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Bluesocket Introduces the First VMware Ready Wireless LAN With Virtualized Control and Management Capabilities


Bluesocket™, a leader in secure, high performing and cost effective wireless LAN technology has extended their vWLAN® wireless technology to include deployments on hypervisor platforms. The first hypervisor platform to be announced will be with VMware™ and is a first in the wireless industry with both the control and management of WLAN networks residing on the industry’s leading hypervisor platform. As a Technology Alliance Partner (TAP), Bluesocket™ will be at VMworld on August 30th, 2010, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where they will be featured in the New Innovators Pavilion. www.bluesocket.com.

With more and more enterprises, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, hotels and public locations moving an increasing amount of their applications to hypervisor platforms like VMware™, Bluesocket™ saw a need for vWLAN® to be deployed on the hypervisor. "The vWLAN® VMware™ solution enables organizations to add their WLAN environment to their virtualization efforts. Any customer who is deploying VMware™ anywhere in the world can now bring their WLAN solution into their virtualization initiatives. This drives incredible cost efficiencies by removing controllers in the architecture and adding WLAN to where VMware™ has already been implemented." Mads Lillelund , CEO of Bluesocket.

This is a first in the industry where a WLAN solution deployed in a hypervisor mode does not require any hardware at the customer premise other than the access point. Most other WLAN solutions have major hardware requirements. Centralized architectures require at least one controller at the customer premise at all times, and hybrid and controller less architectures require hardware depending on the feature or application e.g. high-level guest access requires a ‘box’ to be deployed on the customer premise.

The VMware Ready certification lets customers know that vWLAN® passed specific VMware integration and interoperability criteria and is ready to run their mission critical wireless LAN. Customers reduced risk and lower integration costs by going with a proven solution that is certified through VMware. "When we started developing vWLAN® on VMware, we made the certification a product requirement, even though it required additional development and stress testing, because we wanted our customers to have the confidence to run vWLAN® on VMware," said Patrick Foy, VP of Engineering at Bluesocket.

"Bluesocket’s virtualization of key WLAN components is, we believe, the beginning of an important trend," said Craig Mathias, a Principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group. "Just as virtualization is being used across IT to lower costs, improve flexibility, and manage growth as efficiently as possible, we expect to see a similar set of benefits in mission-critical WLAN deployments as well."

vWLAN® leverages Bluesocket’s WLAN distributed architecture, identity based routing and, bridge forwarding data at the edge of the network. By eliminating the need to send data back to a controller environment, customers are able to eliminate bottlenecks and data can be routed more efficiently at the edge, thus increasing overall throughput and performance. The architecture, also, has unique security capabilities built in giving users the freedom to roam and work where they choose without having to re-authenticate. vWLAN® is becoming the choice solution for companies looking for a secure, high performing, next generation wireless solution that is optimized to fit the future cost and scale requirements of the IT organization.

vWLAN®, The virtualized wireless LAN

  • Reduction in Capital Costs: vWLAN® in hypervisor mode eliminates wireless controller capital costs completely.

  • Vastly Lower Total Cost of Ownership: By consolidating and optimizing infrastructure costs, you increase overall operational capacity. IT management becomes significantly simpler, lowering wireless network management and support labor costs, freeing up IT to work on driving business innovation.

  • Speedy install: At install, vWLAN® in hypervisor mode, is fully empowered from the main office so there is no need to build out a new network, simply plug in the access points. Network engineers can install from the main office and remotely log on to equipment at any remote site in the world, managing and trouble-shooting the network locally. Less IT resources are spent on installation of cabling, powering, physical racking and other hardware related costs.

  • Scalability: The scalability of vWLAN® is already dramatically cheaper than scaling with a controller-based solution but now with the management and control software available on a hypervisor your ability to scale has become infinitely more cost-effective. To scale you just allocate more virtual resources, with no need for a disruptive hardware upgrade. Solutions scales to any size deployment.

  • Flexibility: Virtualization permits a single physical server to run multiple server instances in isolation from each other as virtual machines. On a hypervisor, like VMware™, any automated management tool can allocate any amount of a physical server’s capacity to a virtual machine allowing it to scale up and down as necessary while sharing that server with other virtual machines.

Since early 2010, Bluesocket’s training classes, evaluation customers and beta customers have been running on VMware™. The Bluesocket™ offices are running their wireless on VMware™ utilizing IBM’s System X 3250 servers. The product will be generally available in late September.

If you want to learn more about this solution, go to http://www.bluesocket.com/solutions/virtual_wireless

About Bluesocket:
Bluesocket™ is a leading provider of secure, high performing and cost-effective wireless solutions for healthcare, education, government, hospitality and enterprise. Bluesocket’s award winning vWLAN® 802.11n technology is the first truly distributed wireless architecture, supporting decisions at the edge of the network and managing them with one centralized server. The Bluesocket vWLAN® solution offers optimized security, accelerated performance, dramatic cost savings, infinite scale and unique features like zero failover with zero packet loss. 2600 customers and partners, in more than 47 countries choose Bluesocket for innovative wireless solutions.

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