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Since 1993, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has pioneered the art and science of visual computing. The company's technologies are transforming a world of displays into a world of interactive discovery -- for everyone from gamers to scientists, and consumers to enterprise customers.

NVIDIA TensorRT 3 Dramatically Accelerates AI Inference for Hyperscale Data Centers

Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, JD.com and Hikvision Adopt NVIDIA TensorRT for Programmable Inference Acceleration GTC China – NVIDIA today unveiled new NVIDIA® TensorRT™ 3 AI inference software that sharply boosts the performance and slashes the cost of inferencing from the cloud to edge devices, including self-driving cars and robots. The combination of TensorRT 3 with NVIDIA GPUs delivers […]

NVIDIA CEO Kicks Off Global GTC Tour, Unveiling AI Tools and Partnerships in China

As the AI revolution gains momentum, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang took the stage Tuesday in Beijing to show the latest technology for accelerating its mass adoption. His talk — to more than 3,500 scientists, engineers and press gathered for the three-day event — kicks off a GTC world tour where, in the months, […]

China’s Top Cloud Providers Adopt NVIDIA Volta GPUs to Supercharge Next-Gen AI Services

Alibaba Cloud, Baidu and Tencent Upgrade Data Centers with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU Accelerators GTC China – NVIDIA today announced that China’s technology giants are adopting the new NVIDIA® Volta GPU computing platform to accelerate AI for a broad range of enterprise and consumer applications. Speaking at the GPU Technology Conference in Beijing, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced that […]

NVIDIA Invests in Chinese Self-Driving Car Startup JingChi

NVIDIA GPU Ventures has joined a group of investors led by Chinese venture capitalist firm, Qiming Venture, in investing $52 million in Chinese startup JingChi. Founded last spring by Tony Han and Jing Wang, former leaders of the autonomous driving unit at Baidu, JingChi uses NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 to develop its […]

JD X Selects NVIDIA for AI Logistics and Delivery

“Special delivery” has new meaning if the package arrives by a drone or robot. That world’s not far off, as attendees of GTC China — the first in a series of NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conferences being held this fall around the world — are finding out this week when they step into the conference’s outdoor […]

NVIDIA GTC China 2017 Keynote Recap Video

Desc: Summarizing the news from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote address at GTC China, in Beijing, NVIDIA Vice President of Developer Relations Greg Estes recaps the company’s partnerships with China’s leading IT providers — including Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, Tencent, Huawei, Inspur, Lenovo, Hikvision, and JD – to bring AI to cloud computing, services, smart cities, […]

NVIDIA Video: Deep Learning in Udacity​’s Self-Driving Car Nanodegree

Check out the new deep learning elective in Udacity​’s Self-Driving Car Nanodegree, co-developed with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. Register for the online course: udacity.com/drive This video is via NVIDIA.

GPU-Powered Cellular Analysis Helps Avoid Unnecessary Prostate Cancer Biopsies

Some 1.3 million men in North America each year undergo biopsies to determine whether they have prostate cancer. While these are ordered only after multiple tests indicate the possible presence of cancer, many are ultimately proven to have been unnecessary. Researchers at the University of Alberta hope to change that with a new testing method […]

NVIDIA Launches Metropolis Software Partner Program

Opening up our effort to put deep learning to work creating safer, smarter cities, our Metropolis Software Partner Program, announced today, brings together a dozen software partners. The program offers a curated list of applications that makes it easy for systems integrators and hardware vendors to build new products. Together, we’re taking advantage of the […]

Smart, NVIDIA-Powered Cars Star at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

Sprawling across a fairground the size of 150 soccer fields, the Frankfurt Motor Show opens to the public today, providing one of the world’s great staging grounds for new vehicle unveils and industry announcements. But despite the show’s size, it’s not hard to find us. We’re side by side with many of the carmakers and […]

NVIDIA Podcast: AI Is Coming: Next Game of Thrones Chapter Written with Deep Learning

But fans who’ve been waiting for years for a new chapter in the popular fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire — the basis for HBO’s Game of Thrones saga — are getting a little taste of what may be to come, thanks to AI. Zack Thoutt, a data scientist and developer, is using an […]

Inventor Sorts 2 Million Lego Bricks with AI

Jacques Mattheij didn’t expect to buy two tons of Lego bricks. But that’s what happened after an evening of bidding — or rather, overbidding — on bulk lots of used bricks on eBay. His plan was to resell the bricks at a profit. But he won more than expected, and by morning, he owned more […]

Deep Learning’s Deepest Impact: AI Storming Through $6.5 Trillion Healthcare Industry

Flesh and blood. Bones and guts. As humans we feel nothing more viscerally — in the most literal sense — than our health. That makes this year’s gathering of the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions Society — MICCAI 2017 — in Quebec City, Canada, one of the best ways to understand how deep […]

How AI Is Breathing New Life Into Digital SLR Cameras

To the throngs of those who’ve put down their complicated digital SLR cameras in favor of easy-to-use smartphones, Ryan Stout has a message: Not so fast.Stout is the founder, CEO and lead developer of Arsenal, a six-person, Stout is the founder, CEO and lead developer of Arsenal, a six-person, Montana-based startup that’s using computer vision […]

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