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Marius Sandbu (@msandbu on Twitter), works as an Cloud Architect at Exclusive Networks/BigTec in Norway. Primary focusing on Software defined datacenter solution and how they integrate with end-user computing technology and also works alot with cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure. Marius is also an Microsoft MVP, Veeam Vanguard, VMware vExpert and is also the author of many Citrix NetScaler books and shares his thought and ideas about technolgy on his blog.

Running RDS 2016 TP5 Connection Broker Database in Azure AD

As part of the RDS 2012, Microsoft introduced the support for high-availability for the connection broker role, this on the other hand required an external SQL database for the connection brokers to share the connection tables between them. Yesterday Microsoft released a new Tech Preview for Windows Server 2016, which introduces a new feature for […]

AVINetworks – Architecture Technical Overview

Where I wrote briefly on how their scale-out architecture differs from their competitors, where most ADC vendors have a single virtual appliance which contains all the features + management. Avi networks consists of a Cloud Controller which is the management layer where we do management either using the UI or using REST APIs. This example […]

Load balancing features in Azure

Deploying distributed applications and services within Azure can be cumbersome, at least when you are not familiar with the different options/features you have available. Therefore I wanted to use to post to explain the different options we have for load balancing within Azure, both for internal services and external facing services. Now there are three […]

Introduction to KEMP ADC

So I’ve been busy testing out different load balancing (ADC) vendors as of the last month, later it will reveal itself why I have done so, but anways I want to write a quick introduction to KEMP technologies, which is one of the vendors I have worked with the last time. For those that aren’t […]

Auto-provisioning NetScaler Virtual Appliance on Hyper-V

Did you know that Citrix just included support for Auto-provsioning of NetScaler on Hyper-V ? Well me neither until I scrolled trough the entire release notes on the Citrix website when they released the latest build. The auto-provisioning feature allows us to preconfigure the initial IP setup on the NetScaler. So instead of going into […]

Citrix NetScaler Use of Rewrite, Responder and URL transformation

Now when I started working with NetScaler I was always thinking what the hell are the differences the features Rewrite, Responder and URL transformation which were like different options in the NetScaler AppExpert field. Now after using these features for some time and scrolling in the discussion forums I notice the same question being asked […]

Client Certificate authentication against XenDesktop using Storefront and NetScaler Gateway

So this is a question that I was asked the other day, and to be honest I wasn’t quite sure that this would work. I know that Smart Cards and so on works against a XenDesktop environment but just plain Client Certificates? not the same.. The purpose was that some admins want to have a […]

Security Settings in Citrix NetScaler Gateway

NOTE: This is content from my eBook but to make it easier to search, based upon the number of queries I get I decided to publish it on my blog Security settings When setting up a NetScaler Gateway it will be in most cases open externally for remote access to deliver Citrix to remote workers. […]

Splunk and Citrix NetScaler Together…

I was reached out to a while back and was asked if Splunk and NetScaler worked together? To be honest I haven’t tried that combination yet. So last night we decided to give it a try, using our regular Splunk setup. Now in order to setup Splunk with NetScaler we need an IPFIX collector setup […]

VMware Horizon 7 with Blast Extreme and Nvidia vGPU

So when reading about the upcoming release notes with Horizon 7 I was really interesting when it came to the new GPU and Protocol features with Horizon View 7. As I have blogged about earlier, we saw that Blast Extreme is essentially an TCP based remote display protocol –-> https://msandbu.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/remote-protocols-benchmarking-citrix-vmware-and-rdppart-one-pcoip-vs-blast-extreme/ (I can also be configured […]

Think you’ve seen all the features coming in Windows Server 2016? Think again!

There is a lot of buzz happening around Windows Server 2016 these days, and no wonder! There is so much development happening around the 2016 release and most people can’t wrap themselves around it. Most people are concerned about the price increase for 2016, but again after reading trough this post you will understand WHY […]

Troubleshooting ICA-proxy and authentication sessions NetScaler

This is a section of my latest eBook, but I figured that it could be more useful as a blog-section which people could reference if needed and also makes it easier for me to update when new stuff appears to give a simple resolution for known errors. Cannot complete your request After logging into the […]

Next-generation Application Delivery Controllers?

So been involved with some rather existing project as of late, I got a bit caught up on how vendors and consultants think about the ADC market and seeing a lot of new trends that are emerging, I think its time that the ADC vendors start looking in another direction. Gartner uses this term to describe […]

Boom! New free eBook on Citrix NetScaler–NetScaler Gateway Deep Dive!

For those noticing that it has been somewhat quiet for the last couple of weeks on this blog, there is a reason for it! I’ve been quite busy. As mentioned earlier I’ve been in the process of writing an ebook on NetScaler Gateway, and that is for a couple of reasons. Most people use NetScaler […]

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