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Workspot has reinvented Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with its cloud-native VDI 2.0 and Desktop-as-a-Service 2.0 (DaaS 2.0) solutions. Workspot solves the corporate challenge of securely delivering apps, desktops and data to any device and helps organizations achieve unprecedented time-to-value for VDI implementations. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Workspot offers the shortest implementation times in the industry. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company received the Best of VMworld 2016 Gold Award for Desktop and Application Delivery solutions.

VDI for $200k in 9 Months, or DaaS in a Day?

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In previous blogs we’ve discussed many reasons why customers are looking for alternatives to legacy VDI solutions, those we refer to as VDI 1.0. It comes down to two primary reasons why those outdated solutions don’t work for most organizations: Cost and complexity. As I was thinking about the impact this has had on so […]

What’s Your DaaS IQ? Take the Quiz!

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What if you could have virtual apps and desktops up and running tomorrow? With zero CapEx? What if you could count on a predictable, flat-rate subscription fee for cloud services – no surprises? And what if you had the flexibility to have some apps and desktops in the cloud and some on-premises, all easily managed […]

4 Reasons Amazon Workspaces Doesn’t Get a Standing Ovation for DaaS

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At Workspot, we applaud Amazon Workspaces; after all, how can you not be impressed with the momentum they’ve created around delivering virtual desktops from the cloud? We just can’t give them a standing ovation because the service isn’t enterprise-ready; here’s why. Workspot was founded by VDI industry veterans who set out to build the right solution for […]

Cunninghams Real Estate Fuels Growth with Win10, VDI 2.0 & Nutanix

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What do you get when Workspot VDI 2.0, Nutanix hyperconverged infrastucture (HCI) and Go Systems combine forces? You get Windows 10 virtual desktops, deployed in a few days, on the hottest datacenter infrastructure available, all packaged and fully managed for a flat monthly subscription fee. And most importantly, our joint customer, Cunninghams Real Estate, is […]

DaaS 2.0 is an Uber, VDI is a Taxi

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We’ve used the analogy of Uber to describe the simplicity of Workspot solutions in a previous blog, but here’s another take on the analogy from a market perspective. Way back in June 2014 Aswath Damodaran, an NYU professor, wrote an article questioning the $17B valuation Uber had just received. Subsequently, in November of 2015, he wrote […]

Is Healthcare Ready for the Public Cloud?

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It’s a common refrain for IT teams: “Do more with less”. Few industries feel the acute consequences of constrained resources more deeply than the healthcare industry; after all, lives can be at stake. Healthcare organizations have long been using published apps, if not complete virtual desktops, for years. However, today they face a dual challenge: […]

Workspot VDI 2.0 Customer Wins Accelerate on Microsoft Azure

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Organizations Attending Microsoft Ignite Sep. 25-29 Can Experience How Easy it is to Spin-Up Windows 10 Virtual Desktops at Workspot Booth 1557 Workspot, the leader in next-generation virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), today announced that customer adoption of Workspot VDI 2.0 solutions on Microsoft Azure is accelerating. Enterprise-ready Workspot Cloud Desktops, Cloud Apps and Cloud Workstations […]

VDI That Makes You Go WOW! Join Workspot at Microsoft Ignite!

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Are you heading to Orlando for Microsoft Ignite? I sure hope so, because I’d love to see you at the Workspot booth – it’s #1557. If you think VDI isn’t WOW-worthy, I get it, trust me; we’ve all been struggling with the first-generation solutions for a long time, but that’s the past (at least it […]

Autodesk Revit running on Workspot / Azure Windows 10 GPU Workstations

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Autodesk Revit running on Workspot/Azure Windows 10 GPU Workstations via the fine folks at Workspot.

Autodesk AutoCAD running on Workspot / Azure Windows 10 GPU Workstations – Video

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Autodesk AutoCAD running on Workspot/Azure Windows 10 GPU Workstations via the fine folks at Workspot.

The Great VDI Disruption: Amazon WorkSpaces Started It!

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What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)? Lots of organizations have yet to take the plunge into the world of virtual desktops and apps, so if you’re new to VDI, here’s a recap. If you’ve already taken the plunge you can probably relate to the next paragraph, and you might even be searching for alternatives. Here’s […]

Why VDI Workloads Will Drive Public Cloud Consumption

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What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)? 95% of enterprise desktops are Windows-based. Most business users use a Windows desktop to access their applications and data. For an increasing number of use cases – security, mobility, and agility – these Windows desktops are being virtualized and run centrally. End users access them using any device they […]

What do Law Firms Need to Know About Modern VDI 2.0?

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Yesterday the International Legal Technology Association kicked off it’s annual conference, ILTACON, in Las Vegas, and Workspot is in the house! Be sure to visit us at booth #819 if you’re in town. We spend a significant amount of time talking to IT people in law firms because as it turns out, we have what they […]

Workspot and Chaitons LLP IT Team are Heroes with VDI 2.0 Deployment

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Chaitons’ legacy VDI solution was unreliable, requiring numerous, disruptive server reboots. With one-third of staff members working remotely, BYOD compatibility and security issues also strained IT resources. Built from scratch for the cloud, Workspot VDI 2.0 completely transforms how IT delivers desktops and applications to any device. With Workspot’s fast deployment on Scale Computing’s hyperconverged […]

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