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Microsoft AzureAD Preview: Certificate based authentication for iOS and Android

It seems like hardly a week goes by these days without a new story of leaked credentials, malware and phishing hitting the news. These stories make it super clear that in many ways, passwords are one of the most vulnerable parts of many security regimes. In Microsoft’s Identity Division, we are doing a ton of […]

Custom Actions (Scripts) and Logon/Logoff Hangs

Every so often I get an incident with an unexplained intermittent logon/logoff hang that is down to an Environment Manager Logon/Logoff Custom Action (script). By default, a Node has a 30 second timeout but the timeout configured in a Custom Action changes the timeout of the entire Node it resides in.  When creating a new […]

IDC Lab Validation Report: VMware Virtual SAN – Key Features Validated for Critical Oracle Environments

VMware Virtual SAN IDC Lab Validation Report With the launch of VMware Virtual SAN 6.2, VMware expanded the capabilities of Virtual SAN as a platform and introduced better data efficiency features by delivering deduplication and compression of data as well as providing RAID-5/RAID-6 support for all flash Virtual SAN environments. This IDC Lab Validation Report […]

Managing Citrix NetScaler upgrades using NITRO API

With the release of NetScaler 11.1 there was a new API module available which I haven’t seen before which was “install” API which allows us to handle upgrades/downgrades of NetScaler versions using the NITRO API. There isn’t so much about it on the docs yet, luckily I got some response from the NetScaler team on […]

Log & Event Manager 6.3 Release Candidate is Available!

SolarWinds have reached the Release Candidate (RC) status for Log & Event Manager (LEM) 6.3. RC is the last step before general availability and is a chance for existing customers to get the newest functionality before it is available to everyone else. The RC contains the following enhancements: Single sign-on (SSO)/smart card integration. Update to […]

MVP Andy Milford – Why I Created the Resource Site

Let’s Face It, Small Shops Running SBC Solutions Are Not Well Supported In the Server-Based Computing (SBC) community (e.g. Citrix, Microsoft RDS, VMware Horizon, etc), it’s fairly well-known that the vast majority of SBC implementations consist of 500 users or less. In contrast, the majority of marketing resources from vendors in the space go after […]

Citrix SYN311 Video – Deep dive on ShareFile security options: keep your data safe

Is your data safe? Do you know if your employees are using personal online file sharing accounts without IT approval, placing your corporate data at risk and opening your network to external threats? You need a strategy for making sure that end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network without […]

Redefining Workspace Infrastructure – Deliver virtual desktops faster than flash for under $100_user – On-Demand Webinar

Organizations are being challenged with increasing need to provide users secure access to desktops and applications anywhere on any device to keep their users productive. Delivering workspace and mobility solutions traditionally has proven to be too complex and expensive, often leaving users with a poor experience. Fortunately, these challenges have been eliminated with the cost […]

Microsoft Releases System Center Configuration Manager Update 1606!

Once again, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve released a new version of our System Center Configuration Manager current branch (1606) that includes some great new features and product enhancements. Looking back at the last 7 months, we’re encouraged by the positive response and momentum we’ve seen with our new current branch model; we now […]

Microsoft Video: Microsoft Cloud App Security Technical Overview

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a comprehensive service that provides deeper visibility, comprehensive controls, and improved protection for your cloud applications. Cloud App Security is designed to help you extend the visibility, auditing, and control you have on-premises to your cloud applications. In this video, we provide an overview of the service and the management […]