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Bring Real-Time Analytics into your Enterprise

Bring Real-Time Analytics into your Enterprise

Real-time analytics provide a strategic view of your business, second by second. Hybrid transactional/analytical processing makes these insights possible for your enterprise with in-memory computing.

Close your eyes and ask yourself how many times in the past decade you’ve heard “real-time” terminology in your enterprise. Now, open your eyes and look around. Have the real-time insights and analytics you’ve heard about met their potential yet?

Despite advancements in in-memory computing, businesses are still learning how to analyze transactions on the fly. How can enterprises fully unleash the potential benefits of real-time analytics? They can start by marrying transaction processing and analytics.

Close the transactions and analytics gap

Traditionally, analytics and transaction processing are sequenced activities targeting different use cases. Transactions are processed in real time as they hit the database; conversely, analytics take historical data and find patterns in it to provide actionable intelligence to business executives. Working on data across a historical window can provide useful information about trends, but it won’t help companies make immediate decisions based on up-to-the-minute conditions.

Because of the nature of these processes, the wall between transaction processing and analytics has proven hard to break. Companies typically use a primary transactional data store to handle operational transactions and a separate data warehouse for analysis and business intelligence.

What if the barrier between these two types of processing could be collapsed? Analytics—using the same data as transactional systems—could provide more current insights and enable a business to react faster to a changing market environment. That’s where hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) steps in: It allows companies to use the same data for real-time analytics as they use for transaction processing—or, at least, an immediately generated copy of that data.

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Via the fine folks at HP Enterprise.

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