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PureRDS.org is the brainchild of Andy Milford, CEO and Founder of RDPSoft, an independent software vendor (ISV) dedicated to building highly-affordable Citrix/RDS monitoring and management tools for small and mid-sized organizations. Andy is a Microsoft MVP in the Enterprise Mobility – Remote Desktop Services area, who speaks and blogs frequently on Remote Desktop Services and emerging technologies in the EUC (End User Computing) space. PureRDS.org is his primary portal for technical community outreach in the spirit of the Microsoft MVP award. All opinions expressed here are exclusively his own.

RDSConfig.exe – Adjust RDP Permissions Free Tool

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RDPSoft’s New Free Tool, RDSConfig.exe, Allows You To Adjust RDP Permissions GranularlyGreetings again, everyone. Last year I wrote a blog article about how it was tricky to adjust RDP security permissions on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016 session hosts to allow non-Administrators to shadow Remote Desktop Users. Back in Windows Server 2008, Microsoft […]

Auditing Remote Desktop Services Logon Failures – Part 1

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Today we’re going to tackle one of the most frustrating tasks of a Microsoft Remote Desktop Services administrator – tracking failed logons. Many administrators who have migrated their RDS collections from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2012 are shocked to find that auditing RDS logons has changed considerably between the two operating systems. Auditing […]

Remote Desktop Manager Free Edition Review

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Being able to quickly connect and manage the machines and devices under his or her responsibility is essential to the duties of any network admin. In more complex networks, there may be multiple domains, tens or hundreds of routers/switches/appliances that are routinely telnet/SSHed into, plus hundreds of Windows and *Nix systems that must be logged […]

Free TSAdmin Replacement Available

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One of the biggest criticisms of Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2012 has been its general lack of manageability. The first thing RDS admins notice is the disappearance of TSAdmin. Now, in order to manage RDS on Windows Server 2012, you must use the RDSM (Remote Desktop Services Manager) component embedded inside Server Manager. […]

Remote Desktop Session Hosts and Drain Mode Script

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UPDATE: This script is now included in the free Remote Desktop Commander Lite utility. Click here for more details. Remote Desktop Services admins often have a frequent need to take their Remote Desktop Session Host servers in/out of “Drain Mode.” Drain mode, for the uninitiated, places the RDSH server in a state where it will […]

Windows Server 2012 Shadowing – Delegating Rights To Non-Admins

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UPDATE: This script is now included in the free Remote Desktop Commander Lite utility. Click here for more details. Ahh, nothing like the upheaval of how Windows Server 2012 shadowing works to put more grey in every RDS administrator’s hair. Read this article on my corporate blog if you want to know all the sordid […]

RDP 8 and Challenging Networks – Limitations

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I’ve written a lot on the performance improvements gained by implementing RDP 8 on my RDPSoft corporate blog over the past 2 years. If you migrate to Windows Server 2012, or soon, Windows Server 2016, and set up RDP to use TCP and UDP as its transport protocols, you will solve a significant number of […]

Single Server RDS Deployment With Licensing (Workgroup Friendly)

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One major complaint I hear frequently around standing up a Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services solution is the fact that all of the guides and documentation are centered around a full RDS deployment. E.g. Deploying the Session Hosts, plus Licensing, plus the Connection Broker, plus Web Access, plus the Gateway, and making sure you […]

Remote Desktop Protocol v8 (RDP 8) – Why You Need It!

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Three Letters: UDP, UDP, UDPI have spoken at multiple conferences (most recently BriForum Denver 2015 and Techmentor Las Vegas 2016) on the subject of RDP 8 and the numerous ways it improves the Remote Desktop user experience, even over less than reliable networks. Amazingly, I have discovered that very few server administrators who have a […]

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