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Learn about RDPSoft's robust software solutions for Server Based Computing platforms, like Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and VMWare Horizon View. Discover how to automate your Microsoft SPLA and Citrix CSP named user reporting requirements.

Love Pouring In For Remote Desktop Commander!

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Greetings, loyal friends and RDPSoft customers. Today, we wanted to thank you all for the warm feedback we’ve been receiving lately from users of our free Remote Desktop Commander Lite Citrix/RDS Session Manager, as well as the full Remote Desktop Commander Suite. We’re hard at work on Version 4 of Remote Desktop Commander, which will […]

Remote Desktop Services Logon Failures

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Have you ever found yourself trying to hunt down the source of logon failures in your Remote Desktop Services farm? It’s trickier than you may have realized. Our very own Andy Milford, Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility / Remote Desktop Services, just wrote a lengthy article on the topic you can read at his RDS […]

Remote Desktop Commander 3.9 Now Available

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Greetings friends and current Remote Desktop Commander customers! We’ve just released Version 3.9 of Remote Desktop Commander, both the Lite and Suite editions, so we want to tell you what’s new under the hood in terms of features. New Remote Desktop Commander 3.9 Features End of Year Discount for New Subscriptions! Need RDS Consulting? Contact […]

Azure RemoteApp = Sayonara!

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Microsoft Announces Today That They’re Phasing Out Azure RemoteApp, and Transitioning Customers Over to a Citrix Solution Instead Gabe Knuth first blogged on this possibility August 3rd, and now it has been confirmed. From the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Blog: Today we are announcing the next step in our broad partnership with Citrix in the remote […]

MVP Andy Milford – Why I Created the PureRDS.org Resource Site

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Let’s Face It, Small Shops Running SBC Solutions Are Not Well Supported In the Server-Based Computing (SBC) community (e.g. Citrix, Microsoft RDS, VMware Horizon, etc), it’s fairly well-known that the vast majority of SBC implementations consist of 500 users or less. In contrast, the majority of marketing resources from vendors in the space go after […]

Remote Desktop Commander 3.7 Now Available

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Greetings friends and current Remote Desktop Commander customers! We’ve just released Version 3.7 of Remote Desktop Commander, both the Lite and Suite editions, so we want to tell you what’s new under the hood in terms of features. New Remote Desktop Commander 3.7 Features Parameterized Integration of PowerShell Scripts and Commands is Now Supported in […]

Remote Desktop Commander Lite Is Now FREE!

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Greetings fellow Remote Desktop Services and Citrix admins – we hope you’re doing well. Here at RDPSoft, we’re proud to announce that we’re making Remote Desktop Commander Lite COMPLETELY FREE for everyone in the server based computing community. Previously priced at $99 per admin, you can now download and use it freely in perpetuity. It’s […]

Citrix Edgesight and Citrix Director Alternatives

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Here at RDPSoft, we’re doing more and more business with small to medium sized Citrix shops who need insight into XenApp and XenDesktop performance data. Why? Many of these company server admins have been struggling with the way Citrix phased out “traditional” Citrix Edgesight in favor of Citrix Director and Netscaler HDX Insight. Let’s discuss […]

Remote Desktop User Activity Monitoring

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The RDPSoft Approach to Remote Desktop User Activity Monitoring Today we’re going to discuss our unique approach to user activity monitoring on the modern network. Most corporate networks these days are hybrid, meaning some employee workstations are hosted in the cloud (e.g. virtual desktops, DaaS, Remote Desktop Session Hosts / Citrix XenDesktop Hosts) and some […]

Only the Shadow Knows – twisted history of shadowing RDP users

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Alright folks … time for a post on the fun, twisted history of shadowing RDP users in Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Not a month goes by that I don’t field a call from an administrator confused about the shadowing changes implemented in Windows Server 2012. Plus, I want to tell you all about what we’ve […]

Avoiding UDP Transport Gotchas With RDP 8

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I’ve been writing and speaking a lot lately about the improvements found in version 8 of the Remote Desktop Protocol, which is used in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Version 10 of RDP was just introduced in Windows 10, and it soon will be implemented in Windows Server 2016, adding some new enhancements over […]

Most RDS/Citrix Monitoring Tools Licensing Models are Bull$h!+

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Ready for another epic Andy rant on the Citrix/RDS monitoring industry? Strap into your seats, folks! Today we’re going to take on how most RDS and Citrix monitoring tool vendors adopt licensing models designed to soak their customers and bleed them dry. RDS Licensing Gotcha 1: When They Charge You For Data Retention, and/or Tier […]

New MUST HAVE Remote Desktop Services Hotfixes for Windows Server 2012 R2

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Since the time of our last RDS Hotfix/Update post, the Remote Desktop Services team at Microsoft has released additional new hotfixes for Windows Server 2012 R2 RDS deployments. All of these are considered “must have” updates to make sure that your RDS deployment on Windows Server 2012 is nice and healthy. Read on and you’ll […]

Preventing Remote Desktop Logins For Privileged Users

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Recently, I was working with a client who had the interesting goal of preventing a specific domain administrator from logging on via Remote Desktop Services. They wanted the domain admin and other privileged accounts to only connect via the VMWare vSphere console (through the corporate firewall), and then start a console session. Fortunately, this is […]

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