are pleased to release Version 3.5 of the NetScaler documentation script. #Version 3.5 24-Oct-2016 Most work on version 3.5 has been done by Andy McCullough! After the release of version 3.0 in May 2016, which was a major overhaul of the NetScaler documentation script we found a few issues which […]

Dell’s Customization of VMware ESXi and Its Advantages

You may have heard about Dell Customized VMware ESXi images. For those who doesn’t know what’s really extra in Dell customized images, here you go: Dell’s customization of VMware ESXi image includes adding new or updated VMware IOVP certified drivers relevant for Dell hardware and specific third party CIM providers from IHVs into the VMware […]

Helping You Move Paper in Any Direction – Citrix Ready On-Demand Webinar with Tricerat

Citrix Ready
Listen to this Citrix Ready Technical webinar where Andrew, Garrick and Shashi show you how to simplify printing in a virtual environment! via the fine folks at Citrix Ready.

Microsoft: Linux Integration Services Download 4.1.2-2 hotfix

We’ve just published a hotfix release of the Linux Integration Services download, version 4.1.2-2. This release addresses two critical issues: “Do not lose pending heartbeat vmbus packets” (for versions 5.x, 6.x, 7.x) Hyper-V hosts can be configures to sent “heartbeat” packets to guests to see if they are active, and reboot them when they do […]

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Overview Video: Get the Goods on the New Server

Watch this video to learn what Windows Server 2016 key features are providing breakthrough productivity, security and cloud readiness value for customers. Also get an overview on the differences between the editions and licensing options including how core licensing works. [2:02] What are some of the new security features in Windows Server 2016? [6:42] And […]

Microsoft: Do it right! Deploying SQL Server R Services on computers without Internet access

One of the most exciting features in SQL Server 2016 is R Services (in-database). This feature has been getting a lot of interest and attention, as we described in a past blog post. If you are curious to know more, the Related Viewing section at the end of this post links to some useful videos. […]

VMware: Five Data Center Modernization Myths–Busted at VMworld

IT experts flocked to Barcelona last week for four days of VMworld Europe, where they could be found on the stage and in the audience for killer keynotes, breakout sessions on breakthrough technologies and helpful hands-on labs. Among the ‘aha moments’ for attendees interested in increasing their knowledge about cloud infrastructures was the debunking of […]

Citrix: Internal XenApp and XenDesktop Automation Innovations

Engineering teams at Citrix are constantly innovating. We wanted to share an insider look into some of the more impactful innovations that are internal to Citrix development teams. These innovations do not offer anything to end users directly. They improve developer productivity and our internal testing process. This allows engineer to release higher quality products […]

Introduction to Jenkins!

Jenkins is one of the most popular open-source continuous integration and continuous delivery servers available today. It began as a product called Hudson, developed at Sun Microsystems in 2004-2005, before it was forked from Hudson and renamed Jenkins in 2011, as the result of a dispute between the Hudson community and Oracle. Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the […]

1st look at Microsoft Azure and Amazon costs for Citrix and VMware deployments

Now that Citrix and VMware found their cloud mates I was wondering what that would do with the costs. As there is not that much to play with I decided to work with the cost calculators from both Microsoft and Amazon to see what the difference would be. Microsoft Azure offers a calculator to deploy […]

Why VMware is Embracing Containers

There are no secrets now around the adoption of containers by VMware.  There is, however, some confusion among many as to what exactly the reason and methods are for VMware to embrace containers.  Many announcements have been happening since VMworld in San Francisco in August 2015.  Once the big show for revealing all the new […]

VMware VMworld 2016: VIRT7550 Video – Providing HA and DR

VMworld 2016: VIRT7550 – Providing HA and DR to Mission Critical Oracle Databases using vSphere Metro Storage Cluster and VMware Software defined Storage and Networking From the fine folks at VMware VMworld.