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Established in 2004, Devolutions is a Canadian-based company located near Montreal, Quebec. The firm currently has over 200,000 users in over 100 countries, and is on a mission to develop innovative enterprise software that helps users cost-effectively, simply and effectively achieve their network management, password management, credentials management and security goals. The firm is also committed to providing exceptional technical support, ensuring an excellent user experience that exceeds expectations, and delivering high performance with superior quality. The firm’s current roster of solutions includes Remote Desktop Manager, Password Vault Manager, Devolutions Server (formerly Remote Desktop Manager Server), and Devolutions Cloud (formerly Remote Desktop Manager Online).

Sneak Peek: Remote Desktop Manager 13

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Great news RDMers: after many months of hard work and testing, Remote Desktop Manager 13 is on the way and should be launching in the next few weeks! Vision and What’s Ahead As our CEO David noted in the Devolutions 2017 Road Map back in January, our development vision for RDM has evolved, and we […]

Check Out the NEW Sysadminotaur Website!!!!

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Great news everyone: the Sysadminotaur website has been upgraded! It’s now faster and easier to browse through the entire library of comics. You can get your Sysadminotaur fix anytime from: http://sysadminotaur.com/ Plus, you can keep up with the Sysadminotaur gang — and other news related to the beloved comic — on our blog here. About […]

Devolutions Makes PROFIT 500 List!

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The Devolutions team is thrilled to announce that we have been ranked 74 on the PROFIT 500, which is the definitive ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses based on their respective revenue growth over the past five years. You can find the complete ranking for 2017 here. From the PROFIT 500 Program Manager Stated PROFIT 500 […]

Devolutions Listed by Gartner in Privileged Access Management Market Guide

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Great news everyone! Devolutions has been listed in the Other PAM Solutions category in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for Privileged Access Management (PAM). We’re proud to join a small list of select vendors — such as Microsoft and Red Hat — that have been designated as effectively delivering an alternative way to mitigate the risks around […]

New Devolutions Server v4.6 for Remote Desktop Manager, Wayk Now and Password Manager!

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Who says summer is the time to relax on a beach? Here at Devolutions, we’ve been very busy with major updates to Remote Desktop Manager, Wayk Now and Password Manager. Well, if you thought we were going to slow down, think again, because I’m delighted to announce that Devolution Server 4.6 is here! What is […]

Remote Desktop Manager: Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Enterprises

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SAAS vs Entrust IdentityGuard vs Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Last week we did an updated review of 2FA solutions that was targeted toward single users, but what about company-wide solutions? With businesses falling victim to brute-force attacks targeting physical and logical infrastructures, mobile platforms and user identities, an extra layer of security is integral to protect from all […]

September Poll Question: Which 2FA Do You Use and Why?

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As you know, the digital landscape is full of some pretty scary things. No, we’re not talking about all of these weird subreddits. We’re talking about hackers who want to steal sensitive data. The good news is that security technology is getting better. The bad news is that cyber criminals are getting better too. That’s why […]

Devolutions is on Reddit!

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Hello everyone. Unless you’ve been stuck on Mars growing potatoes, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Reddit, which is touted as “the front page of the internet.” According to Alexa (an amazing company by the way), Reddit is the fourth most visited site in the US, and the eighth most visited site worldwide. How […]

Most Popular 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Compared – Updated

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Please look below for the added Password Managers review and also take a look at our updated comparison table. Google Authenticator vs Authy vs Yubico vs Duo vs FreeOTP vs Authenticator Plus vs SoundLogin Do you, by any chance, use the same password for more than one website? Do you download software straight from the Internet? Or click on sketchy […]

How to Diminish Insider Threats Using a Privileged Access Management Solution

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Privileged Access Management can decrease the risks of threats and reinforce your security to meet compliance requirements. By reading this article, you will learn how the right PAM solution can diminish the risks posed by insider threats and data breaches, while helping you meet audit and compliance requirements. What’s the challenge Controlling and monitoring privileged […]

New RDM Integration: Amazon EC2 Synchronizer

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A little while ago I posted a blog about Remote Desktop Synchronizer that discussed the wide range of external data types that are supported by Remote Desktop Manager. Today I’m delighted to roll out the red carpet for the latest addition to the RDM integration family: Amazon EC2 Synchronizer! What is Amazon EC2 Amazon Elastic […]

How To Increase Your Organization’s Security Using a Password Management Solution

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IT Security is fundamental for any company. However, choosing the perfect tool to assist you is easier said than done. In this blog, you will learn how the right password management solution can help reduce unauthorized access to critical assets and prevent insider attacks. What’s the challenge Managing passwords is becoming a real nightmare and […]

Update on Devolutions Road Map 2017

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Last January our CEO, David Hervieux, shared the Devolutions Road Map and the Wayk Now Road Map for 2017. I am pleased to announce that many of our projects are on time and that Devolutions is running better than ever! We now have a team of around 70 full-time employees – and that’s not counting […]

Getting Started with Remote Desktop Manager Jump Video

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Remote Desktop Manager Jump is a product that connects to a remote host, often times called a Jump Box or a Service Host, which in turn is used to connect to other hosts. You can find out more information about Remote Desktop Manager Jump at https://help.remotedesktopmanager.com/overview_whatisrdmjump.htm This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions

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