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PunchingClouds by Rawlinson Rivera

This is a personal blog focused on capturing and sharing the breakthroughs and solutions within the virtualization industry, in particular the advancements that are being made in the field of Cloud Computing. I’ll blog about topics such as security issues, implementations, and new technologies using videos and how-to demos.

Cohesity at The Virtualization Technology User Group Winter Warmer

This upcoming January 19th I will be representing Cohesity at The Virtualization Technology User Group Winter Warmer. This is officially the start of the 2017 community and conference events. The so call “Winter Warmer” may not be warm outside based on the traditional blistering cold temperatures the east coast is well known for, but inside […]

Cohesity – The Epitome of Simplicity for Data Management in the Data Center

The transformation of the data center in the 21st century aligns with an axiom written by Henry David Thoreau 160 years ago. Thoreau wrote, “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your […]

Cohesity Solutions Guide for VMware

Hot off the press!!!! New Cohesity solutions guide for VMware. This guide is tailored for virtualization, storage and backup architects and administrators who are responsible for enterprise data protection of their VMware environments. The guide outlines the core architecture of Cohesity’s Data Management platform in VMware environment. You will find details key design recommendations and […]

Simple and Granular Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server White Paper

When it comes to the protection of relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL and Oracle, the best way to protect their data and integrity is by using advanced data protection solutions that are capable of performing application-aware data backup operations to guarantee transactional consistency. Organizations of all sizes rely on some the […]

Cohesity DataProtect Application Aware Services for Microsoft SQL Server

In today’s enterprise environments, many of the mission-critical applications and infrastructure services are dependent on one or many of the available relational database management systems. Regardless of the relational database management system (RDBMS) used, it is essential to protect against outages and data loss which could have significant operational and financial impact to the business.To […]

Tech Preview: Cohesity DataProtect VM Folder Based Backup Feature

These days, everyone uses social media for a variety of productive and unproductive reasons. We, at Cohesity, like to use social media to feel the pulse of the industry and to get a sense of our customers wants and needs. So, when we received the following message via Twitter, we thought we’d respond with some […]

Cohesity DataPlatform Service Integration with VMware vRealize Automation

Within the past couple of years, automation has become a focal point for the delivery and ongoing management resources and services across heterogeneous infrastructures in the enterprise. vRealize Automation is a fundamental component of VMware’s enterprise cloud management platform. vRealize Automation provides organizations the ability to centralize the ongoing provisioning and consumption of infrastructure services […]

Cohesity’s DataPlatform File Interface Presentation Services

Cohesity’s software-defined storage DataPlatform is designed and specifically engineered as a secondary storage data management platform. Today, Cohesity is primarily identified in the industry for its hyperconverged data protection (backup) solution. Additionally, Cohesity provides many other capabilities that are complementary to the data protection features. The additional capabilities focus on other properties of the data […]

Cohesity Granular Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

Cohesity scale-out data management platform provides organizations the ability to standardize secondary workflows on an entirely integrated and fully distributed solution. With Cohesity, organizations can benefit from stringent data protection policies by gaining valuable insight from their data. These capabilities are also inclusive to mission-critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange Servers. Cohesity’s platform capabilities together […]

Rawlinson Rivera Joining Cohesity – The Pioneer of Hyperconverged Secondary Storage

Today I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining the leadership team at Cohesity as the Global Field CTO. I am looking forward to working alongside our innovative leadership, engineering, product, and sales teams to actualize our mission to provide service excellence to our customers and partners and to be a disruptive force […]

Virtual SAN Enterprise Networking with Brocade White Paper – Update

It’s time for a quick update on the VMware Virtual SAN routed network deployments with Brocade white paper! I published earlier this year. By request, the section on Multicast considerations has been expanded and clarified about protocol choices. The configuration example now includes commands to implement all Multicast functionality in the spine-leaf routed network. Also, […]

HCI Automated Deployment & Configuration: vSphere, vSAN, NSX, VIO The DevOps Way

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to participate in strategic meetings with VMware customers to discuss data center transformation, hyper-converged architectures and the relevance and suitability for large development environments. These were large customers whose business depends on consistent delivery of services. I reviewed the business value, the transformational capabilities provided by the Software-Defined […]

Virtual SAN High Availability Across Routed Networks

High availability is always one of the top demanded and desired qualities for all enterprise infrastructure designs. Being a critical infrastructure design requirement regardless of what the resource and functional domain topic of discussion may be (storage, compute, network). As a one-time enterprise architect in the professional services organization at VMware, I can attest to […]

Using vSphere Storage Policy-Based Management in Mixed Storage Environments

A couple of weeks ago I delivered a brief webcast presentation on Storage Policy-Based Management and its use across mixed vSphere storage environments. This has been one of my favorite topics for a couple of years. I have spent a lot of time developing guidelines for different scenarios so that vSphere customers can see and […]

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