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Free TSAdmin Replacement Available
One of the biggest criticisms of Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2012 has been its general lack of manageability. The first thing RDS admins notice is the disappearance of TSAdmin. Now, in order to manage RDS on Windows Server 2012, you must use the RDSM (Remote Desktop Services Manager) component embedded inside Server Manager. […]

The Journey Towards Autonomic: Microsoft and Apple – Strange Bedfellows

While this next part of our story steers off of the data center path for a little bit, it’s an important part of setting the context for the future of the way things would come to be consumed within IT. As we read in the mainframe beginnings, the centralized model was the one and only […]

Docker Releases Docker 1.12 for Mac and Windows

Today, we are excited to announce that Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows are graduating from beta and are now stable and ready for production. We want to give a big thank-you to the tens of thousands of developers and system administrators who helped us find bugs and came up with ideas for tweaks […]

VMware: How to Take or Build Your Desktop SOE to VMware Horizon Air

When moving your desktop environment to the cloud, many questions arise around how an organization makes the move. The number one technical question we receive is: How do I take my existing Desktop or RDSH SOE to VMware Horizon Air? Many people envisage using the same process as they have for server workloads when moving […]

This week’s five: Behind the digital transformation

This week’s five is a weekly column on five recent reads from all over the web. This week, we’ll talk about some facts and figures on digital transformation. IoT, cognitive computing, cloud, machine learning, wearable tech. Big names, huh! These are the names of technologies you should be acquainted with. There’s a set of interconnected mainframes […]

Inheriting Credentials in Remote Desktop Manager

Ah, inheritance: some people inherit blue eyes, and others get a huge fortune from some distant relative they’ve never heard of! Life just isn’t fair sometimes. For me, well, people have always asked me if I’ve inherited my very curly hair from my mom or dad, and the running joke is that since neither of […]

Citrix: Imprivata’s ConfirmID is Citrix Ready!

Security constraints around access to patient information, including HIPAA and DEA regulations, have historically made it difficult for doctors to work remotely. Imprivata Confirm ID makes secure remote access to patient data a reality by integrating directly and seamlessly with Citrix NetScaler Gateway to streamline authentication management and simplify two-factor authentication for remote access for […]

VMware Tools Enhancements

VM Tools is the Guest enhancement toolkit of VMware which is IT industry leading software that provides cloud computing and virtualization in the open systems world. First of all, we need to know what the VM Tools or VMware Tools are. VMware Tools is a set of OS drivers and services which boosts the performance […]

Researchers Speeding Up Reporting of Cancer Data With Help From Deep Learning, GPUs

To better battle cancer, we need data. Lots of it. With cancer so prevalent, data is abundant. There’s everything from medical records stuffed with the pathology reports of millions of cancer patients to newspaper archives filled with the obituaries of cancer victims. All this information effectively creates a dispersed database that can be used to […]

AWS Application Discovery Service Update – Agentless Discovery for VMware

Amazon Web Services
As I wrote earlier this year, AWS Application Discovery Service is designed to help you to dig in to your existing environment, identify what’s going on, and provide you with the information and visibility that you need to have in order to successfully migrate your systems and applications to the cloud (see my post, New […]