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VMware: Turbocharge your HCI Career with the vSAN Specialist Badge

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is one of the fastest-growing areas in IT, and VMware vSAN is the fastest-growing solution in HCI. With an 8000+ customer base that’s expanding every day like wildfire, there is a tremendous appetite for knowledge learning by IT professionals in the customer, partner, sales and service communities. It is with great […]

Live from the #AWS NY Summit | AWS SAM Local Launch

Amazon Web Services
Live from the AWS Summit in NYC, Tara Walker and Chris Munns discuss the new launch of AWS SAM Local on Host: Tara Walker Guest: Chris Munns, Sr Developer Advocate for AWS Serverless Date: August 14, 2017 For more information on the AWS Twitch Channel and upcoming live coding episodes, visit To learn more […]

5 Reasons to Adopt a Flexible Usage Model in On-Premises Data Centers

HP Enterprise
HPE Flexible Capacity is a consumption-based model that delivers on-demand flexible IT capacity, leveraging the agility and economics of public clouds with the control, security, and performance of on-premises data centers. Thanks to the benefits generated by cloud-computing for provisioning IT services, more-and-more businesses are taking advantage of the cloud’s consumption-based IT payment model. What […]

VMware: 3 Android Oreo Features for Enterprises

Android 8.0 Oreo launched today, powered by the solar eclipse and bringing the world’s favorite cookie into the Android ecosystem. We are excited for the enhancements it brings to both consumers and enterprises to bring more intelligence and power into the hands of its users.We’ve collaborated closely with Google over the years to address enterprise mobility […]

Nutanix Video: Saradar Bank Sees The Benefits of the Cloud with Nutanix and Cirrus

Lebanese based Saradar Bank needed a scalable and agile solution to meet growing customer needs. Cloud Provider Cirrus recommended the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform which has provided significant cost savings. This video is from the fine folks at Nutanix.

How HPE & Arista are Leading the Data Center of the Future

HP Enterprise
Provisioning network and security services often takes weeks or even months, thanks to legacy data center networks characterized by complex, hardware-defined and static physical (CLI based) configurations and multiple silos of management. Now, modern data centers are being transformed with more efficient architectures and technologies, including compute, storage, and networking coming together as Hybrid IT. […]

Identity Steers IT Operations. Take the Journey with Ivanti.

It has been several weeks since RES joined the Ivanti family. It’s not hard to see how RES technology supports the Ivanti vision for unifying IT – especially when you consider the advanced identity management and automation capabilities that RES offers the enterprise. Standalone identity governance initiatives are growing, as organizations look to secure and […]

New from Citrix – Citrix Profile Management 7.15 LTSR

Citrix Systems
Citrix Profile Management keeps optimizing the way you manage your Windows user profile. Stability is a key priority for many enterprise customers, and we have received many requests to make Citrix Profile Management a Long Term Service Release component. In response to that need, Citrix Profile Management has evolved from a compatible component to a […]

Live from the #AWS NY Summit | Product Launch Recap Video

Amazon Web Services
Live from the AWS Summit in NYC, Senior Technical Evangelists, Ian Massingham, Tara Walker and Abby Fuller discuss the new product launches announced during the NY Summit Keynote on Hosts: Ian Massingham, Tara Walker, Abby Fuller Date: August 14, 2017 For more information on the AWS Twitch Channel and upcoming live coding episodes, visit […]

Chelsio Storage over IP and other Networks Enable Data Infrastructures

Greg Schulz
Chelsio and Storage over IP (SoIP) continue to enable Data Infrastructures from legacy to software defined virtual, container, cloud as well as converged. This past week I had a chance to visit with Chelsio to discuss data infrastructures, server storage I/O networking along with other related topics. More on Chelsio later in this post, however, […]

VMware: The Evolution of Infrastructure Is Driving Digital Transformation

VMware’s Pere Monclus, CTO for the Networking and Security Business Unit, explains why the evolution of infrastructure from hardware to software is driving digital transformation. Companies are using nascent technologies to reach new customers, automate processes, and put more productive tools into the hands of their employees. This business innovation is both supported by and […]

Print Management In a VMware Environment

Download comprehensive best practices to get the most out of your enterprise IT environment and resources, from Tricerat. You’ll Learn: Common printing issues (and their solutions)Enterprise printing best practices Enterprise printing best practicesHow to simplify your healthcare print environment How to simplify your healthcare print environment Enable mobile printing to truly be able to print […]

RedHat OpenShift Security – Kubernetes Network Security

RedHat OpenShift and Kubernetes provide the tools to deploy and manage containers at scale. But how can OpenShift security be integrated into the workflow? In this briefing, NeuVector CTO Gary Duan introduces the docker container threat landscape and the Openshift security requirements for the Build, Ship, and Run phases. Runtime visibility and Kubernetes security is […]

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