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Learn about RDPSoft's robust software solutions for Server Based Computing platforms, like Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and VMWare Horizon View. Discover how to automate your Microsoft SPLA and Citrix CSP named user reporting requirements.

Automating Microsoft SPLA Reporting With SPL Tracker – Part 3

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We’ve covered a bit of ground in this blog series on Microsoft SPLA reporting with SPL Tracker. We’ll get into more nitty gritty details below, but first, a review . . . The Need for Microsoft SPLA Reporting Back in Part 1 of this blog series, we explored how SPL Tracker targets the widely recognized need for […]

Automating SPLA Reporting With SPL Tracker – Part 2

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In Part 1 of our blog series “Automating SPLA Reporting With SPL Tracker,” we discussed the challenges inherent in SPLA monthly reporting requirements faced by MSPs and how to define classes of license usage in SPL Tracker. Now we’re going to show how you can pair these license types with the Active Directory or local machine […]

Automating SPLA Reporting With SPL Tracker – Part 1

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SPLA reporting is an expanding and increasingly complicated need as cloud and subscription-based solutions become more prevalent in Microsoft Windows environments. And Really, It Isn’t Just About SPLA Reporting In addition to Microsoft’s Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA), there is the Citrix Service Provider licensing program as well. Those aren’t the only two examples where […]

RDPSoft: Remote Desktop Licensing and Desktop Reporting Podcast with Andy Milford – DABCC Radio #210

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In episode 210, Douglas Brown interviews Andy Milford, CEO and Chief Software Architect at RDPSoft. Andy and Douglas discuss RDPSoft’s Remote Desktop Reporter and NEW Service Provider Licensing Tracker solution for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp, and others. Andy does an amazing job introducing us to RDPSoft, why he founded it, dives deep in […]

Remote Desktop Reporter – Tracking Attendance for Telecommuters and Local Users

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We recently made a few tweaks to our “Attendance By Day” and “Attendance By Hour” reports – appearing In Version 1.9.4 of Remote Desktop Reporter. This creates a new class of user attendance reports that also factor in console user sessions when building the reports. If you’ve been tasked with tracking attendance for telecommuters and […]

Tracking Citrix XenApp Concurrent Licensing

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If you maintain Citrix XenApp server farms, you are no doubt keenly aware of challenges inherent in keeping tabs on concurrent licensing growth in an organization.  Except for the base level of XenApp Fundamentals, licensing is enforced bypeak, distinct concurrent user connections to servers throughout the farm. RDS Licensing This is different than Microsoft Remote Desktop […]

Remote Desktop User Session Manager (FREE)

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Have a bunch of workers that telecommute?  Have a shared set of Terminal Servers that host shared apps?  Or just want to see who is logged into what computer?  Enter the Remote Desktop User Session Manager. Simply enter the names of your computers that support Remote Desktop, or alternatively load them from a file on […]

Tracking RDP Bandwidth on Windows Server 2012: An Update… Is a Hotfix On The Way?

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A few weeks ago, in a blog post titled Want to monitor RDP bandwidth by user on Windows Server 2012? You’re out of luck…, we exposed the fact that the API function calls and Performance Counter metrics that used to provide per session RDP bandwidth consumption no longer worked and/or had gone missing.  At that time, we speculated […]

SaaS Over Remote Desktop: License and Resource Metering Techniques

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Believe it or not, there’s a nice sized portion of SaaS vendors in the marketplace that are delivering their SaaS applications to clients over RDS (Remote Desktop Services) as opposed to the Web. Why Remote Desktop and RemoteApp? There are several reasons many software vendors choose remote desktop (or RDS) and RemoteApp as the mechanism […]

Want to monitor RDP bandwidth by user on Windows Server 2012? You’re out of luck…

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One of the neatest things our Remote Desktop Reporter tool can report on is total RDP Bandwidth consumed in each user session.  Historically, Microsoft has made this data accessible in their operating systems one of two ways: either through queryable Performance Counters associated with a particular user session, OR through the underlying Terminal Services API, […]

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