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StorPool is a software-defined storage solution that allows public/private cloud builders to run converged data storage, alongside applications, on standard x86 servers. Founded in 2011, and based on the belief that storing data should be simpler, cheaper and more efficient, StorPool’s intelligent storage software boosts performance and removes I/O bottlenecks. It has advanced fully-distributed architecture and delivers extraordinary performance, exceptional efficiency, scalability and simplicity. It can reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) several times.

StorPool Releases Enhanced distributed storage software – includes CloudStack, OpenStack and Docker Intrgration

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StorPool launches enhanced distributed storage software offering: performance improved by up to 30%, capacity expanded to 1PB, and interoperability increased to include CloudStack alongside OpenStack and Docker StorPool, the intelligent software-defined storage specialist, has launched the latest version of its StorPool software. Bringing block storage technology to both public and private clouds, the new features […]

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