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NeuVector was founded by security and enterprise software veterans with the vision of simple, scalable security for container based applications. The team has over 20 years of security, virtualization, and enterprise software experience from companies such as VMWare, Fortinet, Cisco, and Trend Micro.

How to Protect Against Elasticsearch Ransomware Attacks

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As if it wasn’t already bad enough, the ransomware attacks on MongoDB users continue to spread and have now targeted exposed Elasticsearch clusters. Like MongoDB, Elasticsearch is one of the most popular containerized applications and is widely used all over the world in datacenters. In these Elasticsearch ransomware attacks, the attackers wipe out user data and […]

Containers vs Virtual Machines (vms): A Security Perspective

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What are the arguments for containers vs virtual machines (VM’s)? Back in March 2016 Mike Coleman (@mikegcoleman) from Docker wrote a blog post titled: Containers Are Not VMs. Mike and I used to be colleagues at VMware EUC – working on delivering applications in virtual desktop environments. As you probably already know Virtual Machines provide […]

NeuVector Delivers an Integrated Run-time Solution for Container Visualization, Encryption, and Security for NGINX Plus

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Encrypted Tunnels with NGINX Plus Combined with NeuVector Run-Time Network Security Protect Business Critical Container Applications NGINX is one of the top container downloads from Docker hub, gaining widespread adoption. NGINX Plus adds enterprise-ready features offering even greater security, availability and manageability for production deployments of containers. However, with the increase in east-west container to container […]

NeuVector Releases Docker Container Security Solution

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Backed by behavioral learning, zero-configuration application delivers runtime visibility and network security that adapts to fluctuating container environments NeuVector today announced the launch and immediate availability of a new approach to securing Docker containers. With constant behavioral learning automatically applied to security policies for containers, NeuVector secures containers where they have been most vulnerable: in […]

Improving Docker Security: A Better Way To Secure Your Container Network

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Using Linux containers like those enabled by Docker provides a perfect encapsulation method to package application components, or micro-services. Is there any need to worry about Docker security? Some would argue that just the process of deploying applications as container based micro-services improves overall security and reduces the applications attack surface. Let’s assume that everyone […]

Learn Docker Container Security: A Network View – On-Demand Webinar

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There’s been a lot of discussion of container security for images, platforms, and the OS. But not much about getting visibility of the container network, especially for security purposes. This webinar will introduce Docker containers from a networking and security viewpoint. It will contain technical tips for secure container networking. Fundamentals of Docker container security A sample […]

15-Tips for A Run-Time Container Security Strategy

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Free Download – Container Security Checklist Learn about 7 general container threats Review 5 specific attacks on containers Get 15 tips for securing running containers Create a layered security strategy for containers See 5 advanced run-time container security examples Discover, Monitor, and Protect Containers This guide is brought to you by NeuVector, the leader in Application-aware […]

NeuVector: Docker / Container Security Podcast – Episode 260

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In episode 260, Douglas Brown interviews Henrik Rosendahl, Head of Business Development for NeuVector. Henrik and Douglas discuss the NeuVector container security solution and Docker / Container security in general. Henrik explains how NeuVector works, what it takes to get up and running, why we need security when deploying containers and much more! About NeuVector […]

Is Docker’s built-in Security ‘Good’ Enough?

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When deploying Docker containers into production here’s a frequently asked question: “Are the built-in security controls of Docker ‘good enough’ for my service?” There’s been quite a few posts recently assessing the security requirements for container deployments and taking a stand one way or another. A blog post on Docker’s blog asserts that “Your Software […]

NEW Containers App Security Beta – Download Available Now!

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NeuVector – Security for Production Container Deployment One the most frequently mentioned concerns with deployment of containers is the lack of security for them. Part of this concern is the lack of visibility into potentially suspicious container activity and the other part is the lack of security tools to protect running containers. These concerns were […]

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