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opvizor is SaaS company that specializes in solutions for virtualization and cloud computing. These solutions help businesses automate and manage their virtual IT infrastructures within heterogeneous data processing centers, as well as solutions for the prevention of errors and failures. opvizor’s offices are located in Vienna, Austria and Houston, TX, USA. Dennis Zimmer is founder and CEO of the opvizor group.

Managing VMware ESXi Embedded Host Client settings

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Managing ESXi Embedded Host Client settings – opvizorYou can find William’s article here, or scroll down for more information. There was a question the other day about managing ESXi Embedded Host Client (EHC) settings which you can find by click on the logged-in username and navigating to the “Settings” section as shown in the screenshot […]

Beta Launch of docs.vmware.com

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We would like to post an interesting and important article from VMware Support Insider. VMware Support News, Alerts, and AnnouncementsToday we are pleased to announce the beta launch of the docs.vmware.com site. This portal unifies the product documentation for all products, versions, and languages into a single site so you can find the information that […]

New VMware Security Advisory VMSA-2017-0007

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Here is the posting from VMware Security & Compliance Blog.On Tuesday, 4th of April 2017 a remote code-execution issue in the BlazeDS library (CVE-2017-5641) was disclosed in a US-CERT security advisory. We have reviewed the issue and determined that VMware vCenter Server 6.5 and 6.0 are affected due to the use of BlazeDS to process […]

opvizor Releases Performance Analyzer 4.2

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New release – Performance Analyzer 4.2 – opvizorOpvizor released version 4.2 of its Performance Analyzer product for virtual environments, datacenter and applications today, which has been completely reworked and major new features have been added. One of the most important out-of-the-box improvements can be found within the VMware vSphere data collector. Most universal time series […]

How to Connect VCSA 6.5 Embedded Postgres Database using pgAdmin (With GUI) – VMware Unsupported

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We want to share and quote this article from Mohammed Raffic, you can find the posting here. Please scroll down for details. Default database for vCenter Server appliance 6.5 and windows based vCenter Server 6.5 is Postgres database. Most of the VMware administrators are more comfortable with managing the Microsoft SQL servers using the GUI based database management tools. […]

Modernizing Traditional Applications with Docker

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We would like to quote an article from Josh Coen regarding the DockerCon in Austin.You can find Josh’s article here, or scroll down. A few weeks ago I attended my second DockerCon, this year it was in Austin, TX. Last year there was some focus on the enterprise, but this year they’ve stepped up their […]

Native VCSA bootstrap installer in VMware vSAN 6.6

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Almost four years ago, I documented a really cool vSAN capability here and here, which demonstrates how to bootstrap a vSAN datastore onto a single ESXi host. This powerful capability, which was by design, enables customers to easily standup new infrastructure including the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) in a pure greenfield environment where you only had bare-metal hardware to start with […]

What’s new in VMware ESXi 6.5 storage Part I: UNMAP

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Cody Hosterman published an article about whats new in ESXi 6.5, you can find Cody’s article here or simply scroll down. There is quite a bit of new stuff in this release and there have certainly been quite a few blogs concerning the flagship features. I want to take some time to dive into some new […]

More Virtual Volumes (VVOLS) and Snapshots Goodness

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Cormac Hogan posted a very interesting article about Virtual Volumes, you can find the complete article here or scroll down. Well, I got so many questions about my previous articles on a new way of doing snapshots with VVols that I decided to take the time and get even deeper into their behaviour. In this […]

What is VMware Hot-Add RAM and How to use it?

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VMware Hot-Add RAM feature isn’t new, but somehow we haven’t covered it much just yet. So this post will explain What is VMware Hot-Add RAM and How to use it. The Hot-Add RAM goes hand in hand with Hot-Add CPU, but we’ll cover that in a separate post. Using hot-add/hot-plug you can add memory resources to […]

Enhance OpBot using the built-in PowerShell Web editor

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Enhance OpBot using the built-in PowerShell Web editor – opvizorWhile building the OpBot ChatOps for VMware vSphere Bot, we always kept in mind that it should be simple to reuse existing PowerShell & PowerCLI scripts and commands. Most of the time you want to use a PowerShell module or use your own functions and alias […]

VMware vSphere 6.5b prevents vSphere Web Client logins for users w/o VC permissions

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vSphere 6.5b prevents vSphere Web Client logins for users w/o VC permissions – opvizorWilliam Lam posted once again a very interesting article about VMware vSphere. You can find his article here, or simply scroll down. A patch update was just released for vCenter Server 6.5, dubbed vSphere 6.5b. Users with no vCenter Server permissions can […]

Affordable alternative to VMware vSphere Operations Manager Software Part 1

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If you want to manage and monitor a VMware vSphere environment that is agile and continuously growing there is no way around having a software support. While there are a bunch of very comprehensive vSphere Operations Manager software is out there – they all come with a high level of complexity. People can argue that […]

UNMAP Fix in VMware ESXi 6.5

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As you might’ve seen, Cormac Hogan just posted about an UNMAP fix that was just released. Here is Cody’s article: The ProblemThis is about in-guest UNMAP.So the problem that was solved by this patch was the issue that guest OSes were not sending UNMAP commands down to ESXi that were aligned. ESXi requires that these […]

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