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Texting is the fastest, easiest and most productive form of communication. It is the best way to get answers or alerts, saving you time. However, texting alone is not secure enough or compliant - exposing organizations to HIPAA violations. Lua provides you with all of the benefits of texting and more, but in a secure environment. Lua also increases staff productivity and streamlines your workflow. Get the leading HIPAA compliant messaging solution that employees will love and IT can trust.

Understanding the “WannaCry” Ransomware Attack

One of the worst global malware attacks to date has infected nearly 200,000 computer systems in almost 150 countries. The malware attack, referred to as “WannaCrypt” or “WannaCry”, encrypts or freezes all files on computers and requests $300 in Bitcoin currency in exchange for returned access to the files (bgr.com). If the ransom isn’t paid […]

Memorial Hermann Fined $2.4 Million for HIPAA Violation

After a series of unfortunate events, the Memorial Hermann Health System in Texas has been fined $2.4 million for various HIPAA violations stemming from a patient’s use of a fraudulent driver’s license in 2015. The event gained great attention from both the media and immigrant rights activists as the patient was an undocumented immigrant. MHHS […]

Communication Improving Caregiver Retention and Patient Care

Communication gaps in healthcare can be detrimental to patient care and organizational efficiency. Effective communication is especially necessary within home healthcare organizations. Disconnect between providers can lead to ineffective care, malpractice and dissatisfaction for both patients and employees, which may all lead to a decrease in profitability. Patients receiving care in their homes have high […]

Consumer-Driven Innovation for Healthcare

Healthcare is transitioning into a more consumer-focused industry. Patients are increasingly more active in managing their own healthcare. They are able to gather more information about medical conditions, illnesses and treatment options. Overall, patients are able to have more of an informed opinion and say in their care than in the past. This is an […]

Mental Health Utilizing Secure Messaging

Calls are no longer considered the norm as texting is now the preferred mode of communication for the younger generation. Nearly all communication and daily tasks are managed through their smart devices, making them more comfortable with the convenience of text messages. Counselors and therapists continue to embrace texting as a way to enable communication […]

HIPAA Violation Damage Control Tips

HIPAA violations can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. These violations are often caused by breaches, cyber threats, and human errors that compromise patient protected health information (PHI). Here are some tips for managing HIPAA violations that impact your patients and your organizations. After A HIPAA Violation – Lessons Learned From VUMCHealthcare […]

Nurses, Having the Time to Care with Lua

Nurses are vital members of the care team. Responsible for numerous duties, nurses are committed to providing superior care to patients, aiding in treatment and recovery, reducing the number of post-procedure complications and infections. These responsibilities include but are not limited to providing medical care and emotional support to patients, updating files and other administrative […]

Senior Care and Wearables

In recent years the market for consumer-facing wearables has grown steadily. Products such as the smartwatch and fitness bands have contributed significantly to this growth. However, healthcare has been slower to embrace this trend, particularly when it comes to the older demographic. Tech companies have yet to truly tap into the seniors market. Many wearable […]

Hospitality in the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and healthcare providers are realizing that customer service needs to be integral part of their strategy now more than ever. In order to succeed, organizations must look outside their own industries and adopt the best practices from other industries so as to innovate and improve their offering. In the healthcare industry, great clinical outcomes […]

Successful Adoption of Mobile Messaging

Introducing any new technology into an organizations can increase productivity and efficiency levels, leading to better outcomes and an improved workflow. Such is the case for secure mobile messaging in the health and home care industries. However getting every employee on board can prove challenging when adopting a new technology like mobile messaging. There are […]

Care Coordination and Mobile Messaging

The way people communicate has drastically changed over the last few years, and it is no different for those working in the healthcare industry. Previously people communicated via calls or texts which could go unanswered or undelivered. In hospitals specifically, paging systems were (and sometimes still are) the chosen form of communication. With the latter […]

Lua Supporting Home Care Services in Managing Growth

Nation-wide, it is projected that 20% of Americans will be 65 and over by 2030, a 13% increase from 2010, increasing the ratio of the amount of elderly patients for every caregiver. Facilities and staff may find themselves overwhelmed with the influx of patients, which is why investing in more home healthcare services would serve […]

Evaluating Messaging Solutions

Due to the convenience and speed of texting, it’s safe to assume that healthcare professionals are texting for work, and often violating HIPAA as a result. So what can organizations do about it? Empower providers and administrators with a communication tool that streamlines care coordination by allowing them to securely share and discuss ePHI. HIPAA […]

8 Lua Features for Home Care – Secure Mobile Communication

At Lua, we believe secure mobile communication can both streamline and improve the continuum of care that home healthcare organizations provide to their patients. Knowing that the patient comes first, Lua aims to help and support organizations in providing optimal care through the use of vital communication tools. By leveraging technology already in use in […]

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