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Citrix: Internal XenApp and XenDesktop Automation Innovations

Engineering teams at Citrix are constantly innovating. We wanted to share an insider look into some of the more impactful innovations that are internal to Citrix development teams. These innovations do not offer anything to end users directly. They improve developer productivity and our internal testing process. This allows engineer to release higher quality products […]

Introduction to Jenkins!

Jenkins is one of the most popular open-source continuous integration and continuous delivery servers available today. It began as a product called Hudson, developed at Sun Microsystems in 2004-2005, before it was forked from Hudson and renamed Jenkins in 2011, as the result of a dispute between the Hudson community and Oracle. Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the […]

1st look at Microsoft Azure and Amazon costs for Citrix and VMware deployments

Now that Citrix and VMware found their cloud mates I was wondering what that would do with the costs. As there is not that much to play with I decided to work with the cost calculators from both Microsoft and Amazon to see what the difference would be. Microsoft Azure offers a calculator to deploy […]

Why VMware is Embracing Containers

There are no secrets now around the adoption of containers by VMware.  There is, however, some confusion among many as to what exactly the reason and methods are for VMware to embrace containers.  Many announcements have been happening since VMworld in San Francisco in August 2015.  Once the big show for revealing all the new […]

VMware VMworld 2016: VIRT7550 Video – Providing HA and DR

VMworld 2016: VIRT7550 – Providing HA and DR to Mission Critical Oracle Databases using vSphere Metro Storage Cluster and VMware Software defined Storage and Networking From the fine folks at VMware VMworld.

The what, how, and why of IT transformation

HP Enterprise
As you take a step back and look at your own business, you’ll notice a common theme: you’re already in the midst of an IT transformation. But, before we go on—what does that actually mean? Today, we take a closer look at technology transformation and discuss the what, how, and why around these new trends. […]

Citrix Summit 2017 Preview Video

Capture new market opportunities and pave the way for new deals at Citrix Summit 2017, January 9–11 in Anaheim, California. At Summit, you’ll join forces with Citrix Sales for firsthand insight into Citrix strategy for digital transformation through intensive technical, sales and business training. Breakout sessions, hands-on workshops and one-on-one access to experts will show […]

Halloween contest: What is your biggest fear? Zombies or hackers?

It’s that time of the year again when as the leaves fall, we brace ourselves for copious amounts of pumpkin in our diet and the possibility of running into a monster on an evening stroll. This Halloween, tell us what‘s haunting you by taking a short survey. Show us the security attack you fear the […]

Placing Google users into Active Directory with ease

Many organizations that use Active Directory also use Google for applications and communications. Google has a database for user accounts, which need to be created using the Google admin console or some other tool. The process of creating Google user accounts is manual, unless you use a tool like the GAM ( Some organizations, though, […]

Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge and InstallShield 2016 Video

Flexera Software
Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge and InstallShield 2016: Building Universal Windows Platform App Packages from InstallShield MSI Projects InstallShield 2016 includes support for Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge, which enables developers to build Universal Windows Platform app packages from InstallShield MSI projects. Start this process by ensuring your app is ready for this new Microsoft technology by identifying potential compatibility […]

Microsoft Azure Blueprint: Architecting Secure Solutions Just Got Easier

Azure Government Engineering is pleased to announce the initial release of the Azure Blueprint program! The program is designed to facilitate the secure and compliant use of Azure for government agencies and third-party providers building on behalf of government. Azure Government has been granted a JAB Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) based on Microsoft internal […]

Cisco: Turning Cybersecurity into a Strategic Advantage

Most C-suite leaders think about cybersecurity as a way to stop threats. But in today’s intensely competitive digital economy they should be thinking about cybersecurity as a strategic advantage that not only protects business value, but enables new business value. The prevailing focus on threats to protect business value isn’t surprising. Modern digital businesses go […]

Even more Docker Labs!

Since we launched Docker Labs back in May, we’ve had a lot of interest. So we keep adding more and improving the labs that we have. We now have 22 hands on labs for you to choose from, ranging from beginner tutorials to much more advanced ones. Here’s a peek at what we have: To accompany […]