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Avanite WebData Control: Prevent Unexpected Guests on Citrix


A standard Citrix UPM user browses the web. Unbeknown to the user, when accessing a web page there are several unexpected cookies and unwanted data that is downloaded to the machine, left unmanaged this data causes the user experience to quickly degrade. WebData Control complements Citrix profile solutions and quickly manages this web data for your users.

This video is from the fine folks at Avanite.


The technological world is moving at an ever-increasing rate and administrators are finding it difficult to keep abreast of new technologies. In addition, the world of user experience is changing with home computers being commonplace and users wishing to have the same free experience at work that they do at home. Software is also becoming more user focused with administrators finding it complicated to keep control over the endpoint devices.

At Avanite we try to bridge that gap by producing software which gives the best user experience possible, whilst still allowing administrative control. Our WebCache Manager is the first product which brings control of web data, which has long gone uncontrolled.

We hold true to our beliefs that progress is only accomplished by sharing knowledge and working together. We pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our customers who see us as trusted advisors to them and their business.

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