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IT Blog by Marius Sandbu

Marius Sandbu (@msandbu on Twitter), works as an Cloud Architect at Exclusive Networks/BigTec in Norway. Primary focusing on Software defined datacenter solution and how they integrate with end-user computing technology and also works alot with cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure. Marius is also an Microsoft MVP, Veeam Vanguard, VMware vExpert and is also the author of many Citrix NetScaler books and shares his thought and ideas about technolgy on his blog.

Is Citrix Headed in the Right Direction?

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There has been a lot of buzz on Citrix lately with the sale of the Goto brand, and stating that they are going back to their “Core” of their products, also stating that their main strategy is cloud first. Now there has been a lot of new features / products being announced / added over […]

Citrix NetScaler Autoscaling

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So had a case appear earlier today where we needed to scale out the NetScaler deployment within a container environment. More specific we needed a good way for NetScaler to automatic add new entries within a load balanced vserver when a container orchestration environment scaled out a stack with new containers. So in most cases […]

Getting started with GDPR and Cloud Providers

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Now I had a session at Hackcon this week about security in the cloud, one of the important aspects of it is guidelines and regulations that all cloud provides need to follow. One of this regulations is GDPR which will be taken into effect in May 2018. Now there is alot of information in the […]

Remote Desktop 2.0–Management from the cloud

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In my first blog post I discussed, some of the advantages of moving app/deskop solution to the cloud, but there are different vendors out there from range from the ones that give you full control of the setup and to others which provide us with a finished platform (You can read the first post here […]

Traffic Domains vs Admin partitions vs VXLAN for IP segmentation

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I’ve previosly written about Admin Partitions on Netscaler, which allows us to logical seperate the NetScaler into multiple partitions which allows for instance departments to manage each of their applications within their own part of the NetScaler. This allows to safeguard from unwarranted configuration changes for instance.  You can read a bit more about admin […]

Remote Desktop 2.0 Moving end user computing to the cloud!

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So this is my tagline for my session at NIC CONF 2017 http://www.nicconf.com/remote-desktop-v20 But since its a large subject, I also decided to write about it as well. With the uprise of Cloud, it provides customers which a large opportunity in terms of choice when it comes to modernizing the way we can provide desktops […]

VMware Instant Clone-Tech Preview for Citrix XenDesktop

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So some while back, VMware announced Instant Clone Tech Preview for Citrix XenDesktop and I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the tech preview! So for those who are not aware of the Instant Clone technology i, they are similar to MCS machines in that all desktops read from a master disk and write […]

Citrix NetScaler and basic functions, status of vServers and ICMP ARP operations

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Sometimes when setting up a new NetScaler and migrating virtual servers from an old one to another, it is quite often that one might forget to disable or shutdown older vServers. Now NetScaler has features to disable different network settings, so this post I want to explain what each option does. In a layer 2 […]

SSL and TCP Insight on Citrix NetScaler MAS

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With the latest release of NetScaler MAS 11.1 build 51, Citrix now has some cool new enhancements to the Insight Module which allows us for instance to monitor SSL Transactions/Ciphers/Protocol and such under Web Insight so we can see more in detail how SSL is behaving and such.We also have some new enhancements with TCP […]

DNS Security with Citrix NetScaler

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With Citrix NetScaler build 51, Citrix introduced DNS Security Options which allows for simple defining security policies against DNS endpoints on NetScaler. The DNS Options are split into different options. Cache Poisioning Protection DNS DDoS Protection Manage Exception (whitelist / blacklist) servers Prevent random subdomain attacks Bypass the cache Enforce DNS transactions over TCP Provide […]

What’s new in Citrix NetScaler 11.1 build 51 + NetScaler MAS

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Today Citrix, released new anticipated versions of the NetScaler and NetScaler MAS firmware, which is now on build 11.1 build 51, and contains a lot of cool new features!What’s new in NetScaler 11.1 Build 51 In this version of NetScaler it has some major enhancements in terms of features. Intune support (Integrates with Intune Conditional […]

Deploy Citrix NetScaler Gateway VPN profile using Microsoft Intune

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So with the upcoming integration between Intune and NetScaler I decided to take a look at some of the possibilities that are here with the latest build.  I’ve blogged a bit about it before that Intune and NetScaler now supports Conditional Access to web applications, but Intune also supports VPN profile deployment to Citrix NetScaler […]

Citrix XenDesktop EDT over NetScaler – Benchmarking

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With build 11.1, 51 Citrix released support for EDT over NetScaler. Which I have blogged about before which excels in situations where latency is high, packet loss is at a minimum and bandwidth is high.EDT Networking deep dive –> http://msandbu.org/benchmarking-adaptive-transport-for-hdx/ Enabling EDT in NetScaler –> http://msandbu.org/enabling-remote-hdx-enlightment-data-transport-in-netscaler-11-1-build-51/ NOTE: That Mac Based Forwarding which also cripples Framehawk […]

Enabling Remote HDX Enlightment Data Transport in Citrix NetScaler 11.1 Build 51

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So with the recent release of NetScaler 11.1 – build 51, Citrix released support for Enlightend Data Transport which is a new feature in XenDesktop 7.12 which now also supports NetScaler in this new release. In order to leverage the protocol there are a couple of things we need to enable in order to use […]

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