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Martijn Bosschaart has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and currently works for Nutanix as a Channel Systems Engineer in the Northern Europe region. His specialties are desktop and server virtualisation. Prior to Nutanix, Martijn worked at Citrix for 7 year as an SE and presented at many Citrix events like Synergy, and also at local conferences like CiTIE and Technology Exchange. Martijn is a Citrix Certified Expert on Virtualisation. On his blog Martijn posts articles about where the worlds of Citrix and Nutanix meet. twitter.com/mbosschaart.

To finish first, you first have to finish!

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A well known saying that comes from motorsport. If you wanna win the race, make sure your car survives the race first. The fast and the furious A long time ago on Dutch television, a new show started called “Blik op de weg”, which doesn’t really translate well into English because of it’s double meaning, […]

SYN219- Getting up close and personal with MCS and PVS

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Share the post “SYN219- Getting up close and personal with MCS and PVS” It’s almost time for Citrix Synergy, and if you’re interested in XenDesktop’s provisioning technology, come visit session SYN-219 – Getting up close and personal with MCS and PVS. Here’s a little background: Virtual Desktops and provisioning go hand in hand. The promise […]

A picture is worth a 1000 words….

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Share the post “A picture is worth a 1000 words….” It’s an old saying; “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I believe this still holds true, but the problem is it really all depends on who is the viewing audience of your picture and if they truly understand the deeper meaning of it. A […]

Quick how-to: skinning Citrix StoreFront

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Share the post “Quick how-to: skinning StoreFront” I was playing around with my demo environment and modified the wallpaper to give it a nice Nutanix branding. Here’s the result: To do this simply edit the file C:InetpubwwwrootCitrixCitrixWebcontribcustom.style file. The “CitrixWeb” part might be different depending on your store naming when you configured Storefront. Make it look […]

Making VDI invisible.

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Share the post “Making VDI invisible.” An exciting day! Today Citrix and Nutanix announced Nutanix Acropolis to be Citrix Ready. Not just for XenApp and XenDesktop, but also for Sharefile and Netscaler. In this post I want to focus on the impact of this for desktop virtualisation. The moment that the modern VDI concept was […]

Citrix Provisioning Services; time to let go

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Share the post “Provisioning Services; time to let go” Weapon of choice? Recently I’ve been involved in some internal and external discussions about wether or not a XenDesktop deployment should use Provisioning Services (PVS) or Machine Creation Services (MCS). Ever since Citrix released MCS with the release of XenDesktop 5 this debate has been going […]

How cool is your virtual Citrix (Xen)desktop?

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Share the post “How cool is your virtual (Xen)desktop?” Hot or not? If you’ve recently taken a look at the very comprehensive Citrix Validated Solution for Nutanix you must have noticed the high density footprint you can achieve when running XenDesktop on our hyper-converged solution. It’s not just a drastic simplification of the datacenter infrastructure needed […]

Simplifying MCS with Nutanix and Shadow Clones

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Share the post “Simplifying MCS with Nutanix and Shadow Clones” Hi all, Ever since Citrix released XenDesktop 5.0 we have had the debate of PVS vs MCS, or Provisioning Services vs Machine Creation Services. When I was back at Citrix we (the Systems Engineers) always had this discussion with the CCS guys (Citrix Consulting Services). […]

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