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Texting is the fastest, easiest and most productive form of communication. It is the best way to get answers or alerts, saving you time. However, texting alone is not secure enough or compliant - exposing organizations to HIPAA violations. Lua provides you with all of the benefits of texting and more, but in a secure environment. Lua also increases staff productivity and streamlines your workflow. Get the leading HIPAA compliant messaging solution that employees will love and IT can trust.

Take Immediate Action with Box Files Using Lua

Integration is key in enterprise messaging You’ve probably experienced the headache of sifting through your image gallery in search of a file to send to your colleagues via email or text. And you’ve probably switched between apps, hit the upload icon, or gave up and manually copied and pasted everything into your previously opened (but now closed) app window. Needless to say, sending files […]

Lua joins ACE program for Enterprise Mobility Management

Last month founding member VMware formally kicked off ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise), a new program for standard Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). We showcased Lua as a mobile messaging partner for the ACE solution at VMWare’s Business Mobility Summit on June 16th; allowing Lua to make an impact on the next phase of mobility that […]

Do Not Disturb Mode is Now On: Add Privacy to Your Control

Some of the feature highlights include:  Simple Status Control: Change your availability by simply flipping a toggle. Push notifications and sounds are muted across all your networks. Stay in Touch as Needed: Even in DND mode, you have access to your messages. Others in the conversation are not shown your active status to maintain your “offline” mode.  Monitor Who […]

Lua + EMM Trailer

Today everyone texts, because it is faster, easier and more productive. Give your employees the tools they want and need with Lua’s mobile messaging — workflow built for the mobile device. www.getlua.com

Let Your Phone Reach Out to You

About 81% of people use texting for business communication. Needless to say, that’s a lot of texting. Growing trends toward company BYOD acceptance informs us that the current state of messaging apps has completely transformed the way we work in our professional realms. For the most part these changes are great: faster communication, greater collaboration, and higher usage rates! Yet despite the benefits we […]

Your Sales Representatives Cannot Handle Technology

That was then, this is now We want to make a difference in our sales teams’ ability to connect with the customer, raise awareness of the business challenges we solve, and build long lasting, profitable relationships.  We are sales leaders, history buffs, and curious about our futures. What keeps us up at night? Are we […]

Hyatt Regency Chicago Has Chosen Lua!

In the hospitality industry there are many moving, interdependent parts. Across sprawling hotel properties there are hundreds- and sometimes thousands- of individuals working hard to improve the experience of their guests. From management, to housekeeping, to concierge desks, hotel employees demand rapid communication between departments and the Hyatt Regency Chicago is one of the first […]

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