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SoftNAS, LLC is a leading storage software company that provides Simply Powerful agile storage software that protects mission-critical and business-critical data in the cloud. SoftNAS believes that storage can be both powerful and frictionless, providing customers with the enterprise-grade NAS storage capabilities required to safely and reliably operate mission-critical IT systems and applications in the cloud. SoftNAS supports the most popular cloud computing platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware.

Make a Move to Azure with SoftNAS

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Learn about the top challenges before moving to the Azure public cloud and how SoftNAS provides solutions. This video is via the fine folks at SoftNAS.

Using AWS Disaster Recovery to Close Your DR Datacenter

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Maintaining physical Disaster Recovery (DR) datacenters grows more cost-prohibitive each year. By moving your DR data center to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, you enable faster disaster recovery and greater resiliency without the cost of a second physical datacenter. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use AWS to manage disaster recovery in the […]

Demo Video: Cloud File Sharing with SoftNAS Cloud NAS + Talon FAST

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See how using a cloud file server works with SoftNAS Cloud NAS and Talon FAST. Learn more at https://www.softnas.com and https://www.talonstorage.com

SoftNAS Introduces New Cloud Editions

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Today SoftNAS introduced new SoftNAS Cloud NAS products. The company claims that the new offerings will see improvements in read and write performance up to 400%. The new products include the Developer Edition, General Purpose Edition, High Performance Edition, and the Extreme Performance Edition. SoftNAS provides software-defined NAS and file systems for object storage solutions. […]

SoftNAS SD-Storage Improves Cloud Object Storage Speed

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Software-defined storage company SoftNAS released a new version of its SD-storage product that it says provides up to 400 percent faster cloud object storage performance. SoftNAS Cloud NAS supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMware vSphere. It allows enterprises to replace hardware-based storage and on-premises network attached storage (NAS), storage area networks (SANs), […]

SoftNAS Breaks Through Cloud Storage Price/Performance Barriers By Delivering Enterprise Grade Block Storage Performance at Object Storage Prices

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With Up to 400% Read/Write Speed Improvements, SoftNAS Cloud NAS Provides Customers Best Price/ Performance For Moving Business Data to the Cloud SoftNAS®, the #1 best-selling software-defined cloud NAS, today announced the newest release of SoftNAS Cloud® NAS with up to 400 percent faster cloud object storage performance. Now customers can replace expensive, aging hardware-based storage and […]

Consolidating File Servers into the Cloud

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Maybe your business has outgrown its file server and you’re thinking of replacing it. Or perhaps your server is dated and not supporting your business like it should, so you’re considering moving to the cloud. It might be that you’re starting a new business and wondering if an in-house server is adequate or if you […]

12 Architectural Requirements for Protecting Business Data in the Cloud – On-Demand Webinar

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Designing a cloud data system architecture that protects your precious data when operating business-critical applications and workloads in the cloud is of paramount importance to cloud architects today. Ensuring the high-availability for your company’s applications and protecting business data is challenging and somewhat different than in traditional on-premise data centers. For most companies with hundreds […]

Demo Video – SoftNAS Cloud NAS for Amazon Web Services

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SoftNAS Cloud® NAS is easy to try and use with its intuitive web-based GUI that is designed for IT generalists. Watch a ten minute demo video to experience the features and simplicity of SoftNAS Cloud NAS for Amazon Web Services. Learn more at https://ter.li/awsdemo

Demo Video – SoftNAS Cloud NAS for Microsoft Azure

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SoftNAS Cloud® NAS is easy to try and use with its intuitive web-based GUI that is designed for IT generalists. Watch this ten minute demo video to experience the features and simplicity of SoftNAS Cloud NAS for Microsoft Azure. Learn more at https://ter.li/azuredemo

Texas Business Radio – Interview with SoftNAS CEO, Rick Braddy

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In this interview on Texas Business Radio, SoftNAS CEO Rick Braddy discusses why cloud storage adoption is increasing. Learn more at https://www.softnas.com

How to Provide File Services for Object Storage in the Cloud – On-Demand Webinar

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Object storage provides a lower-cost, more durable and scalable alternative to block storage in the cloud. But most cloud platforms lack the key features needed to support existing enterprise applications. So how do you gain the benefits of file services for object storage in the cloud? In this webinar, we covered: Use Cases for object […]

No App Left Behind: Migrate Existing Applications to AWS without Re-engineering

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Migrating existing applications to the cloud can take weeks, if not months to complete. By moving your existing applications to AWS, you can take immediate advantage of: security, reliability, instant scalability and elasticity, isolated processes, reduced operational effort, on-demand provisioning and automation. But how do you migrate your existing applications to AWS without re-architecting? In […]

SoftNAS, Talon Think Global, Act Local in Cloud Storage

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SoftNAS, which makes a software-defined cloud network attached storage system for midrange-size companies, has solved a problem for many smaller IT shops: Those who are used to a data center NAS or a SAN (storage area network) and are coming to cloud environments and finding that those conventional functions are nowhere to be found. To […]

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