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SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) provides powerful and affordable IT management software to customers worldwide from Fortune 500® enterprises to small businesses. In all of our market areas, our approach is consistent. We focus exclusively on IT Pros and strive to eliminate the complexity that they have been forced to accept from traditional enterprise software vendors. SolarWinds delivers on this commitment with unexpected simplicity through products that are easy to find, buy, use and maintain while providing the power to address any IT management problem on any scale. Our solutions are rooted in our deep connection to our user base, which interacts in our thwack® online community to solve problems, share technology and best practices, and directly participate in our product development process.

Orion Architecture

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This blog recaps in relatively simple terms and diagrams, the basics of Orion’s architecture.   It is obviously not exhaustive in terms of the products and the deployment combinations, but it will hopefully give you the basic rules so you can easily derive and adapt them to your particular Orion deployment.   This blog is […]

Customer Training Program – Changing and Growing in 2015!

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For just over a year now, the SolarWinds customer training program has been offering classes on the Orion Core platform and NPM. During that time, we’ve delivered over 150 classes to nearly 2500 students. And now, it’s time to grow!   New courses coming soon: We have a number of new courses in development, including […]

Storage Performance Monitoring Made Easy

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Managing storage is a constant dance of making sure resources are available for the applications that need them, and making sure resources are constantly in use, because having wasted resources in addition to no resources can be problem. SolarWinds® Storage Resource Monitor helps make this dance a little less complicated. Over the next few posts […]

The New-and-Improved Report Writer- now with Electrolytes!

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For those of you that have installed the RC of NPM 10.6, you may have noticed some changes to the reports menu. And by changes, we mean the newfound ability to create awesome new reports from the web console. The report writer you have come to know and love is still available, and functions exactly […]


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I am excited to announce that Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 6.3 Beta 2 is now available . The team at Solarwinds has been hard at work at producing the next release of SAM with some great new features that continue from the SAM 6.3 Beta 1.  The Beta is open to SAM customers currently […]

Web Help Desk 12.3 Release Candidate now available!

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It is my pleasure to announce that Web Help Desk 12.3 has reached RC status and is available for download from the SolarWinds Customer Portal for customers on Active Maintenance through June 1st, 2015.   This release includes support for Parent/Child ticketing, allowing you to link multiple tickets to a one parent ticket. Using this […]

Exercise More Control over Your Network using NCM Compliance Reporting

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NCM Compliance reporting isn’t just for security auditors!  Use it to ensure network devices are compliant with your operational standards and controls. As a busy network engineer, are you always looking for cool skill hacks to help you work smarter? Well if so, here is new one for you—compliance reporting.  That’s right, NCM compliance reporting.  […]

Customer Portal Individual User Profiles

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UPDATE: This content is outdated and has been updated here.   In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out a big change to the SolarWinds Customer Portal, adding individual user profiles to be used for login and account management moving forward. For purposes of logging in, changing/resetting passwords, managing account information, and more, […]

How Does Orion Mark a Node as Down?

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This is a very common question we get.  What’s going on behind the scenes when a node goes into warning status, or when it’s actually down?  Well, it all starts with a simple ping.  Orion pings its nodes at regular intervals to determine the status of those nodes.  When Orion gets a response, everything is […]

SRM 6.3 Beta 1 Is Coming!

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We have been working hard to bring another bulk of enhancements to the Storage Resource Monitor (SRM). We are close to releasing SRM 6.3 Beta 1 that contains the following improvements: Support for Pure Storage arrays Support for EMC XtremIO arrays   To get access to the beta, you need to be a customer on […]


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Orion Network Atlas, is a great utility for creating custom network diagrams. The tool is considered “Semi-Automated” Network Mapping Software. It uses the discovered network data in Orion and allows users to design physical and logical topology diagrams by dragging and dropping of nodes in to the design canvas. It automatically builds connections between nodes, […]

How to automate the creation of Orion Platform (aka Core) nodes from the API

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As our customers deploy more SolarWinds products, we see an increasing number of demand for a programmatic way to export and/or import nodes (as well as interfaces, volumes…) from/to an Orion instance.   The combinations of products involved in these scenarios cover, but are not limited to combinations such as:   Export nodes from NCM […]

Better application traffic visibility – NTA 4.2 Beta using NBAR2

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Understanding network bandwidth content is one of the essentials for each IT admin who needs to ensure the business traffic has always the priority over someones private Youtube streaming during a lunch break. SolarWinds Network Traffic Analyzer has been used many years for its ability to finger point at IP address which was behind suspicious […]

SolarWinds: Application Centric Virtualization Management Podcast – Episode 225

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In episode 225, Douglas Brown interviews Michael Thompson, Product Marketing Director for Systems Management solutions at SolarWinds. Mike and Douglas discuss SolarWinds’ modern point-of-view to effective systems management. Mike dives into a newer, more holistic approach that can benefit IT organizations by reducing VM downtime and troubleshooting. About Virtualization Manager Comprehensive Virtualization Management for VMware […]

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