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ScaleArc enables consumer-grade apps for today’s digital business – apps that are never down, always fast, and scale anywhere. ScaleArc’s database load balancing software helps organizations of all sizes eliminate application downtime from database outages or maintenance, improve application performance, and scale database capacity – all without writing a single line of code. ScaleArc augments SQL Server, deploying transparently between applications or websites and SQL Server databases. The more sophisticated the SQL Server deployment, the more value you can unlock from the ScaleArc software. Our software works with AlwaysOn to make database failovers transparent to the application. You can also mark servers offline and ScaleArc software will route around them, enabling zero downtime patching. Our connection management and caching improves application performance, and we simplify cloud adoption by managing query load to distributed database servers.

ScaleArc on Google – Hitting the Cloud Trifecta

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AWS, Azure, and now Google! ScaleArc now supports all three of the leading cloud platforms. We’re super excited that ScaleArc’s software for enabling continuous availability and simplifying the move to the cloud now supports Google Cloud Platform. We’ve also helped a customer already take advantage of our software on GCP – double win! By supporting GCP, […]

Acceleration Adoption of Azure SQL Database

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The ScaleArc partnership with Microsoft just got even cozier, as today we announced we’ve integrated our software with Azure SQL Database. ScaleArc’s long enjoyed a tight partnership with Microsoft, as we help SQL Server – in the cloud and on prem – provide apps with better uptime and performance. Extending those benefits to Microsoft’s DBaaS […]

More ScaleArc Magic – Speeding up Apps with Wrapped Transactions

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A lot of applications are coded in a way that inhibits performance when you pair them with modern, scaled out databases. What’s the problem? It’s called wrapped transactions. And ScaleArc just solved this problem for apps on SQL Server. The term “wrapped transactions” means every database query looks like a write. What apps use wrapped […]

Enabling IoT Scale with No Code Changes

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ScaleArc customer Sixgill faces a tough data challenge – how do you scale your infrastructure to handle millions of new inputs, driven by location-based marketing at global events like the Rugby World Cup, without having to build and code for major fluctuations in infrastructure? Sixgill’s answer is to pair ScaleArc with AWS. That combination gives […]

Betting on Black Friday Bedlam

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Every year, multiple retailers duke it out for worst outage of the online holiday shopping season. This year, as ScaleArc has already started working with clients on prepping for the Black Friday traffic onslaught, we thought it’d be fun to get ahead of the game, asking folks now about failures they anticipate next November. To […]

A Power Outage? BA Has a Lot of Explaining to Do

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The massive flight cancellations and delays at British Airways, and resulting haircut on the stock price of its parent company, highlight people’s intolerance for digital disruption these days. The airline has cited a power surge following an outage as the culprit, saying the event took out a large data center. The big question is why […]

Another Day, Another Award for ScaleArc!

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We did it again! The ScaleArc software has repeatedly earned kudos in the industry, from our customers, from Gartner, and from industry press. Today we announced our software won a Gold Stevie® Award– the top winner of New Product of the Year in Software for Cloud Infrastructure. Nicknamed the Stevies for the Greek word meaning “crowned,” […]

Enabling Zero Downtime for Apps – Overview and Case Studies

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ScaleArc’s CEO, Justin Barney, talks about who is ScaleArc, the value proposition of the software, and use cases with customer examples. Learn more at: http://www.scalearc.com This video is via ScaleArc

ScaleArc Virtual Meet Up Get Expert Advice on Black Friday Prep Apr2017

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Sazze CTO Craig Thayer spends most of every year prepping for “Game Day” – Black Friday. The eCommerce sites he manages see a 15x to 20x spike at Black Friday. Over the years, Craig and his team have honed their playbook for handling the build up to and on Black Friday. This video is via […]

ScaleArc Overview: Enabling Consumer-Grade Apps

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This video gives you an overview of ScaleArc and how it enables consumer grade applications. Learn more at: http://www.scalearc.com This video is via ScaleArc

ScaleArc Helps Dell Achieve Zero Downtime on Dell.com

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In preparation for Black Friday 2013, the operations team supporting Dell.com sought a solution that could handle the onslaught of consumer web traffic while maintaining high availability and performance. In particular, the team was eager to increase the uptime, scalability, and throughput of the SQL Server deployment supporting the website. Ujjwal Rajbhandari, IT Director, Infrastructure […]

Top 7 Challenges Migrating to the Cloud White Paper

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Moving mission-critical workloads to the cloud delivers a range of compelling business benefits, including increased agility, pay-as-you-go cost structures, and the ability to leverage the provider’s system administration experts to keep your systems up, running, and patched. But migrating to the cloud is not without its challenges. Focus on solving these known challenges to make […]

The Chief Data Officer – The Next Great IT Role or a Sign of Failure?

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I’m just back from Gartner’s Data and Analytics conference this week, and Gartner analysts spent the week making a passionate case for the critical role of the Chief Data Officer or CDO. This opinion stands in stark contrast to observations from a CIO conference I attended, where speakers argued that a CDO was a sign […]

Download ScaleArc Database Performance and Load Balancing Sofware

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ScaleArc offer’s a free, easy, fully featured and supported 30-day trial of the ScaleArc software (formerly iDB). ScaleArc is incredibly easy to implement, with most customers able to get their first cluster up and running in less than 15 minutes from install. Available as an easy to use VM Image, an Amazon AMI, or an […]

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