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VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition VMware Validated Integration Design White Paper

This paper describes how to address business requirements and use cases with services constructed by integrating the components of VMware Horizon® 7 Enterprise Edition.  It is intended to help customers—IT architects, consultants, and administrators—involved in the early phases of planning, design, and deployment by offering a standard, repeatable, and highly scalable approach to design and integration that can […]

Seven things end users don’t know about sysadmins!

Sysadmins, you know you’re awesome, regardless of what your typical end user might think. But what do they know? Sadly, not much. For instance, they don’t know… 1. Your power lies in PowerShell. If they asked you what the latest, trending tool available in the market is, you’d know it. If they asked you what […]

Load Balancing and Presenting Microsoft RDS 2016 TP5 using Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway

Dave Brett
I was recently looking at Microsoft RDS on Server 2016 TP5 as an alternative to running full blown XenDesktop and wanted to take it for a spin in my lab. This was OK in principle but I also did not want to shut down my XenDesktop estate and start to change firewall rules to get […]

Overview of Azure Active Directory, Subscriptions, Accounts & Role based access control

So in the beginning there was nothing! Venturing in Azure these days, you might lose the overview you once had and now with the introduction of Azure RBAC  and having multiple subscriptions, probably many Azure Active Directories, mixing Microsoft and Work accounts it might be confusing how it all blends together. So therefore I decided […]

Cisco on the Mobile Moxy of Millennials

The workforce is aging and many organizations are having trouble recruiting younger talent. By the year 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. Creating a familiar and engaging work environment is critical in attracting these young workers. It’s no question: The proliferation of mobile devices is driving major behavioral changes in the Millennial […]

Windows Server 2012 Shadowing – Delegating Rights To Non-Admins
UPDATE: This script is now included in the free Remote Desktop Commander Lite utility. Click here for more details. Ahh, nothing like the upheaval of how Windows Server 2012 shadowing works to put more grey in every RDS administrator’s hair. Read this article on my corporate blog if you want to know all the sordid […]

Azure Stack as an turnkey solution is that the right approach from Microsoft?

Earlier last week it was announced that Azure Stack will be deliverd as a turnkey solution duing 2017 via Dell, HPE and Lenovo systems. Now this came as a disappointment to many that they now could not be able to run Azure Stack on their existing hardware, since many have started to look forward to […]

How To Achieve Citrix XenDesktop (VDI) Success in Healthcare IT w/ UniPrint, AppSense & UniDesk – On-Demand Webinar

When VDI is done right, healthcare providers spend more time with patients and IT spends less time managing users and apps. In this webcast, you will hear from Sunrise Health, how, AppSense, and Unidesk, are powering Citrix XenDesktop success for 4,000 healthcare employees. In this webinar you will learn how to: Minimize login times […]

VMware: SaaS – The Next Frontier

Enterprise software applications are increasingly being delivered as software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) applications. The concept of SaaS has been around since the early 2000’s, but it has gained great momentum and customer adoption in recent years. In its Worldwide Semiannual Public Cloud Services Spending Guide, IDC[1] predicts SaaS will remain the dominant cloud computing type, capturing more […]

Citrix: Azure Resource Manager, Citrix Cloud & Hybrid Deployment … OH MY!

A few months’ ago, I wrote a blog post discussing the architecture of a Citrix Cloud solution that leverages NetScaler’s Azure VPN capabilities. This solution was limited to Azure Classic mode, which, up until July 4th, was the only supported native provisioning method for Azure. But there’s good news! We now have Azure Resource Manager (ARM) […]