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Steve Kaplan (@ROIdude on Twitter) is Vice President of Client Strategy for Nutanix. Kaplan formerly co-founded, ran and sold two IT professional services businesses. Along with writing hundreds of articles and white papers, he has co-authored 7 books on Citrix technologies (all Official Citrix Guides) and 3 books on VMware technologies. Kaplan frequently presents on virtualization and cloud at venues across the globe. He helped pioneer the ROI methodologies used in the virtualization and has held positions on the advisory boards of several industry manufactures including Microsoft and EMC. Kaplan was both a Microsoft MVP (4 years) and VMware vExpert (7 years). Kaplan has an MBA from Northwestern and a BS in Business Administration from UC Berkeley.

Thomas Brown, VCDX #187, is the 21st VCDX to join Nutanix

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Thomas Brown recently joined Nutanix as a Senior Systems Engineer working out of Nutanix’s brand new Durham offices in the Raleigh/Durham area. In his (relatively) short IT career, Thomas has worked on the customer side, partner side and manufacturer side of the business. “I got into the IT business through internships,” Thomas explained. “When working […]

Pure Storage vs. Nutanix Enterise Cloud

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A lot of back and forth tweets have taken place between a few Nutanix folks (including yours truly) and @deepStorageNet which I regret. The first bullets were fired via a DeepStorage Technology report (commissioned by Pure Storage), Exploring the True Cost of Converged vs. Hyperconverged Infrastructure: FlashStack delivers all flash performance at a cost below […]

Nick Bowie, VCDX #202, is the 20th VCDX to join Nutanix

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Nick Bowie recently joined Nutanix as a Senior Solutions Architect with the Solutions Performance & Engineering Team for Business Critical Applications. Nick helps Engineering and Product Management develop platforms suited to business-critical apps and validate the apps on top of the platform. Nick is focusing on SQL databases, such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Postgres. […]

The App is the Stack!

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I wrote my first (and admittedly very amateurish) rap song. Here is the chronology of the inspiration behind it: 05/02/2017:  Nutanix announced that it’s software now runs on HPE 05/05/2017:  HPE VP Marketing, Paul Miller, wrote a post on HPE Community Home titled, Don’t be Misled…HPE and Nutanix are not Partners 05/12/2017:  I wrote what I […]

The only thing converged in “converged infrastructure” is the purchase order

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I was at a CIO roundtable in Portland a couple of weeks ago and during the introductions, one of the CIOs said, “We’ve been using hyperconverged for the past five years on a Vblock.” My tongue still hurts from biting it. Could anything possibly be more unlike software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) than a Vblock?  As […]

Tim Crawford on Digital Transformation

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I recently had the opportunity to talk with Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor AVOA. Tim is one of my panelists for the session, Buy Less Nutanix. Run More Apps at Nutanix.NEXT in Washington D.C. later this month. I’ve known Tim for over 25 years and have watched his industry influence and recognition steadily climb as […]

Hugging customers, not the stack

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The blog post, Don’t be misled…HPE and Nutanix are not partners, warns HPE customers, “Landing Nutanix software on HPE® hardware without any type of OEM or support agreement is going to cause real issues in the real world.” I guess the author was miffed that Nutanix® announced that its software would be independently certified on […]

Buy less Nutanix!

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“So you’re telling me I should buy less Nutanix?” A CIO said this to me in Tokyo after I showed him our financial modeling methodology. Our sales rep was sitting next to me, so I felt a little uncomfortable, but I responded, “Yes. From a financial modeling perspective, why would you buy more Nutanix than […]

Hyperconverge Your IT Staff

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At large IT organizations, traditional infrastructure departments tend to look more or less the same. They’re broken into segments of specialties such as network, storage, servers, virtualization, and service automation. As infrastructure teams are built up, companies tend to hire experts that can tackle one specific segment of the department. For instance, in the network […]

Steve Wenban, VCDX #123, is the 19th VCDX to join Nutanix

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Steve Wenban joined Nutanix as a Senior Systems Engineer aligned with the Western European Systems Engineering team. Steve helps with presales, customer adoption and in spreading the Enterprise Cloud Platform vision. His specialties include migration, architecture refresh, cloud adoption and disaster recovery solutions. He previously spent 6 years with a leading UK professional services organization. […]

11 Reasons why Nutanix is the Best All-Flash Platform

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All Flash Arrays: Dead Men Walking All Flash Array (AFA) manufacturers may be rejoicing in the inevitable demise of spinning disk, but hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is increasingly upending the entire storage category. While an AFA may be faster and easier to manage than a traditional array, it’s still a SAN. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is not […]

Pure CEO disses Nutanix. OK, let’s compare numbers!

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In a Barron’s blog last week, all flash storage manufacturer Pure Storage’s CEO, Scott Dietzen, made a couple of comments dismissing Nutanix as primarily a VDI & ROBO player that Pure barely encounters. While Nutanix and Pure Storage both were founded in 2009, and both had quarter ends October 31st, each companies solutions and the […]

Steve Kaplan’s Panel at Nutanix .NEXT Vienna: Making Your Case with ROI

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I am thrilled to be moderating the panel, Making Your Case with ROI, at Nutanix .NEXT at the Vienna Hilton on November 11. The panel includes five IT industry leaders who have utilized Nutanix’s enterprise cloud platform to help transform their businesses: Joep Piscaer, CTO, OGD ict-diensten Oren Nadja, CTO, Groupe Chantelle Guillaume Belhumeur, Global […]

Reducing Oracle Licensing Cost on Nutanix

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Decrypting Oracle software licensing has long been the bane of IT shops. VCE President, Chad Sakac, recently devoted a blog post on the challenges of Oracle licensing aptly titled, Oracle, I’m sad about you, disappointed in you, and frustrated with you. There are some definite steps, however, that Nutanix customers (including Dell XC and Lenovo […]

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