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Greg Schulz is Founder and Sr. Consulting Analyst of independent IT advisory consultancy firm Server StorageIO and UnlimitedIO LLC (e.g. StorageIO®). He has worked in IT for an electrical utility, financial services, and transportation firms in roles ranging from business applications development to systems management, architecture, strategy, performance, and capacity planning. Mr. Schulz is the author of the new book “Software-Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials” (CRC Press). Greg is also the author of the Intel Recommended Reading List books “Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking” and “The Green and Virtual Data Center” via CRC Press and “Resilient Storage Networks” (Elsevier). Greg has a new book due out spring 2017 “Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials” (CRC) and is also a Microsoft MVP as well as VMware vSAN vExpert.

Cloud and Object storage are in your future, what are some questions?

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Cloud and Object storage are in your future, what are some questions? IMHO there is no doubt that cloud and object storage are in your future, what are some questions? Granted, what type of cloud and object storage or service along with for work or entertainment are some questions. Likewise, what are your cloud and […]

Overview Review of Microsoft ReFS (Reliable File System) and Resource Links

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This is an overview review of Microsoft ReFS (Resilient File System) along with some resource links. ReFS is part of some Windows operating system platforms including Server 2016. Some context here is that review can mean an in-depth deep dive product or technology review, while another meaning is to simply to refresh what you may […]

Gaining Server Storage I/O Insight into Microsoft Windows Server 2016

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In case you had not heard, Microsoft announced the general availability (GA, also known as Release To Manufacturing (RTM) ) of the newest version of its Windows server operating system aka Windows Server 2016 along with System Center 2016. Note that as well as being released to traditional manufacturing distribution mediums as well as MSDN, […]

Data Infrastructure Primer and Overview (Its Whats Inside The Data Center)

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Data Infrastructure Primer and Overview Data Infrastructures exists to support business, cloud and information technology (IT) among other applications that transform data into information or services. The fundamental role of data infrastructures is to provide a platform environment for applications and data that is resilient, flexible, scalable, agile, efficient as well as cost-effective. Put another […]

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