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opvizor is SaaS company that specializes in solutions for virtualization and cloud computing. These solutions help businesses automate and manage their virtual IT infrastructures within heterogeneous data processing centers, as well as solutions for the prevention of errors and failures. opvizor’s offices are located in Vienna, Austria and Houston, TX, USA. Dennis Zimmer is founder and CEO of the opvizor group.

What Is VMware Photon Controller – Everything You Wanted To Know About Photon Controller

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What Is VMware Photon Controller – Everything You Wanted To Know About Photon Controller Well, when it comes to technological business, certain rules are in place when it comes to longevity. You can’t survive several decades without have an effective strategy which changes with time. And one of those important strategies is to creatively destroy […]

What’s Up With the All-New VMware Virtual SAN 6.2?

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What’s Up With the All-New VMware Virtual SAN 6.2? VMware Hyper-Converged software takes standard x86 servers and DAS (directly-attached storage) and morphs it into a truly simple Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (abbreviated as HCI). This helps cut down the rising costs of storage, keeps complexity under control, and removes many of the performance limitations. It also makes […]

What You Need to Know About Horizon 7 & Horizon Air

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VMware were some busy little beavers as winter broke into spring this year. In February, they made several important announcements, including the upcoming launch of two particularly anticipated products: Horizon 7 (which made its official debut back in March) and Horizon Air with Hybrid Mode, which is expected to roll out sometime later this quarter but […]

VMware VSAN General Guide & Best Practices (Complete with the Best VMware Monitoring Solution)

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VMware Virtual SAN, or VSAN, is a storage platform that is hypervisor converged, software defined, and completely integrated with vSphere. It aggregates locally attached disks containing hosts that are part of a vSphere cluster in order to establish a distributed shared storage solution. It allows for super fast provisioning of storage in vCenter, as a […]

Don’t Boo Hoo Over Broken VMware Snapshots: A Better VMware Monitoring Solution is Here

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VMware snapshots can be seen as point in time copies (or little pictures) of a virtual machine’s disk file and the configuration the time they are created. Snapshots preserve the disk files content so that they can be reverted back to in the event that something goes wrong with the virtual machine. Snapshots are extremely […]

Scott Davis Joins Opvizor Advisory Board

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Opvizor is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Davis to their advisory board. Scott Davis is a well-known technologist, entrepreneur and CTO at venture-backed storage startup Infinio. Scott was formerly long-term CTO of VMware‘s End User Computing Business Unit, served as VMware’s Chief Data Center/Storage Architect and was also President/Co-Founder of Virtual Iron Software, […]

Identifying & Relieving the Pain Points of Storage vMotion (As Well as How to Solve Those VMware Monitoring Woes)

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Storage vMotion allows you to migrate a virtual machine’s entire datastore off of one storage system and into another one. It involves physically moving the entire home directory (including log, swap, config, and snapshots) to another storage device, and includes a quick suspension of the virtual machine, which is completely transparent to the user. The […]

Getting Cranked Up with VMware vSphere HTML5 Web Client Fling

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It’s been on the agenda to do away with the Flash-based vSphere Web client (due to some significant security issues with Adobe Flash) for some time, but VMware has finally produced a version compatible with HTML5, and it is now up for grabs at the Fling website. According to the blog by Vishwa Srikannth, one […]

The Benefits of vMotion Over Live Migration (and the Best VMware Monitoring Solution to Do the Job Right)

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vMotion or Live Migration? The two seem extremely similar. Each migrates running VMs among hosts, with unnoticeable downtime to the end users. Like a fine wine or high-performance sports car, you have to spend time with each to begin noticing the subtle, yet distinct, differences between these two. But most people don’t have the time […]

The 7 Most Important Things You Should Know About vCSA

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While many VMware products can share the sandbox and some toys with Windows, overall VMware has no interest in developing applications to run on the Windows OS. Hence, VMware has gradually made marked improvements to their vCenter server appliance, or vCSA, which is an Linux appliance, and includes its own built-in database, server, and security […]

VMotion and Storage VMotion : What These Are and How They Work

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VMware VMotion and Storage VMotion are products that allow the live migration of virtual machines among various physical servers, while the VMs are running, with no downtime, no interruption in service, and total transaction integrity. VMotion improves the availability of VMs by enabling maintenance without incurring disruption to the business operations. It moves VMs within pools of […]

Understanding VMware Tools (and how it affects VMware Monitoring)

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VMware Tools is a suite of tools that installs into the guest OS. The suite is offered for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Netware OSs, and the tools are created to provide an additional level of functionality within the virtual machine (VM) environment. VMware Tools also enhance the interactions between the host and the guest machines, […]

VMware Vision for 2016: What Do Company Execs Foresee for VMware Monitoring, New Technologies, and More?

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Last year, VMware adopted the motto, “One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device.” It really sounds just like a savvy slogan that some marketing person probably got way more money for than it was actually worth. Yet, while this motto is not yet a reality, VMware has taken marked steps toward making this slogan come true. […]

Opvizor Health Analyzer 3.0 for VMware vSphere Released

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We just released a new major version of our Opvizor Health Analyzer for vSphere product today that is available instantly for all cloud-based customers. As always the On-Premise edition update will be also available with a slight delay of several hours for our on-premise customers. Please update manually as usual. We are proud to announce […]

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