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This Week’s Five: Gear up for the Future of IT

This week’s five is a weekly column on five recent reads from all over the web. This week, we’ll talk about the future of IT management. How fast does technology develop? We don’t have to explain Moore’s law to answer that—it’s pretty obvious. Just over a hundred years ago, humans flew for the first time. […]

VMworld 2016: A Declaration

It was five months ago: Wednesday, March 16. Drearily, my red eyes gazed out the window at the amber glow of a brisk Massachusetts sunrise as the plane started its initial descent into Boston. The three days prior, I enjoyed the charged atmosphere of Pure//Accelerate, Pure Storage’s inaugural conference celebrating its disruption of the storage […]

AppEnsure: End-User Experience Management Podcast – Episode 255

In episode 255, Douglas Brown interviews Sri Chaganty, CTO & Co-Founder of AppEnsure. Sri and Douglas discuss the AppEnsure end-user experience management solution. Sri does a great job explaining why they decided to get into this APM space, how AppEnsure works, why it is different that other APM solutions, how it works within Citrix environments, […]

VMware: 3 New Certification Exams for VCAPs and VCAs

The VMware Certification program has been working hard all summer on new exams. We’ve announced several over the past few weeks, and that streak continues with three more today! Two VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 Exams VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Deployment (VCAP6-DCV Deploy) VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Network […]

ControlUp Live Demo: Unveiling ControlUp 6.0

ControlUp CTO and co-founder Yoni Avital walked through a live demo of ControlUp 6.0 and its new capabilities for Citrix admins including: XenDesktop integration, detailed ICA bandwidth and latency metrics, Hyper-V integration, and new reporting features. CTP and CUGC member Theresa Miller moderated the post-presentation Q&A discussion. Click here to view a recording of the webinar! About ControlUp […]

Xangati Storm Tracker: Advanced Performance Monitoring for Hybrid Cloud

Is your performance monitoring tool outdated? If your current tools are legacy, then your applications are likely suffering from contention storms such as sudden spikes in website traffic. With Xangati’s Storm Tracker, you can immediately identify contention storms in your virtualized and hybrid cloud environments with second-by-second insights and discover how to quickly remediate them. […]

Availability is NOT equal to Responsiveness

How many of us IT professionals have been in a meeting similar to this: The chairs of various departments throughout the company are sitting around a long table and are giving a monthly summary. IT presents that the applications, network and servers were some amount of 9’s available and may explain an outage. The meeting […]

Citrix Ready Partner Product Demo at Synergy 2016: Xangati

Watch Jaymin demo the Xangati technologies at Synergy 2016. About Xangati Xangati provides an IT Operations Analytics and performance control platform that delivers Application/Workload Service Assurance for SLA attainment at optimal capacity utilization in virtualized / private / hybrid-cloud IT environments. Xangati comprises a service assurance analytics framework that enables you to see, resolve and […]

Troubleshoot & Fix Common Citrix End User Issues Like Logon Slowness and Printing Failures

Goliath Technologies
Raja Jadeja, VP of Product Management for Goliath Technologies, with Lee Gitzes (VP of Product Marketing) held a live XenApp/XenDesktop troubleshooting and remediation session using the same technology that IT teams from Facebook, Xerox, the VA, and Verizon use to proactively troubleshoot and resolve Citrix end user performance issues, like logon slowness, ICA latency, and printing failures. […]

How to market your iOS app right in the App Store – ASO in 7 steps

I talk a lot about app development and app management and collect resources that should help you to take the right steps when you develop an app. But what happens once the app is developed? How to make it visible in the App Store? Especially, when organizations develop consumer facing apps like eCommerce shops, city […]