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Microsoft Video: Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / Season 5 Preview

If you work with technology, you’ve probably been to a lot of conventions in Las Vegas. Brad gets invited to speak at a lot of those conventions, and, whenever, he goes, he sets aside some time to meet up with really smart people for lunch. This video is from the fine folks at Microsoft.

Citrix: eG Innovations at Synergy: Ensuring a Great User Experience Across the Conference

Citrix Systems
eG Innovations has been a proud Citrix Ready partner since 2010. At Synergy 2017, eG Innovations will highlight their support for Citrix deployment success, top productivity, and exceptional IT value in healthcare, finance, education, and government organizations, as well as Citrix Service Providers. Meet eG Innovations at booth #407 eG Innovations gives Citrix administrators a […]

Understanding the “WannaCry” Ransomware Attack

One of the worst global malware attacks to date has infected nearly 200,000 computer systems in almost 150 countries. The malware attack, referred to as “WannaCrypt” or “WannaCry”, encrypts or freezes all files on computers and requests $300 in Bitcoin currency in exchange for returned access to the files ( If the ransom isn’t paid […]

Citrix: Microsoft Goes Platinum at #CitrixSynergy

Citrix Systems
What do The Beatles, Adele and Microsoft all have in common? If you said “charming English accents,” well, you’d be wrong. Bloody wrong, mate. The answer is they’ve all gone platinum at one time or another. But unlike our British musician friends, Microsoft is going Platinum at Citrix Synergy! That’s right! At Citrix Synergy 2017 (kicking […]

The story of ‘Open Convergence’ and why André Leibovici joined Datrium

It is not often that an opportunity to join a cutting edge technology company appears to us in a lifetime and I have done it twice now – I consider myself very lucky. Firstly, the team at Datrium formed part of the founding teams for Data Domain and VMware. Data Domain revolutionized the enterprise storage […]

NVIDIA: Deep Learning Visualizing Heart Activity In 3D

AI startup Genetesis is creating deep learning solutions that allow physicians to detect and localize sources of abnormality in the heart within dynamic 3D maps. Explore more about AI and Deep Learning: This video is via NVIDIA.

NVIDIA: Analyzing Blood Cells in Seconds With Deep Learning

AI startup Athelas utilizes deep learning to differentiate cell morphology and nucleation features, enabling the performance of multiple blood tests for a fraction of existing costs. Explore more about AI and Deep Learning: This video is via NVIDIA.

Citrix: Bringing Mobile Workers up to Cloud Speed

Citrix Systems
Trains, planes, and automobiles are the most obvious signs that we are living in an era of continual acceleration; going ever faster is the motto of our time. Yet when it comes to 21st-century acceleration, IT has been the most influential. Since the arrival of the first mainframe computers, calculations have always been made at […]

Community and the Turbonomic Vision

There are few opportunities like that which we shared with our Tech Field Day delegates at the #TFD14 event on May 11th.  This was not just another presentation, but a true exploration of the journey that Turbonomic is on along with our growing technology and customer community.  Tech Field Day 14 featured another all-star cast […]

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