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Rob Beekmans is a 26 year IT vetaran that worked in many fields in IT before he joined PQR 7 year ago. Rob is a senior consultant with a strong focus on Application and desktop delivery, User Environment Management, Mobility and monitoring. Rob is a VMware vExpert and is a member of the VMware EUC-Champions group. Rob shares his vision and insights on his personal blog, on webinars or on stage.

VMware protocols, Blast vs HTML access vs PCoIP, real life scenario

VMware has a number of protocols available with VMware Horizon product. PCoIP and Blast being the ones we use with customers. Blast of course is the protocol they’ve been pushing more and more. For a browser only scenario HTML access is available. Although blast and HTML have similarities there are differences. Blast for instance has the […]

Citrix NetScaler 12 supports VMware Horizon PCoIP

On April 27th Citrix released the latest version of their NetScaler product, Release 12 Build 41.16. This release enables proxying PCoIP which is the primary protocol used with VMware Horizon. The protocol was licensed from Teradici in 2008, Amazon also licensed the protocol for their AWS offering in 2013. Remote access to VMware Horizon is provided with […]

Company sponsored shadow IT – “(BYO) USB stick to share company data” –

For years we are discussing shadow IT as something we need to fight against, find solutions to prevent it. Shadow IT is what happens when IT is not able to offer a solution. Users will find ways to do things like water will find its way in the ground. The risk with shadow IT is […]

Load balance your VMware Horizon view environment with Kemp Load balancers

In the series how to today the how to load balance with Kemp. VMware environments use a Connection server, the broker, as the first point of contact. VMware does not offer a load balancing option in the product. The options you have is to use DNS Round Robin or a 3rd party load balancer. Our customers […]

Goliath Technologies introduces a VMware Logon Simulator!

Goliath Technologies has offered  a logon simulator for Citrix both hosted and on-premises. They renamed the hosted version last year to reflect the real purpose of it. I wrote some articles on Goliath technologies in the past so if you want to understand what they offer read the following articles; Now they introduced a new simulator, […]

VMware Access Point (Unified Access Gateway) Explained

VMware is working hard to make the Access Point their unified gateway. It has been rebranded VMware Unified Gateway since version 2.9. The GUI also enables VMware AirWatch components to be configured which makes it easier to configure than before. Experiences in the field show that development is going forward and that some features are not […]

Securing your Tomcat server with a SSL Certificate

Security is key in todays world, so also your Tomcat server. We have a couple of SAAS services where we run Tomcat service to offer the web services. Of course we needed get a certificate on that server so that we can provide our customers with a secure environment. A SSL certificate on a Tomcat […]

How to recover your VMware Horizon View environment when someone killed the vCenter database

Today was one of those days you wish weekend was there after the day ended. I had an appointment with the customer to finish the VMware AirWatch environment implementation. Arriving in the morning I heard that no one could log on. quickly opening a browser and looking at the administrator console showed the issue. 300 […]

Deploy and configure VMware Access Point with the GUI

VMware changed their remote access strategy in the past years by slowly replacing the VMware Security server with the Access Point. In the beginning deployment was only possible with a PowerShell script, not difficult but you couldn’t manage the device after you deployed it. VMware had a strategy, or they told us, that there was […]

VMware VCP7-DTM Exam preparation guide

Today I took the VMware VCP7-DTM exam, my VCP was due for renewal and to make sure it wouldn’t expire I had to do an exam. I’m working in the EUC corner of IT so I chose VCP7-DTM the desktop and mobility exam. I thought it might be a good idea to give you an […]

Citrix Local host Cache – connection leasing 2.0 or….

With Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop 7.12 Local host cache, better known as LHC, was introduced again. Of course everyone knows LHC from the 6.5 era, it was the solution to provide high availability when the database was unavailable. With the 7.x version Citrix abandoned LHC and relied completely on database high availability. Database high availability […]

Which Windows Version / Build Do I Use?

My series on Microsoft Windows 10 starts with an article about windows 10 builds. When designing an VDI environment these days you need to decide whether to use Microsoft Windows 7, 8.x or 10. This is hard as the customer wants a new version to make sure they are ready for the future. you as […]

Citrix Logon Simulator – What are vendors bringing to market? A comparison white paper in a nutshell

I know about a time when logon simulators were rarely seen. Times have changed and several vendors offer a Citrix logon simulation of some sort. With the growth of the offering finding the right one is hard, hence a comparison is needed. This article will shed a bit of light in the functional features of […]

Office 2013 on Windows 10, CPU usages through the roof

In a current project we face an issue, of course our sales department would like to only talk about our successes but I think sharing our issues will show how we deal with these issues. Helping others before they jump into the same issues is good I think. In this project we have a VMware […]

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