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Texting is the fastest, easiest and most productive form of communication. It is the best way to get answers or alerts, saving you time. However, texting alone is not secure enough or compliant - exposing organizations to HIPAA violations. Lua provides you with all of the benefits of texting and more, but in a secure environment. Lua also increases staff productivity and streamlines your workflow. Get the leading HIPAA compliant messaging solution that employees will love and IT can trust.

Patient Readiness to Adopt Technology in Healthcare

Today’s healthcare environment allows patients the opportunity to play a more active role in their own healthcare experience. Continual innovation in healthcare technology means that patients can be more informed and engaged, and providers can simultaneously gain greater insights into individual’s PHI with the data tech provides. Adopting technology can offer solutions and overcome the barriers […]

Secure Messaging for Hospice Care

Hospice care is some of the most difficult and demanding care to execute and coordinate. This type of care has a special focus on the dignity and comfort of the patient during this transitionary period. Patients are often being looked after by a team of different caregivers and health care providers including physicians, nurses, aides, […]

Patients’ Lack of Trust May Have Greater Impact Than Anticipated

Trust is dwindling due to increases in hackings and ransomware threats.There has been a recent increase in focus on the development of population health management efforts in the United States. Like many other countries, the US continues to make the effort to gather more medical data in order to develop better solutions for diseases and […]

6 Recent HIPAA Violation Settlements

The HHS’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is responsible for enforcing HIPAA regulations, and it is becoming increasingly determined in its efforts. Violations in 2016 averaged at least one per day for the year resulting in a record number of HIPAA settlements. Audits are becoming more frequent, causing health care providers and covered entities to […]

Enabling Care Coordination in Early Intervention

Many patients require care from more than one health care provider. With the advancements of medical practices and healthcare technologies, the delivery of optimal, high quality care for patients has often come to involve a team of healthcare providers from primary physicians, nurses and carers. This is particularly true in the case of early intervention […]

HIPAA Compliant Messaging for Home Healthcare

Providing medical care comes with many obstacles, even in a traditional hospital setting. Providing these services outside of a central location can only cause those complications to increase. Home health professionals are on the go, aiding patients in their homes, where quick and safe communication and the correct medical information is vital. Lua’s HIPAA compliant messaging app […]

Tips for Creating a BYOD Policy!

With the growing convenience of tech and more and more millennials breaking into the workforce, companies have seen an increase of employees using their personal mobile devices to get things done. From tablets to smartphones, these devices provide instant and efficient communication and data sharing, which have helped to increase productivity while on the go […]

Avoiding HIPAA Violations with Secure Texting – Communication Matters

In a world where everything is becoming increasingly instantaneous, communication is no different. In the healthcare industry, the importance of a message may mean workers choose ease of communication, like texting, over security. More and more, healthcare professionals are utilizing their mobile devices to support workflow. This can pose threats when the subject matter involves […]

External Messages – Communication Matters

Healthcare professionals often need expertise outside of their immediate network. With External Messages, doctors and nurses can quickly and securely converse with colleagues who do not have Lua. Organizations now have the flexibility to communicate with anyone they see fit, whilst remaining HIPAA compliant. Furthering CommunicationWith External Messages you can now contact even more people. […]

Ransomware in Healthcare — Communication Matters

According to a recent report, ransomware attacks relating to healthcare have increased 300% since 2015, with approximately 4,000 daily attacks targeting healthcare organizations. It was also recently reported that over 88% of ransomware attacks are directed at hospitals. Despite the fact that patient data sells for more than anything else on the black market, the […]

3 Ways to Improve Healthcare Workflows with Tech

Inadequate workflows are detrimental to any business. In healthcare organizations specifically, these inefficiencies can lead to longer wait times for patients and increased frustration for medical and administrative staff. Even the smallest modifications to workflow can have positive impacts on the quality of care provided to patients, efficiency and finances of a practice. Finding ways […]

Healthcare IT – The Integration of EHR

An EHR system is built to be inclusive of all the different aspects of an organization, including real-time, patient-centered records that can be accessed instantly and securely by users who are authorized to do so. The adoption and integration of EHR is becoming ubiquitous, and company leaders must look at their organizations from an electronic […]

The Difference Between Covered Entities and Business Associates

The HIPAA rules apply to all Covered Entities and Business Associates. In particular, the HIPAA Privacy Rule which protects a person’s medical records, gives patients the rights to their health information and outlines and sets restrictions and conditions on the use and disclosure of PHI. It is essential to understand the distinction between a covered entity […]

HIPAA Compliance: A Breakdown of the Security and Privacy Rules

At a time when information is increasingly maintained and transmitted online or in the cloud, HIPAA compliance is more crucial than ever. It is important for any organization to know what is necessary for them to do in order to comply with HIPAA law and regulations for protecting patient information. HIPAA law was established in […]

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