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opvizor is SaaS company that specializes in solutions for virtualization and cloud computing. These solutions help businesses automate and manage their virtual IT infrastructures within heterogeneous data processing centers, as well as solutions for the prevention of errors and failures. opvizor’s offices are located in Vienna, Austria and Houston, TX, USA. Dennis Zimmer is founder and CEO of the opvizor group.

VM Swap File handling when a virtual machine cannot start

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Again we present one of the common issues we find in our statistics that shows how often customers run into situations like that. Today we cover the problem of virtual machine swap files that cause a VM not being able to start. Virtual machine cannot start. When powering on the virtual machine, you see one […]

How to Detect 95% of Your Broken Snapshots

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We want to change that. About 4 weeks ago we launched our beta version of Snapwatcher to help alleviate virtual machine administrators from having to constantly hunt and firefight broken snapshots to preserve disk space. Snapwatcher is the first automated solution that constantly monitors all snapshots across the whole VMware vCenter system to detect and […]

Evolutionary VMware Infrastructure Monitoring with Predictive Analytics

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As more and more physical servers are moved into the virtual infrastructure, administrators must ensure that they are monitoring their virtual infrastructure to prevent performance issues, misconfigurations, and capacity bottlenecks before they cause degradation of critical enterprise applications. Unfortunately, most of the virtualization monitoring solutions available today don’t make that task an easy one. While […]

VM gets unresponsive when removing a snapshot – issue rule

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Shortly after one of our customers approached us with the issue of unresponsive VMs while removing a snapshot, we already integrated the issue rule into opvizor. The rule is available to any customer with the next upload. You can find the blog entry here: VM gets unresponsive when removing a snapshot – Snapshot consolidation Learn more, […]

How Opvizor’s Product Launch Uncovered New Broken Snapshot Scenarios

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Why do snapshots have to be a necessary evil for VM administrators?  Snapshots give you the ability to preserve the state of your virtual machine and return to previous states if something goes wrong, and are also the basis of backup solutions. However, if you have broken snapshots that are left undetected, which basically all […]

VMware ESXi Hosting Passive MSCS Nodes With RDM LUNs May Take A Long Time To Boot

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To mark the MSCS LUNs as permanently reserved on an already upgraded ESXi 5.0 host, run the same esxcli command as above and all subsequent rescans/boots will be at normal speed. Determine which RDM LUNs are part of an MSCS cluster. Typically you can look at the naa. Address mentioned with the warning message in […]

Why Opvizor Is The Best VMware Performance Tool

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Virtual infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex Virtualization is an indispensable part of a modern data center. Frequently, the degree of virtualization is 90 percent or more. What formerly operated on a number of servers today runs on a few hosts. With the high rate of virtualization and the resulting increase in complexity, problems are more […]

VMware vSphere VM Snapshot Size and Age issues

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Virtual machine snapshots are one of the most useful features of VMware vSphere as they preserve the state of a virtual machine’s virtual disk and, optionally, virtual memory before a critical event such as an application upgrade or configuration change. VM Snapshots are also taken by most virtualization backup applications at the start of the […]

Fix VM snapshot in VMware vSphere when file lock cannot be released

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Finding VMware snapshots can already be a nasty and difficult task as some of these hidden or just hard to find as the vSphere environment is pretty large. Therefore it’s important to have scripts, reports and tools like Snapwatcher or opvizor Health Analyzer to get an idea about the current situation in your environment. That is actually the first […]

VM disk is missing

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We continue in presenting different very common VMware issues that can occur. This is based on our statistics and how often customers ran into situations like that. Today we cover the problem of a missing vmdk file that causes the start of a VMware virtual machine to start. Each disk drive for a virtual machine […]

opvizor releases version 2.5 – new product licensing, US market and new website

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opvizor is pleased to welcome some well-known, mid-size and enterprise US customers to their fast growing customer base. All of them are very happy to benefit from the latest opvizor 2.5 release which protects and optimizes their virtual infrastructure to the highest possible level. “We are very proud to have gained new clients and partners […]

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