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Remote Desktop Session Hosts and Drain Mode Script
UPDATE: This script is now included in the free Remote Desktop Commander Lite utility. Click here for more details. Remote Desktop Services admins often have a frequent need to take their Remote Desktop Session Host servers in/out of “Drain Mode.” Drain mode, for the uninitiated, places the RDSH server in a state where it will […]

Microsoft ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server Released

We are pleased to announce the full release of the Microsoft ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server. The updated driver provides robust data access to Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database for C/C++ based applications. What’s new: Always Encrypted You can now use Always Encrypted with the Microsoft ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL […]

Atlantis White Papers, On-Demand Webinars, and a Cool Download

Today I wanted to share with a few really good Atlantis resources! As you might know, Atlantis won TWO ‘Best of Show’ awards at Synergy 2016. They are truly hitting the sweet spot and hence I thought it would be worth your time! Here are a few of their latest white papers, on-demand webinars, and even a cool download 😉  […]

Citrix NetScaler: An Intelligent, Hands-Free Way to Secure XenApp & XenDesktop

They say simplicity is the best form of security. The less complex your access controls, the fewer gates there are to open or close, the more invisible the security checks and the greater your chances of maintaining a highly secure, yet user-friendly environment. That has been the philosophy driving the seamless integration between NetScaler and XenApp-XenDesktop. […]

Making Sense of Data – Operational Intelligence

IT has access to an amazing amount of data. Often we collect hundreds of data points on one server such as individual processor load, thread state, disk throughput both in and out etc. We then store this in a bin and use this to create a metric called something similar to server performance. When it […]

VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 – Virtual SAN Management API Cookbook for Python

Typically, Virtual SAN management is performed through the vSphere® Web Client. Tasks can include those such as initial configuration, ongoing maintenance, and reporting of capacity, performance, or health of Virtual SAN. The Web Client provides comprehensive element management of each component of a Virtual SAN cluster. While most element management is easily accomplished with the Web Client user […]

Guiding the Next Generation of Engineers

This week and weekend (July 28-30) are a big deal for me, for my family, for hundreds of schools and potentially thousands or tens of thousands of students throughout the state of Texas. Back in 2007, a friend asked if I knew of a robotics club for our kids, then in the fifth grade. I […]

Tricerat ScrewDrivers v6 – Automatic Client Updates and much more…

As an IT administrator, you know all too well the peaks and valleys of a software or product update. The sensational high you get from all of the new bells and whistles is immediately followed by the gut-wrenching fall into, “you want me to update all my clients…by when!?” The amount of work that comes […]

Does data locality matter? My Perspective on Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct and RDMA

With the uprise in Hyperconverged technology it is interesting to see how the different vendors in the market has embraced different architectures in their implementation . I’ve previously blogged about how VMware, Microsoft and Nutanix has done this –> Now therefore I decided to dig a bit deeper into the way Microsoft has implemented […]

VMware: Keeping up with End Users: 12 Stats about Mobile Work Productivity

Recently, InfoWorld veteran Bob Lewis told the IT news site, “Do you realize, that over just the past three years IT has pretty much been stood on its head? … The biggest change in IT is the shift from cost reduction to revenue enhancement.” That new charge includes redirecting IT resources to digitally transform end-user […]