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Rob Beekmans is a 26 year IT vetaran that worked in many fields in IT before he joined PQR 7 year ago. Rob is a senior consultant with a strong focus on Application and desktop delivery, User Environment Management, Mobility and monitoring. Rob is a VMware vExpert and is a member of the VMware EUC-Champions group. Rob shares his vision and insights on his personal blog, on webinars or on stage.

VMware Horizon Air Hybrid mode is coming where does that leave Citrix?

VMware is coming with their version of the cloud based management solution one Citrix is already running on Azure or AWS. What will VMware bring to market and how will it effect what Citrix is offering right now?  I was thinking about this for the last days, perhaps because I’m due for a conference call […]

VMware vSphere virtual machine NIC issues – multiple addresses

There seems to be an issues with VMware vSphere where at a certain point virtual machines show multiple addresses even though they shouldn’t. In this article I’ll show you what is happening, how you can fix it with a workaround and provide you with the most viable solution at hand.   The issue The issue […]

Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress

Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress It’s time to move on, on to my own space… where years ago I came from. I’ve been on blogger for some time and even though Blogger is fine platform I still like the idea of controlling everything myself like I used to. So it’s all setup and ready to go, I’m […]

Citrix HDX Realtime Optimization Pack 2.0

Citrix HDX Realtime Optimization Pack 2.0 At Citrix summit a new version of the Citrix HDX Optimization pack was announced, I heard the news and looked at one of the slide and moved on.. more to life than a 2.0 of something we hardly used. Well today I decided to read up on the pack and […]

PQR and Unidesk sign a partner agreement

PQR and Unidesk sign a partner agreement I have been an advocate for Unidesk for a couple of years, I always thought they had a good vision on how we should manage our images. Layering however was not on peoples mind in those days, certainly not in our region. Times are a changin’ is a well […]

ControlUp Version 5.0 Review

ControlUp version 5.0 ControlUp released a new version in January, version 5.0. ControlUp is a company that has been growing their product over the years from a nice tool to a complete solution for monitoring and management. It’s hard to compare them to other monitoring solutions as ControlUp with others as they offers management together […]

eG Innovations – Citrix improvements

eG Innovations – Citrix improvements Boy have I been overdue with this blog, I’m sure it is over a month that I gotten the information about an upcoming change with eG Enterprise. At first I couldn’t share the information, NDA and so on, but after that ship sailed I kind got busy with other things… […]

VMware User Environment Manager 9 – PCoIP policies

VMware User Environment Manager 9 – PCoIP policies Yesterday and today VMware announced Horizon 7, Horizon 7 includes User Environment Manager 9 (UEM9). with UEM 9 comes the ability to manager PCoIP policies, which is awesome for you can manage the with the user context in mind. Below is the screenshot of that feature. My co-worker @svenH called […]

VMware User Environment Management 9

VMware User Environment Management 9 Feb. 9 – VMware has announcement the newest release of VMware UEM, version 9 was announced today. I was able to get a view of the release of the new version, several new features were added. In this blog I will describe the new features. Five major features VMware has added five […]

VMware Workspace ONE explained

VMware Workspace ONE Today VMware is releasing a major update of their datacenter and end user computing portfolio. I’ve been honoured to be given an insight just before the launch so I can share what is announced already. In this article I will go into the announcement around Workspace ONE. YES a rebrand, we got to learn a new […]

VMware Horizon 7 – announcements

VMware Horizon 7 – announcements – part1 VMware announced Horizon 7 today, it will be released Q1. In this article I walk you through the major changes from the last version.  This is part 1, part 2 has more announcements Let me start by making a list of topics; That’s a vast list, let’s walk through […]

VMware Horizon 7 – Announcement – Part II

VMware Horizon 7 – announcement – part II In the first part of the article I wrote about cloud pod architecture, SSO and access point. In this article I briefly want to address the other announcements. AMD Multiuser support with vDGA First one to talk about is the enhanced with AMD hardware for VMware Horizon […]

VMware Horizon View 7 – Blast Extreme

VMware Horizon View 7 – Blast Extreme One of the biggest announcement of VMware, next to Instant clones, for me personal is Blast Extreme. When they first announced Blast it was a nice feature but nothing great, features were lacking and usability therefore was limited. Rumours where going around that VMware was going to give Blast a […]

VMware Horizon 7 Instant clones

VMware Horizon 7 Instant clones I was having a discussion in the office about whether cloud based deployment are starting to be de-facto or if we still see many old school deployments. Later on I was pointed at Shawn’s blog where he mentioned flying cars. I  had to think back to that blog while starting this […]

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