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IT Blog by Marius Sandbu

Marius Sandbu (@msandbu on Twitter), works as an Cloud Architect at Exclusive Networks/BigTec in Norway. Primary focusing on Software defined datacenter solution and how they integrate with end-user computing technology and also works alot with cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure. Marius is also an Microsoft MVP, Veeam Vanguard, VMware vExpert and is also the author of many Citrix NetScaler books and shares his thought and ideas about technolgy on his blog.

Security aspects when moving to the public cloud – PaaS

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So this is a follow-up on my previous blogpost on Security Aspects on public cloud –> http://msandbu.org/security-aspects-when-moving-to-the-public-cloud-iaas/ in this blog post I will focus more on what security aspects you ned to think about when considering using platform services. Platform services comes in different shapes and colours, but in the core essence you have a […]

What is your backup strategy for Cloud based IaaS deployments?

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When moving to public cloud I often find that people I talk with misunderstands what services they actually get when they buy a service in for instance Azure, AWS or GCP for that matter. That is of course something I often find doing myself and not actually reading the different service descriptions. One common misconception […]

Secure Web Gateway with Citrix NetScaler

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So with the introduction of Netscaler 12, Citrix has now finally added a feature which I’ve been waiting for a long time, namely the Secure Web Gateway which is a forward proxy! It allows us to use the NetScaler as a forward proxy for our clients and from there can be used to restrict user […]

Windows Server Containers with Overlay networking for Docker Swarm

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With today’s release of Windows Server Network Overlay network driver for Windows Server it is now possible to run Windows Server in a docker swarm mode to have the capability to have containers cross-host communication. This has been available for Windows 10 for some time and with the Creator update. So for those who aren’t […]

Status GPU and Cloud providers AWS, GCP and Azure

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So as part of the new role I have at my new company I’ve expanded my horizon to include AWS and GCP as well as Azure. Now because of my background on Citrix & VMware I also get a lot of questions around GPU support as part of it. Now I have previously blogged a […]

Getting Started with Citrix XenApp Essentials

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XenApp Essentials is the new Azure only offering which provides us with a easy way to deliver Desktop as a service for end-users and is now available in the Azure marketplace.. This offering is now in GA and this blog post is an introduction to the service and how to configure it properly for the […]

Citrix and Azure Stack – Current status

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After a lot of discussions with other colleagues in the end-user computing space (Yes you know who you are!) There has been a lot of questions around Citrix and Azure Stack and what can we actually deliver there today? Therefore I wanted to write this blogpost to explain the current limitations and what we can […]

What is Azure Stack and what is the architecture?

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Microsoft has always been heavily committed to the datacenter and has a large footprint with Hyper-V & System Center. If we dial the clock back five years, Microsoft released Azure Pack, which was their first big attempt at a complete integrated private cloud offering and which was meant as a private offering of Microsoft Azure. […]

Security aspects when moving to the public cloud – IaaS

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This is a follow-up from my earlier blogpost around –> http://msandbu.org/security-aspects-when-moving-to-the-public-cloud/ and the purpose about this post is highlighting the security aspects on IaaS services. With IaaS we have the capabilities to provision a set of virtual machines and have different supporting services around it. The purpose of this post is going to be focusing […]

Announcements at Google Next 17 and price cut on IaaS

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So the last couple of days I’ve been watching closely on the keynotes at #GoogleNext, where Google was showing alot of the new enhancements to their platform. So a couple of weeks back they also introduced a new relational database service which is geo syncronous as well called Spanner Now up until now Google has […]

Security aspects when moving to the public cloud

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So this is based upon a session I had at Hackcon a couple of weeks back. There are more and more businesses moving or adopting public cloud one way or another, it can be SaaS, PaaS or traditional IaaS features to move their existing datacenter to the cloud.  Now if we look at the cloud […]

Citrix moving forward with Citrix Cloud and Essentials package

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There is alot of interest around Citrix these days with the upcoming releases with XenDesktop Essentials and XenApp Essentials, and also with all the investments in the latest release with 7.13 as well. The purpose of this blog is to summurize the differences between the different offers that Citrix has now moving forward and of […]

Setting up Marketplace Syndication in Azure Stack TP3

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One of the cool features introduced in TP3 is the ability to do marketplace syndication between AzureStack and the public Azure marketplace. This allows us to provide all the different services and images in the public Azure marketplace trough AzureStack. You need to register your AzureStack deployment with an active Azure Subscription first in order […]

Azure Network Watcher Explained

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So finally Microsoft released a feature which allows us to troubleshoot networking issues in Azure! It provides us with multiple options to check on route paths, view list of Network Security groups to see which ACL’s take priority and such. And also it can be used to check traffic flow from one location to another! […]

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