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Steve Kaplan (@ROIdude on Twitter) is Vice President of Client Strategy for Nutanix. Kaplan formerly co-founded, ran and sold two IT professional services businesses. Along with writing hundreds of articles and white papers, he has co-authored 7 books on Citrix technologies (all Official Citrix Guides) and 3 books on VMware technologies. Kaplan frequently presents on virtualization and cloud at venues across the globe. He helped pioneer the ROI methodologies used in the virtualization and has held positions on the advisory boards of several industry manufactures including Microsoft and EMC. Kaplan was both a Microsoft MVP (4 years) and VMware vExpert (7 years). Kaplan has an MBA from Northwestern and a BS in Business Administration from UC Berkeley.

Brian Suhr, VCDX #118, is the 16th VCDX to join Nutanix

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Brian Suhr VCDX #118 (@bsuhr) joined Nutanix as a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer. Brian has worked for 20 years in the industry and runs the blog sites, Data Center Zombie and VirtualizeTIPs. Prior to joining Nutanix, he was a Senior Solutions Architect/Technologist at the Office of the CTO at AHEAD. “After spending 4 ½ years […]

Successful ROI/TCO modeling of hyperconverged infrastructure

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[Author Note: This article is targeted toward channel partners, but is also applicable to anyone wishing to champion Nutanix / Dell XC hyperconvergence within their organizations.] With 32 different manufacturers now offering hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions, customers are increasingly asking channel partners to help them choose between HCI vs. conventional 3-tier infrastructure (centralized storage + […]

Zi Seng Yeo (@VCDX180) Joins Nutanix

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Zi Seng Yeo (“Jason”. @jasonyzs88) is the 14th VCDX to join Nutanix. Jason is part of the Global Services Organization in Singapore. Prior to starting at Nutanix, Jason spent the last 5 years at VMware where he served as a delivery consultant and, more recently, as an End User Computing Specialist in the VMware APJ […]

Hyperconvergence players

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[Updated 12/28/2015] While, according to IDC (via SiliconANGLE), “Nutanix generated 52 percent of all global hyperconverged revenue during the first half of 2014”, many other legacy datacenter players and startups have introduced hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offerings. The following is a list of all the known (to me) hyperconvergence players: Like this: Like Loading… Related Read […]

Andrew Nelson (VCDX #33) joins Nutanix

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Andrew Nelson (@vmnelson) is the 13th VCDX to join Nutanix. Andrew previously was a Staff Systems Engineer II at the Office of the CTO at VMware. During his years at VMware, Andrew developed a reputation as being one of the foremost experts at virtualizing challenging workloads such as high-performance computing (HPC). “I’ve never accepted the […]

The 10 ways in which Nutanix is Uberizing the datacenter

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Millennials today probably chuckle at how taxi drivers once drove around randomly and aimlessly looking for fares while would-be passengers stood on street corners trying to hail a cab. With the exception of two-way radio and computer-assisted dispatching innovations, the taxi business was stagnant for 100 years. Uber applied new technologies to vastly improve the […]

Alexander Thoma – @VCDX026 (“The Iron Panelist”) Joins Nutanix

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Alexander Thoma is the 12th VCDX to join Nutanix. Alexander was known as the “iron panelist” during his nine years at VMware because he sat through so many VCDX design panels. He oversaw half of all the world’s VCDXs’ design reviews. Thoma said that not only is pursuing an NPX certification high on his priority […]

Hypervisor myopia limits the promise of a software-defined datacenter

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  I hear again and again from customers that they’d like to move to the cloud. Although the economics might not justify migration today, they want to eventually be free of the challenges in acquiring, provisioning and managing infrastructure. Public cloud offers potential benefits, but reducing infrastructure complexity should not be counted among them. Hyper-converged […]

Some Nutanix Updates and .NEXT

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The most recent PiperJaffray survey (Q1 2015) named Nutanix the #1 converged infrastructure vendor for the second quarter in a row. And 41% of Nutanix partners were above plan as compared to 36% last quarter. Nutanix is now also now tied with Nimble for the Next-Gen vendor with whom partners are having the most success […]

The 10 reasons why Moore’s Law is accelerating hyper-convergence

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SAN manufacturers are in trouble. IDC says that array vendor market share is flat despite continued massive growth in storage. Hyper-convergence (HC) contributes to SAN manufacturer woes. The March 23, 2015 PiperJaffray research report states, “We believe EMC is losing share in the converged infrastructure market to vendors such as Nutanix.” One of the most […]

10 Reasons why Nutanix leads the hyper-converged industry

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When I started this blog site last October, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) was still a fringe technology. Just five months later and HCI has entered the mainstream. Rather than fielding questions about hyper-convergence, the inquiries I get today are much more often about what sets Nutanix apart from the rapidly growing pack of HCI players? Nutanix isn’t […]

NPX certification reflects Nutanix’s status as the Switzerland of the Datacenter

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  Nutanix announced today the availability of Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) certification. This certification program is the most rigorous in the industry, requiring extensive architectural capabilities validated through written exams, an extensive web-scale solution design, hands-on lab and design exercises, and a live peer review. And, an NPX needs to be an expert in not […]

EMC, Pure and NetApp weigh in on Hyper-converged infrastructure

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Nearly every leading legacy and startup datacenter hardware player has, or has announced, a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution. But how do they really see HCI? Yesterday provides some clues: An article from The Register discusses declining array sales; a blog post from EMC President of Global Systems Engineering, Chad Sakac, covers the new VCE HCI […]

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